Mysterious smile to He Xiang said, "He Xiang, you must have experienced some fighting, don’t you think?"
He Xiang pondered and finally said, "I also think that the city has been broken for several days and I don’t know the master’s doubts."
See three people’s opinions have always been inconsistent. "The reasons for all my doubts are not complicated. First, if the main city of Yongzheng is breached, there are two situations. The first is that Alcatraz people are heavily stationed in and occupy the main city of Yongzheng, and the strongest resistance force in Yongzheng is that once the city is broken, they lose their resistance. Alcatraz people can rest and don’t have to make such a big noise; Second, this extra-territorial monty array is an extra-territorial monty pouring into the array, which confuses people’s minds and breeds demons. This array often comes to trap and kill some people who have brute strength but are not good at defense, because if they meet people who break the array outside, they will easily break the array and be trapped in the large array. That is very different. "
More than three people a listen to all feel right is neglected before thinking again.
Lu Li continued, "If the magic door in the main city of Yongzhou is monstrous, it’s a little weird because there is no right way for the strong in Fiona Fang. So there are only two explanations. One is that the city has a magic door and the strong are practicing the magic power of the earth, and the other is that there is a fierce battle in this city, which is the core of the main city of Yongzhou!"
Although it sounds ridiculous, the conjecture that all three people smell speech is totally different from each other, but it is also possible to think about it carefully in combination with the eye situation. It is estimated that the last lucky person in Mu’s family also gathered in the city to resist desperately.
Suddenly, the magic cloud and the blood wing were somewhat surprised by this judgment. Even if it is wrong, it is only to rule out a possibility. If it is really like He Xiang, it is not bad for him to join the army.
After a while, I glanced at the three people on the blood wing. "Last chance, blood wing, can you be a minister?" If you don’t go from today, you will go to one less. "
At this time, the magic cloud struggled. "How do I know you won’t break your word? If you are good for me, I am not free to live. What if I were dead? "
Shake your head and deny that you are free in ten years.
Suddenly, I worshipped the magic cloud and blood wing and finally bowed, "Well, I will recognize your Lord to follow for ten years! If you kill me halfway, the demon soul clan will come after you. "
Indifferent smile and added, "In a few days, I will go to the Devil’s Soul Sect to slaughter my house. You should be prepared."
The magic cloud and blood wings are completely defeated, and if you don’t say anything, you will leave the side.
The palm Guanghua flashed away and lifted the seal of the magic cloud blood wing repair, at the same time, it integrated the mastermind into the Yuan God, and the three people were temporarily recalled to the Dragon Ding.
At this time, the main city of Yongzhou must be a group of magic dancers, just like a magic cave. Looking at the main city of Yongzhou, there is a monstrous magic gas, and the whole person is fierce to grind his teeth and hide his body. When the breath converges to the extreme, he rushes straight away.
He also hesitated that there was a deep hole in it, and once he stepped into it, he would be in danger. But master Chu Yun once said, "People often ignore a lot in their lives, but in this life, Germany, love, kindness, righteousness, loyalty and dreams are all important, so we should not give up easily."
Even if you are just a scholar, you can’t be mean, even if you are mediocre, you can’t be fickle and ungrateful. At the same time, Chu Yun also instilled some human physiology in him. He said that he didn’t impose on him to choose to appreciate himself and choose which to accept.
Think of soft rain, thousands of snow, purple sound, Muna and others are likely to be trapped in this city, and they are going to sneak into the city.
He carefully converged his breath and soon came to the outside of the city. Sure enough, there are many magic fairy guards outside the monty array outside the territory, so he tried his best to get close to the law and sneak in.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Broken law
"There are many magic fairy masters outside the city, and even a little better magic practice has never appeared. The magic door masters are all in the city, and some people are lucky to grasp it!"
On the other side of the road, you can’t see any profound people, only some magic fairies guard the main roads. This is by no means the style of magic Taoist.
I can spy for a long time, but I find that the monty array outside the domain seems to have been blessed by the strong in the demon domain, and the abnormal density frequency is also distributed layer by layer. It is difficult to penetrate it by changing the frequency of its own defense barrier.
There are three colors of hidden lotus, and now it has reached the early stage of Du Jie. The common magic fairy root is the method to find his trace slowly suspended and half-separated. I want my right eye to see through the fog and peek at the situation in the city, but I see the poor magic shadow blocking his sight.
These magic shadows are not magic masters, but the demons derived from this law surprise Lu Li. As these demons keep wandering and devouring each other, the magic gas of this law is also gradually growing and becoming more and more fierce. The operation mode of Monty Array outside this territory is quite wonderful. It was hard to find the center of this law after searching for a long time.
There are many constitutions in the smell, and there is a Eucharist that can resist all evils and all demons. If there is such a Eucharist, it can be said that it is easy to cross the monty array outside this territory.
There is also a kind of hermaphroditism that is rare in the world. It is almost impossible for hermaphrodites to meet in ten thousand years. There are cults that believe that heaven and earth are divided by yin and yang, and gradually evolve into a state of mind, which eventually develops and breeds all things in heaven and earth. Those hermaphrodites can cultivate the yin and yang method to a strong state, which is unmatched in the world.
However, Lu Li is an ordinary person with yin-yang method, but he can also break the array. If he breaks through forcibly, he will certainly disturb the guard array man. Is this what he is called?
There is sweat on his forehead, and he is more anxious than Lu Li. He knows very well that every time he delays a breath, his chances of saving his family are reduced by one point. If he does nothing like this again, he will sit back and watch his family die gradually.
Of course, it’s still a pity that there are still people in Mu’s family, and there may be great pressure to let Lu Li’s forehead sweat continuously for a while, but there is no good way.
Think of Zhang Wei, several people separated from each other, and talked with several people in the dragon tripod.
Straight to the point, I asked, "Can you three crack this extraterritorial monty law? Or can you think of some weaknesses in this array? "
Zhang Wei doesn’t hide this directly. "If the main manpower wants to break this array, there is only a strong blow, but if it wants not to disturb the defenders, there is no chance for them to infiltrate from this array. I am quite sure."
The magic cloud and blood wing are also saying, "He is right. I’m afraid this law has been blessed by the devil. Even if the fairy comes here, it will take a big week. This law is extremely difficult for the trapped enemy to enter unless it is forcibly broken."
He Xiang pondered, "Unless the master can seize a magic man and find a way to blend in, anyway, the master has practiced the magic method. If he occupies the body of an Alcatraz man, these defenders may not be able to see through it."