He followed the people out of the rockery, and many people gathered here to talk about it.
The problem of Lingquan has already happened. More and more people know that Lingquan has failed. The original Lingquan has become an ordinary hot spring base, and everyone who is mainly responsible for Lingquan has gone in and is troubleshooting.
Su Li eleven people also gathered at the edge of the rockery to listen to the people talking about his mind. Do you want to tell Mo Liudao the truth?
He knows everything about this base. What if these people can’t find their heads? If you told Mo Liudao before, can you help yourself with his base connections?
Whether this spiritual spring is man-made destruction or natural failure is actually a matter of some people in many cases.
Su Li saw Xiao Yan and a group of people stayed aside, and soon the big fat appeared again.
"Adult" Xiao Yan and others came forward.
Big fat waved at them and said, "Well, let’s go first. It will take a day or two to fix it. Come back when it’s fixed."
Xiao Yan said, "My Lord, how could this spiritual spring suddenly fail?"
Big fat hey a "fault? Nine times out of ten, it’s human sabotage. I guess there’s a lot to see. "
Su Li has been listening to their talk about being fat. When he heard this sentence, he seemed to be punched hard in the chest.
He knew something was wrong.
It seems that no matter how wonderful his third talent is, there is a limit. It is not true that he can’t damage the square. After all, he has not deceived these people’s eyes. It seems that they have seen or suspected that this is a sign of human destruction rather than a natural failure
If it’s a natural fault, of course, there’s nothing to check, that is, everything will remain the same. At most, the person in charge of maintaining Lingquan at ordinary times may have to bear a little responsibility or be criticized by the head for a few words, and there will always be no big problem.
But if it is man-made destruction, the situation will be much more serious if the nature is completely different.
This means that the base may have infiltrated the enemy, which will be a terrible hidden danger. No matter what, it is necessary to catch the enemy in this hidden part.
Su Li’s worst fear happened after all.
But at the moment, it is not easy for him to wait silently for this tormented feeling.
Chapter 575 Xu Xuehui background
To put it bluntly, I am still too weak after all.
If you have enough strength, how can it be so high? For those big shots, this is a small matter, but for themselves, any trouble may kill him.
Perhaps I heard something was wrong with Lingquan, and Mo Liudao also quickly caught up and appeared in front of everyone.
"Adult" Wang Tianxian was greeted with a face of grievances. "Adult Lingquan is out of order. Can we wait for Lingquan to be repaired and try again? Otherwise it’s too bad. "
Mo Liudao is also a little strange. "How can this Lingquan suddenly break down? If it is really due to a fault, I will apply for it for you once. Go home first."
Just then, he saw Su Li’s awkward appearance. He seemed to have something to say to himself, but it seemed inconvenient for so many people around him to say it.
Mo Liudao’s mind moved slightly and suddenly thought of the former Lingquan, which has always been no problem. I have never heard that Lingquan will have problems in such a long time. Why do they have problems this time? Looking at Su Li’s expression, I have some guesses.
"You wait here first, and I’ll do something." Mo Liudao told everyone to wait here and then turned and walked to the other side. Suddenly he thought of something and turned back and said, "By the way, Su Li, come and help me get something."
Su Li respectfully walked away, and secretly Pemo’s six brains turned so fast.
He obviously saw that he had something to say to him, but he didn’t move. Instead, he seemed to have something to help himself, which would not arouse suspicion.
After all, Lingquan is out of order and is in a delicate state. A small detail may be observed by a willing heart or carefully let him admire it.
While Wang tianxian looked jealous.
In her heart, she is the closest person to Mo Liudao. Even if you need any help, you should turn to her. Unexpectedly, Mo Liudao called Su Li.
Now everyone can see that Su Li is very favored.
Lin Xinghai and Shi Dalong couldn’t help but look at Wang Tianxian.
Before, they all knew that Wang Tianxian was most favored by Mo Liudao, and they all secretly respected Wang Tianxian, which made the situation different now.
Su Li is the most favored
However, people didn’t think much about it. It is not surprising that Suli’s dark refinery performed so well.
Mo Liudao took Su Li around the rockery and soon found a place for people. Then he glanced around with his eyes to make sure that people were paying attention. "Do you have something to say to me?"
Su Li knows that it’s hard to hide the fat man now. Since it’s estimated that it’s just a matter of time to tell Mo Liuyan that the suspect has destroyed the base’s ability, his only hope is to see if he can solve it.