"alas! Purple old momo thank you for "Lin momo suddenly kneeling on one leg! Because the breath of the other person’s life is rapidly losing, which is the embodiment of the dying life, no matter how high the pharmacist is, he is also capable.
Obviously, the age of Purple Cyclone has reached the edge of life. If the mission is not completed, it can still live for decades by virtue of its heart. But today, it finally waits until Lin momo dies but ends up with life.
"I’m glad I didn’t live to see my master’s successor, but I can feel at ease to see my father’s adult." The purple old voice was indifferent vertically.
The first galaxy made a lot of innovations, but people around Xiao Han also paid silently. These people may be alien lives, but they are all worthy of respect.
Finally maintaining the life of the purple whirlwind, the last breath was lost, and the purple locust seemed to smile, so it went peacefully to Lin momo and bowed its head in silence. It was this humble family that saved Xiao Han’s fortune.
When I look at all kinds of treasures in the treasure house again, Lin momo has no previous joy, but it is a heavy burden.
Although the treasure is good, it embodies one touching story after another. Xiao Shuihan is the patron saint of human beings, but human beings are greedy and are likely to shoot at the patron saint
Lin momo has a lot of thoughts, and he has an epiphany at the moment. Sometimes it is also a belief to pay. It is necessary to rely on something in your heart to become a strong man, and the fleet must gain strength to protect everyone around you.
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao cold Chapter 754 Treasure
After thousands of years, if a scholar studies the Tianzhu fleet, Lin momo will find the treasure house of Xiao cold, which should be a very important historical turning point.
If Zi Lao didn’t work hard to protect the foundation of the treasure house, then the future battlefield of the elite fleet might be defeated. If so, it is unclear how history will develop
At this moment, Lin Sisuo is like a primary school student visiting a rare museum, full of curiosity, and at the same time, he is like a religious worshipper who is full of respect for the treasures in the treasure house.
Xiao cold is as rich as an enemy until today, which is far away, more than many people don’t know Xiao cold, and this person is not clear about what this person has done.
The pebbles deposited in the long river of history can always show some traces. Fortunately, the sinking blade is an old horse who knows the way. After 3,000 years, it will visit the planet F555 again, but the situation has changed beyond recognition.
Lin momo released the taboo peacock "Yiyi Yaya", which can make most species lose their cool, including peacocks.
For those valuable and so-called ancient materials, Lin momo simply put them into Roderick’s Rubik’s Cube, and there is no special arrangement for this part of the resources to be routinely prepared by the fleet after returning home.
Slightly advanced materials will be included in the blue and gold belts. These are important things to prepare and can be handed over to the incarnate son for handling after going back.
The vast treasure house is divided into ordinary, rare, advanced, fine, rare, precious, precious and cosmic treasures according to the three, six and nine grades.
Of course, this is Lin momo’s own division. According to the peacock scanning results, if the preciousness of things reaches the fine ranks, then it is very valuable and worth collecting.
Lin momo’s vision is very high. He puts the essence in the blue belt and looks directly at those treasures.
The so-called treasures may not be so precious, but they may not be many, but they have become relatively rare today. Lin momo thought for a moment and took out three kinds of treasures from the treasure house and collected them.
The first kind of rare treasure is the fungus cultivated by the family of the genus Lepidoptera. It’s a pity that it can’t be transplanted. Lin momo shook his head after checking it and felt very sorry.
The second kind of rarity is finely divided cyan particles. They are called Azurite, which is very good for Lin Sisuo. It is a main drug for preparing dream recovery drugs, and the amount is sufficient to save a lot of crystal refining.
The third kind of exotic frog looks like an air-dried frog. This kind of thing is not an animal corpse, but a strange mineral with a scientific name of frog dried Yunying, which is of great benefit to human body.
From these three kinds of treasures, it is not difficult to see that Lin momo’s own professional owner does not cherish the resources that are beneficial to star cruises. He collects some of each and gives it to the peacock for samples.
Although the treasure house is large enough to be called a treasure, there are two kinds of resources, one is the extinct red crystal, and the other is Long Lin titanium alloy, which is extremely rare in occurrence.
This red crystal is almost the same as the eternal blue heart drill, which is beneficial to robots and semi-mechanical life. After that, the energy transfer will be strengthened. Ordinary robots can be more clever, while robot monks can be promoted.
