"I’m so full." Tang Yu felt satisfied. She put the remaining half of the magic yuan fruit into the ring.
You can eat the first one, but now you can eat it in one bite. The effect is too powerful.
"You still need to work hard after you grow up well," Mu Hai said.
"Thank the master for praising me for my efforts," said the devil vine.
"Well, from today on, you will follow me and absorb the magic element from my abdomen, which will double your practice." Mu Haiyin
"This …"
When I heard Muhai’s words, Devil Fujita was extremely excited.
It knows that Muhai is a demon possessed by other bodies, but if pure magic elements can be parasitic on other bodies, the speed will rise linearly like flying.
"Thank you, master," said the devil rattan.
"Don’t mention it, I still need your service." Mu Haiyin
"The master is willing to go through fire and water!" The voice of the devil rattan is deeply moved.
Muhai smiled and walked to the devil fruit.
"Rain is falling all, please accept all these magic fruits," Muhai said.
"This … this is too much" Tang Yu was surprised.
"Nothing, so you can concentrate on practicing," Muhai said.
"Good" Tang Yu didn’t put away 99 devil fruit pieces again.
"Change back to your body," Muhai said to Devil Rattan.
"It’s the master"
With that, these vines quickly recovered and disappeared in a blink of an eye.
A five-inch vine slowly flew to Muhai’s palm.
Muhai’s mind moved, and the vines changed rapidly. They got into Muhai Dantian and disappeared.
"Wow … there are so many pure magic elements."
The devil vine shouted with excitement and devoured it crazily.
Muhai’s body is unstable and feels weak. "Little devil, take it easy!"
"It’s the master"
I feel much better this time.
But he can clearly sense that the devil vine is devouring crazily.
However, the speed of the devil vine devours his own body magic yuan enough for him to devour for three days
After all this, it began to rain in Muhaila. "Rain is falling, let’s go."
They just walked out of the cave and saw the oncoming Zhou Qian.
"Where are you going?" Zhou Qian asked
"Nature is going home," Muhai said.
"Sister Xiaoyu is full so soon. Is it the devil’s fruit that I want to eat?" Zhou Qian held out his hand.
"Nothing has been eaten up" Muhai shook his head.
Are you kidding a ghost? You can eat enough with one. Does the devil have one?