This statue is blue-faced, with fangs and a thin belly, and the right hand holds a ghost fork, which is shaped like a hungry ghost. At this moment, it suddenly comes to life, holding a ghost fork in its hand and maliciously moving towards Ningyu fork.
Just rushed in and Su Li seven people are slightly surprised to hear boom. One by one, a statue of King Kong Giant Ape appeared to protect Ningyu and blocked this ghost statue. Golden Ape punched Ling and hit it in the past.
All kinds of monsters and statues in the whole hall are resurrected.
Su Li observed the data of these resurrected statues by using the "peep symbol pattern" discovery method.
I heard a bang, and Ningyu summoned King Kong to blow the ghost statue so hard that it fell out.
Ningyu rushed forward ten meters again and was attacked by the second resurrection statue.
This statue holds a double sword, like a goalkeeper’s double sword, and comes out to slay Ningyu. Listen, these two swords are powerful.
Su Li and Jiang Shuixuan had just set foot when they felt the terrible coercion around them. Two statues suddenly attacked them.
One is a monster statue with nine tails, which looks like a fox. As the saying goes, the Kyubi no Youko fox is fierce when it pounces on the blood basin with a big mouth. When it bites at Shi Dalong, its right claw stretches out and three claws grow faintly, reaching for Li Chao for a foot.
Another fiend statue with a magic halberd swept across Su Li, Jiang Shuixuan and Ding Shi.
The two statues at first hand to lift the energy air billow makes people feel suffocated and frightened.
Li Chao let out a roar and launched his own talent to "seize". His hands were wrapped in clouds of black fog, and three feet long claws grew towards the monster statue.
He has a special talent and can seize all kinds of things, including the opponent’s equipment and weapons, rather than energy.
It is with this powerful and special talent that he was promoted to "wait" for the strength of the strong. He is no worse than Lin Xinghai.
At the moment, he wants to take this monster statue in front of him, which is not taken away by every three claws.
Shi Dalong felt a wave of overwhelming popularity, which made him breathless and knew that it was not good. He drank a lot and started the "constructor" talent. There were walls around him, rising from the ground.
"Boom" to kill a stone with a big dragon, the "constructor" showed that all the walls were smashed and collapsed by this monster statue
The sudden disappearance of its three claws was really taken away by Li Chao, but Li Chaolai was not happy that the nine tails of the monster statue jerked away.
A scream, these nine tails come too fast, and Li Chaogen should not accept them in an instant.
Head, arms, chest, belly, legs …
In an instant, his body was beaten to pieces by these nine tails and exploded into a ball of blood and meat paste, and he couldn’t die any more.
Li Chao suddenly died so tragically, and he didn’t have the kind of special treasure that can instantly restore his body. Shi Dalong was so terrible that he desperately retreated.
He has already understood that the root of these statues and monsters in front of him is not that they can resist reality.
Just outside the blue palace, the infernal snake is already fifteen rare beasts. The strength will never be inferior to that of the ten second monarch. What’s more, this blue palace monster?
I’m afraid that the absolute 13-level monarch is even stronger.
Li Chao was killed one by one, and several people in Su Li were also attacked by horrible statues and monsters.
The fiend swept over and the magic fork roared with a harsh wind. Jiang Shuijue and Ding Shi felt that the magic fork appeared in front of them less than a foot before them, so they couldn’t help but breath.
Three people have Su Li can react.
Mind move right hand red crescent dragon chop to meet.
"zither", a red crescent dragon chopped and held the magic fork that swept over. Su Li felt the arm shake, and the surging force in this magic fork was overwhelming.
My heart is not good. Su Li did not want to hide her strength again. She immediately entered the state of "Monty’s true body". The body strength broke out, and the extrajudicial disciples showed one energy after another and injected it into the red crescent dragon through the extrajudicial disciples.
Red crescent dragon chop suddenly bursts out like a horse practicing knife light.
"Before", the magic fork suddenly broke from it, and Su Li jumped up and hit the statue of the fiend in front of him with his body weapon. At the same time, he turned his head and gave a rebuke to Jiang Shuixuan. "Get out!"
There are hundreds of statues of monsters in this palace, and every resurrected statue is even more powerful than fifteen monarchs. It is not that they can resist staying here, but Li Chao is their role model.