But red crystal for Xiao Qiang, they have no place close to the peak level. How many robots can look at the whole star? It is more difficult for robots to evolve into high-end life forms than humans because of many difficulties.
Long Lin titanium alloy is a good thing to build an artifact without it, and the quantity will not be much. It takes a few kilograms to get it, but there are 15 tons in the treasure house. Doreen Momo decided to promote Phantom of the Opera to the elite level and then took it out. Generally speaking, it is more powerful for the odd level. Don’t take out so many charming children to be distracted when designing the promotion route.
The real highlight is three treasures and two wonders of the universe. These three treasures are multi-gold, velvet, thousands of cobalt, butterfly and copper, clusters of cold buildings and black ice.
Multi-element gold velvet is suitable for making equipment, especially Lin Sisuo’s elastic deformation. If gold velvet is mixed to make a scalpel, it can be said that it is horribly sharp, and whoever suffers is unlucky.
Thousands of cobalt, butterfly and copper are even rarer. It is important to increase the gravity treasure. It is bound to make a gravity suit for training and repair by leaps and bounds, and it is also a secondary artifact to suppress several unique substances.
Black ice in the buildings is very famous. It comes from the star on the edge of the first galaxy. The surface of the black ice is like drawing a series of roads. It looks very strange. Lin momo was overjoyed to see the black ice. The first piece of equipment, black ice gloves, is needed to build it. However, the building process will be extremely difficult. If it is not done well, it will be hurt by the cold in the black ice. You must be prepared before building it.
In addition, two cosmic wonders still have an appetite for Lin momo. One is the remains of an ancient creature. This ancient creature looks a little like an elk. Obviously, it has reached a level of small shattered species, which is higher than that of the war beast. More than half of the body is crystallized for some reason, and the other half is black and purple. It looks very strange.
Why should we say that the remains of this small shattered species are cosmic wonders? Because if its two extreme energies are well integrated, it can help the Furong to be promoted to the elite level.
Another cosmic wonder, however, has magnetic energy, which is a mass of suspended magnetic evil spirit. This thing is incredibly aggressive, and the magnetic moon is quiet, on the contrary.
Lin momo thought for a long time that the black rose might be able to promote the magnetic evil spirit to the elite level, but before promotion, we need to look for the magnetic auxiliary equation to increase our chances of winning.
Treasure in Linlin, all kinds of Lin momo are collected, but most of the resources are still going to hit the Tenchu fleet. At the very least, the Tenchu fleet should have the strength to besiege a strange star cruise ship in the short term.
What an arrogant idea it is to besiege the odd star cruise ship. Even if the Tianzhu fleet is elite, it may not be able to do it, but Lin momo dares to think about it, and he still struggles and doesn’t know if he can get it.
In addition to resources, there are equipment in the treasure house. It’s a pity that the equipment was kept in good condition three thousand years ago, but it can’t hold the years to corrode the development of science and technology. Lin momo selected two laser swords and planned to add auxiliary swords to Dark Phoenix Silent Gun.
Five hours later, Linxi Suoji sorted out the treasure house, secretly set up the machine shaft and dismantled it so as not to cause trouble to the subsequent porters.
When Lin momo returned to the Phantom of the Opera, everyone was already waiting for it. Lin momo smiled and put some things on the trading platform, and then ordered Roderick and Connor to receive the treasure house quickly.
Ordinary crew members don’t know that the Rubik’s Cube and the blue gold belt contain one-third of the resources, so many forces have fixed their eyes on the Tianzhu fleet, so they can’t put everything on the table!
Actually, Lin momo has smelled danger, and some senior crew members have commendable loyalty. However, there are also some crew members whose willpower is not firm. The fleet always depends on the port repair period, and it is difficult to take care of all crew members. It is necessary to nip in the bud.
Tenchu Fleet F555 Planets are very profitable, but it is difficult to calm down the stone family. Shi Xiuer has returned to Shi Jialin. Momo treats the stone family office so presumptuously. At that time, the younger generation of captains have well-documented to give the Tenchu fleet a good look.
However, Shi jiamian did not respond properly, but actively joined the holy jury. A few days later, an elite fleet quietly set off.
"Ha, ha, ha, Shi Lei, I can’t believe that you and I also have one day. It seems that the Pope’s position and your family attach great importance to this Lin momo, otherwise they won’t send the rising sun and great plans." The blond man pondered and looked at the screen. His face was surprisingly neither handsome nor ugly. It couldn’t be more ordinary.
