Her white Xu Le’s perception of ancient sounds is stronger and more accurate than her.
Even Cang Ming and Fei Ying said that the concept of Xu Le is close to the ninth place of the ancient sound.
His perception and judgment of ancient sounds are not absolutely accurate, at least not comparable to hers.
"Did you just say they are more than one?"
"Not everyone does, but the number is not small. Go ahead to the third prison on the left."
Chixiao nodded intently and pulled Xu Le to the third prison gate on the left.
Just as I decided to hide the weirdness in the shadows, I suddenly slammed into the prison door.
Ang! ~
Strong breath ChiXiao and Xu Le pervaded the whole body, which almost turned green.
The fire in Chixiao’s hand illuminates Xu Le clearly.
"turtle, is that why you let me hold your hand?"
Chixiao side also glanced around the strong green breath, even she also showed some disgusting feeling.
But fortunately, there is a faint fire around Chixiao and Xu Le at this time.
These flames will completely purify the surrounding green breath, although there will still be some faint odor, but it is much better than direct inhalation.
"This guy is not the most outrageous."
Through the firelight, Xu Le saw a strange figure.
His brow was fixed and he picked it out.
It is also difficult for him to be specific, with a weird head and an asymmetrical mouth.
The green tone just came out of this mouth.
The long tongue looks as if it is swollen.
Boss, these malformations are already very outrageous, but they are even more outrageous.
It’s not just the weird tongue that mops the floor, but that thing also mops the floor.
And it’s everywhere because of dragging your tongue and a lot of feces in the room there
Weird hands also fell to the ground, grabbed one from time to time and stuffed it into his mouth.
Perhaps there is also a reason for the strong smell of green just now.
Xu Le looked at this weird nodding.
"It’s really outrageous."
Xu Le took a step forward, but he was held by Chixiao.
Looked at Xu Le slightly shook his head with some unutterable expression in Chixiao.
"This guy … why don’t we change it?"
This is a very constructive discussion, but Xu Le took a look at the prison and denied it.
"not a safe choice"
"Don’t worry, I also have the means to isolate the breath."
"got it"