This white figure is dressed in colorful feathers and long white hair. Behind it, the knife-shaped eyebrows fly obliquely into the mane, like a crown jade. It looks like a fairy floating like a painting.
As soon as this man appeared, he was excited in his sacred eyes from the Terran.
Su Li’s brow wrinkled slightly, and he sensed a familiar smell and slowly thought about who the other person was.
This is from the sacred tower of the Terran instead of the God. When the Heaven and God were defeated and were about to be sacrificed at the altar, they used to use Jingxue to launch a special symbol array to summon a generation of God from the Terran to help.
At that time, with the help of the large array of runes, it was this handsome man with fairy dust and white hair who took the place of God.
Su Li’s ultimate sanctification eyes captured the information of Terran deity on this day, and a message appeared in his mind.
"Name of Furious Oracle, level 29, talent explosion, and the evaluation of the same level of combat power in Furious Field of Divine Land"
Sensing this message, Su Li’s face immediately became solemn.
In the 29-level peak, this is the true generation of gods, and the limit life can live to 1,500 years.
At present, this handsome white-haired man is obviously over the age of chitose, but apart from a long white hair, he is a young man of thirty years old.
This handsome white-haired man is slightly surprised to see a lot of holiness. After all, the real generation of deities is that the position of elders in the jury is very detached and unholy, and there is no need to compete for the position of holy dharma deity.
"God of Heaven also wants to run for the holy law god?" The law god was also slightly surprised and then smiled, "God forbid, who else can compete with you if you want to run for office?"
Obviously, God forbid and Su Li are more optimistic about God forbid.
It’s the pinnacle of God. God has really lived through the Millennium. Whether it’s level, strength or combat experience, Su Li, who is less than 30 years old, can be compared.
Although Suri has now reached the top of the 17th floor and the 16th floor in front of the Sacred Tower, his performance is amazing. That also means that he has great potential in the future, but it does not mean that he will definitely surpass the God who is qualified to enter the 19th floor of the Sacred Tower.
The more difficult it is to get to the back of the sacred tower, each floor represents a world of difference.
Although Su Li has just defeated the God of Heaven, will the God of Heaven be able to compete with the God of Heaven at the peak?
Being able to achieve the peak is also the ultimate intermediate combat power.
God said faintly, "can I run for office according to the law?"
The god of law laughs, "Of course."
"That’s good," said Tianjue God, looking at Su Li and looking at him. "It’s awesome to grow up to this stage at a young age, but you are still too young. The position of Sanfa God is not suitable for you."
Su Liping calmly responded, "If you are interested, Gao Zhichang will be chitose."
There was a bit of gunpowder in the air at once, and many sacred people were excited to see Su Li and the God of Heaven, especially the Titan, who was listless and refreshed before he swept away.
"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha." God Tianjue suddenly raised his face to the sky and made two big laughs. "Su Li said that you have the hope of reaching the top, which is the most promising one in the human world in the past 1000 years. I hope you won’t let me down-"
A field with terrorist energy. This is his violent field. In this violent field, he will enter a violent state, and all aspects of his ability will gain a terrorist upgrade.
The sacred realm of Suli was also supported at the same time, but it was split by the violent realm.
After the sacred realm, the immortal furnace has changed greatly again, which is more than releasing the pure gold divine light and suppressing it towards the heavenly gods.
The other party is the peak god, and I don’t know how many times more powerful than just that day. Su Li can’t be careless.
The violent field hit the immortal furnace and exploded with earth-shattering noise.
At this moment, the immortal furnace is continuously impacted by energy. This is a violent and crazy force, like a handle of power. The poor hammer keeps hitting the immortal furnace.
Su Li took a step back with a stuffy hum in his mouth, and his heart was stuffy. The immortal heart was beating violently, and the immortal furnace could not resist the violent field of God.
God of Heaven has stepped forward and reached the peak. The realm of God has been cultivated to the high level of imagination. It is even more horrible to manipulate this imaginary capital with a single thought. It is not necessary to move it. The means is to shake the immortal furnace purely by suppressing the realm and continuing to attack with crazy violence. Although the law will be shattered, Su Li’s immortal sanctified heart can bear this constant impact.
This is the peak god to suppress him.
In Su Li’s body, the colorful light rises, and the prayer power of the ancient temple rises in all aspects. The furnace of the immortal god buzzes, and the red gold light shines out and presses against the heavenly gods.
Su Li lifted a bone sword with his left hand, and it was his immortal bones that merged to form a gift, and an immortal bone sword broke out.
This is the second type of killing trick he practiced after his heart was refined into an immortal furnace, combining immortal bones with the power of grace and heaven to form a pair of immortal bone swords.
As soon as this sword comes out, it is impossible to block and carry an immortal force, and the extremely horrible violence of God appeared in front of him.
On sheer lethality, this immortal bone sword is still immortal.
Party is immortal furnace to suppress head-on is immortal bone sword to kill.
God, the god of heaven, looked calm, and the handsome face, with a pair of manes and knife-shaped eyebrows, suddenly softened like a pool of mud, and then expanded and exploded into black soil all over the sky.
Both the immortal furnace and the immortal bone sword were killed in this black soil, only to find that the soil expanded and blinked to uplift a black hill as high as kilometers.