However, it is easy for people to remember that this blond man is wearing a knife with short hair. His heavy red and black suit is even more eye-catching, which proves that he is the head of the Knights Templar.
"Ha ha family let me out to practice my skills! These third and second galactic chop suey will get carried away after accumulating a little achievements. I will let them deeply realize who is the outstanding figure in this interstellar space. It seems to me that the so-called Xiao Han gene successor is just a buffoon, but Yi Jia’s chop suey probably stars the Palace Guard, but others are full of momentum. "The young stone master who leads Xiao Han seems very disdainful. He doesn’t even bother to remember the name Lin momo."
"Do you really believe that the wooden bug has left the wooden house? The old monster died many times, but then he came out alive and kicking. He destroyed the historic site of the Milky Way and Pisces. Did Lin Sisuo mean that the two successors had joined hands long ago? Moreover, I received the news that Lin Sisuo and the elf Gilling Elegant have friendship. These forces trying to turn over the salted fish are really diligent and boring. "The head of the Knights Templar has a disdainful look in his eyes, but he is very good at covering up this disdainfulness. It is not a fluke to climb to today’s position, but because of his vision and strength.
"No, no, no, no, dear Colonel Ryan, you made a mistake. Behind the wooden bug, it’s not the wooden family, but the evil organization. This is the ancient organization with the same reputation as the lock cloud. It’s hard to say which side the wooden bug is. Let’s wipe our eyes during the journey! Oh, by the way, what are the gods and Morgan aliens doing? It seems very calm recently! " Shi Lei obviously knew that many curtain stone house this behemoth made the fleet leader absolutely not as frivolous and arrogant as the surface.
"What else can I do? Prepare for the big robbery! It’ s really unexpected news that the wooden bug turned out to be a Wuyue person! " Colonel Ryan pretends to have an epiphany. He doesn’t care about the origin of the wood bug. If the Pope wants to kill someone, such as this Momo Lin, it’s very difficult for the other party to live …
Volume 13 Treasure! Xiao cold Chapter 755 Go it alone
These days, the fleet has gained a lot to fix the iron meteorite at the entrance of the treasure house, and it has moved to the Zeus Roderick. How exciting! Even when I sleep, I will wake up with a silly smile
Large-scale faults have always been the most coveted cosmic product of interstellar businessmen, so things can give fleet freight an advantage and do not cost energy to maintain stability
Roderick’s grandfather Sakry began to look for similar faults a long time ago, but he made great efforts to find several original faults without any results.
Shine on you is better than Lan Roderick, and now he is really better than his grandfather Sakry. This is mainly due to the unimaginable growth of prosperity brought by the adventures of the Tianzhu fleet.
Lin momo holds a lot of treasures and treasures. Roderick is Lin momo’s right-hand man. Naturally, he has the opportunity to divide and embellish, especially after discovering the treasure house of F555, Zeus’s fortune soared in the clouds like a rocket.
A few days ago, Lin momo personally buried and guarded the treasure house, and Zi Lao, the head of the family, did not forget to dig wells. It was because of Zi Lao’s extraordinary contribution that he searched for the remains of Xiao Han that the Tianzhu fleet took it to a higher level.
However, now is not the time to enjoy peace, and it is not appropriate to let the Tianzhu fleet rise and sink, and keep urging the way. The skeleton star in the ancient prison is the most important thing in this trip, even more important than going to the earth.
After the departure, the Tianzhu fleet swam in the Xinghai with a strong sense of direction, and the star map route pointed to the skeleton star
This ancient prison skeleton star was originally used by prisoners, and the climatic conditions were extremely harsh. There was a blue gold mine that was completely mined, and there was still a little bit of value. Besides, it could be barren
Xiao Han took a fancy to Skeleton Star when he helped Hengbo Shuren choose their home. Although this place is not suitable for human habitation, Hengbo Shuren is different from human beings.
Not to mention how powerful the ancient mother trees of Constant Wave are, it is already great that those mother trees of Constant Wave have bred the new generation of Constant Wave Tree People. It is easy to change the environment properly and create a new atmosphere.
The star of Skeleton Star is called Constant Wave Star, and Skeleton Star was called the Constant Wave Tree a long time ago. People like to call this planet the miracle heaven and earth or the mother star.
Tenchu fleet sailing fast Lin momo decided to have a good renovation after the earth. Only in this way can we live up to the lock cloud contract. If it is too short, it will not reflect the contract.