Chapter 33 Here he comes!
"We have been flying for almost a day. How high is this mountain?"
"This mountain is called Tongtian Mountain, and I don’t know how long it will take to get to the top."
Gangfeng keeps blowing.
Gu Qingshan has been flying along the cliff.
There was a violent and lasting friction collision in the darkness of the other side.
-the monster is chasing quickly along the mountain.
"Be careful, it’s finally catching us."
Wake up from darkness
Gu Qingshan thoughtfully held out his hand in a virtual force.
Die fighting dance!
A skull jumped out from both sides.
"To stop that monster" Gu Qingshan ordered.
The skeleton nodded and grabbed a huge tomahawk from the void and flew down the rock wall.
"You skeleton can’t beat that monster" away from the andao.
"I know"
Gu Qingshan talked loudly and looked empty.
See empty move and a skull flew out.
The skeleton, with a giant hammer on its shoulder, immediately appeared and flew to the other side.
Gu Qingshan clapped his hands and shouted, "Go all!"
Behind him, skeletons kept popping up and swooping away with weapons.
From afar, all kinds of battles roar.
Time goes by slowly
After about a quarter of an hour, all the fighting disappeared.
The monster has resumed its superhigh speed and is approaching Gu Qingshan.
From the dark worried, "You are flying towards the sky. Those skeletons are out of your command power to stop that monster. What now?"
Gu Qingshan Road "is just about to stop it now"
He pulled out a long knife from his waist.