Su Li fiend statue collided with the third resurrection statue, and a Lin Xinghai suddenly let out a stuffy hum and flew out like a broken kite.
He occupied the speed bracelet and wanted to insert it. He didn’t want the third statue to appear at the moment. It was faster than him. It was a punch that made Lin Xinghai’s body crack and fly backwards.
Well, he has the talent of "the true meaning of life". After landing, his physical injury has recovered, but his face has lost color and he turned away without saying a word.
Chapter 6 Crown and Staff Heart
Although the "true meaning of life" can protect him from death, every time it is used, it will cost him a certain amount of life energy, and he will not display it unless he is forced to resist it.
The strength of this statue in the blue palace is so terrible that I’m afraid he can’t get past it even if he runs out of life energy.
Listen to Su Li rebuke Jiang Shuijue dare not hesitate again and turn around and rush toward the exit with Ding Shi’s brother and sister.
Su Li injected all the special abilities into the Red Crescent Dragon, combined with Monty’s real strength and attached to slaying the past.
Will want to catch up with the third statue of Fulong and Shi Dalong also took the opportunity to escape.
All five of them escaped from the palace except Li Chao.
Here, the statue attacked Jiang Shuijue, the man who entered the palace. As soon as five people escaped, they stopped attacking but besieged Suli.
Ningyu’s speed is much faster than Su Li’s, and he has quickly rushed to the hundred meters away and rushed towards the end of this palace.
Everyone saw that there was a huge door at the end of the palace. According to the hundreds of statues guarding this blue palace, it seems that if there is a treasure in this huge door, it must be serious and probably rare.
Jiang Shuijue escaped, and Su Li was relieved to show the speed of "Spider Walking". Suddenly, the speed increased, and the third forms of "Devil Muscle" and "Monty Sacred Bone", which were shaped like leopard monsters, were launched one after another and entered the state of being as tall as two meters and five days. Except for the overrun, he is now the strongest state.
Physical strength doubles, fighting power quadruples, and Su Li holds the Red Crescent Dragon to chop a series of special abilities. He can’t breathe freely through the treasure. Although he kills these statues instantly, it is hard for them to hurt him.
Judging from Su Li’s current level, these statues can cause him pressure, which is likely to be injury. It seems that these statues are definitely not weaker than the 15 th or 16 th grade monarch, and even stronger.
Su Li didn’t continue to fight, but rushed to the front at full speed. Now the most important thing is not to kill these statues and monsters who can’t see the information, but to rush to the giant door at the end.
If there are treasures hidden in this blue palace, it must be a huge door.
Jiang Shuixuan five people dare to stay outside the palace and look inside at the moment, thinking of the scene of Li Chao’s death just now, and everyone is frightened.
Lin Xinghai is even more pale without a trace of blood.
Li Chao was his best brother, but suddenly he died here. His mood became very depressed. He clenched his teeth and looked at the hall, which rushed to a hundred meters away. Ningyu had a little resentment against him.
It’s all because of this Ningyu, but for his intention, they couldn’t have entered here, and Li Chao wouldn’t have died.
Ning Yu’s performance is much more amazing than Su Li’s. He smashed three resurrection statues in succession and approached the end.
Soon, he went deep into three or four hundred meters away. Like Su Li, he tried to avoid these statues and only fought back when there was a way to avoid them.
Both of them are rushing towards the end, and now there are Su Li in the crowd, but they can still see the strength gap between Su Li and Ning Yu by keeping the temple mouth and looking in.
When Ningyu arrived at the giant gate at the end of the hall, Su Li had just gone four or five hundred meters deep.
Su Li feels more and more pressure around him. There are hundreds of statues here, and the deeper they go, the stronger they become.
If a statue appears, its strength is about equal to that of an ordinary monarch in the 15th grade, then when Su Li went four or five hundred meters deeper, he felt that the strength of a statue that appeared at random at this moment would not be inferior to that of the strongest monarch in the 15th grade.
When a group of such statues attacked and stopped him, even if Su Li had entered the state of two or five meters, he still felt hard
Suri is reluctant to move casually unless it is necessary. Seeing that Ningyu has reached the end, Suri knows that although he is already a 15-level holy knight, he still has a gap compared with the 2-level super strong unless he moves stone tools himself.