Ying Wuhou waited for a long time to see that no one had spoken, but he always shook his head. "It seems that you don’t know this thing, so this thing can stay."
Ying Wuhou said that he was going to take the stone box into the dry Kun bag. As he moved with his palm, he leaked the words box again!
"Chang Sheng, this is a good thing. Don’t let Ying Wuhou keep it and bring it here." When Ying Wuhou asked for the stone box, Chang Sheng’s mind suddenly rang with the sound of ancient monty.
"Good stuff, but I don’t know it. How can I get it?"
"You don’t know it, but I know it." The ancient monty Chang Sheng said in his mind, "The stone box character is my national character. I can’t see all the words when Ying Wuhou grabbed the box with his hand, but I saw the words just now. Specifically, don’t say that you should stop Ying Wuhou and wait for him to take back something, but you won’t get anything." The ancient monty sound is very urgent.
Chang Sheng also asked many questions and whispered to the other party’s text, "Stop Yingwuhou quickly, you said you knew him!"
Chang Sheng knows that it’s not convenient for him to talk about this kind of thing, which can make Fang Wenkou.
Fang Wen suddenly heard Chang Sheng’s urgent voice and didn’t think about it carefully. He quickly shouted at Ying Wuhou, "Wait a minute!"
Just when Ying Wuhou grabbed the stone box with one hand and was about to put it back into the dry Kun bag, Fang Wenyin suddenly sounded. Ying Wuhou looked up at the place and suddenly his eyes gathered.
"oh? Seven emperors? I wonder if the Seven Emperors knew anything about it. Did the Seven Emperors know it? " Ying Wuhou stopped taking back the stone box and looked at Fang Wen
"Yes, it happened that the emperor knew this thing." Fang Wenwang smiled gently at Ying Wuhou and pulled Chang Sheng’s clothes next to Chang Sheng’s hand but in a very hidden place
"Chang Sheng, tell me what it is quickly. If you don’t tell me, I will be ashamed." Fang Wen’s anxious voice inquirer Chang Sheng.
"Old devil, please tell me what this is." Chang Sheng asked the ancient monty in the same way.
"It’s one!" Ancient monty replied heavily.
"It’s one!" Changsheng acted as a microphone to tell Fang Wen.
"It’s one!" Fang Wen heard Chang Sheng pointing to the stone box in Ying Wuhou’s hand.
“?” Ying Wuhou looked at the stone box in his hand and said to Fang Wen, "Can you give this to you when you say so? I wonder if the Seven Emperors can prove it?"
"Of course there is a way." Fang Wen smiled confidently but secretly asked Chang Sheng, "How did Chang Sheng hit this stone box?"
"It’s very simple for Changsheng to hit this stone box. Just know how to run the strength. Just press your hand on the surface. Now I will send the strength operation mode to your mind." The ancient monty Fang Wen asked at the same time and gave Changsheng a strength operation mode.
Chang Sheng immediately grabbed Fang Wen’s hand and followed the past with strength. "Remember this strength operation mode. After a while, you will follow this general operation and then put your hand on the stone box surface, and the stone box machine will be hit. You can just hit the stone box directly."
Fang Wen had to feel Chang Sheng’s energetic way of working and nodded slightly to indicate that Chang Sheng had strode out of the crowd and walked to the platform.
Fang Wenchong, who took the stone box from Ying Wuhou, smiled and put up his hand and put the stone box in accordance with Chang Sheng’s hard-working way, and pressed it gently.
"Snapping …"
Suddenly, a light sound and a snap of the stone box automatically revealed the antique hidden inside, but it gave people the feeling that no one had ever turned it over!
“! Sure enough! "
"What a! The Seven Emperors actually know this treasure! "
"Seven emperors, he is so knowledgeable that no one knows the treasure. He not only knows it, but also plays it."
"Look at that word! Look at that word!"
Suddenly, someone on the platform pointed to the ancient characters and exclaimed, every country in the mainland has its own national characters, but there is still a kind of universal character in the whole continent, which is only known by some fighters. Ordinary people will not know this kind of character because it was left in the village in ancient times and is said to have been written by ancestors.
Everyone doesn’t know the characters in the stone box, but the characters in this stone box are written by the mainland common characters. The simple words on the surface make everyone crazy!
"Hidden note-Ou Yin!"
"The hidden! This is a treasure written by Ou Yin, the sage of the three great sages in mainland China! "
"It was the hidden place! This is a one-step method? Still a magic weapon? "
"Never mind what it is. Since it is the Seven Emperors of Ou Yin, it is developed this time!"
The platform Yingwuhou listened to the crowd shouting, and his face flashed an ugly color. This stone box was filled with hidden objects. If I had known, I would have forcibly smashed the stone box and taken out the contents!
When I got this stone box, I found that the characters were searched everywhere, but no one knew the characters. I felt that the stone box was hard, even if I wanted to call it by force, it would take some time.
The contents of such a stone box are definitely not simple, and I thought about smashing it myself at that time, but if such a strange thing is forcibly smashed, it will usually destroy the treasures inside automatically.
Besides, I’m not sure that this is a stone box with something in it. Maybe this body is a magic weapon and I didn’t smash it myself.
I will take it out today to see if anyone knows it. If anyone knows it, let’s talk about it. Whoever gets this stone box can take it back!
But Fang Wen!
What will he do if he takes the stone box?
Kill the emperor? This is tantamount to rebellion!
Ying Wuhou looked at one side and Fang Wen bit his teeth, so he waved generously and said, "The seven emperors are really knowledgeable. Since the seven emperors know this thing, it is naturally the seven emperors."
Ying Wuhou’s mouth is beautiful, but his heart is secretly determined.
Fang Wen, if he hadn’t been with Chang Sheng today, he would have done it to Chang Sheng himself, and now he has taken away his treasure!
Hanging out with Chang Sheng will make him look good sooner or later!