For this paper-talking soldier Fan Jun, his generals have some words. They know very well how much pressure there was at that time because of their personal experience. It would be good if the Godsworn could settle down there. How dare he continue to confront the Liu family?
However, embroidered bamboo heard this Fan Jun saying that his man was no three, no four, and suddenly he couldn’t hold his fire. He wanted to directly call someone to blow this Fan Jun out. This kind of person would be mad if he took a look at himself.
Li Yan waved his hand at this time to indicate that embroidered bamboo is quiet. After this embroidered bamboo, he has to develop some things. If you don’t do too much, it will have some influence on the future road.
Embroidered bamboo took one look at his man and had to suppress this anger.
"Ge is confident in his own strength and despises this kind of Shan Ye people. It is also reasonable to say that I don’t know if Ge has heard of it?" I don’t know if it’s because Datang has read too much, or if Mr. Su still teaches Li Yan to keep his manners, saying that he is like a gentleman.
"You general Li Yan can write poems, and you can be eloquent. If you have something to say, the general has never understood it." Fan Jun said that he also said that Li Yan deliberately showed his talent. After all, the first place in Datang was still his head.
Li Yan looked at the sparkling lake in Yun Ze in the distance, and the dazzling eyes shone on him, which made his forehead shine like a scorching sun. He slowly said, "Princes will have seed."
Yet a next to the big fellow general suddenly got a fright, even embroidered bamboo surprised and looked at his man.
Fan Jun looked at Li Yan with a pair of ghosts and said, pointing to him, "You … you have such an idea? When you are really ambitious, you have the opposite idea. "
Li Yan, if the word "king" in front of princes and princes is removed, there will be no problem, but this word should not be added. The word "king" represents the emperor king. It sounds to Li Yan that this is simply a challenge to the four emperors, which openly shows that I have the opposite opinion.
In the imperial world, you must never say this, otherwise one thought of the four dynasties may destroy your potential danger.
"It seems that Ge hasn’t heard this," Li Yan said.
"Li Yan, you are not arrogant now, but conceited. I must tell the general that people like you must never leave the big fellow dynasty." Fan Jun did not say that he had taken a big step away at this time
"What is the poor man who is imprisoned by the emperor? Such a person can never be strong. No wonder he can understand the meaning of my previous words." Li Yan said calmly that if it is a night mark, he absolutely believes in his words, but his character must want to challenge himself again.
General Han unconsciously distanced himself from Li Yan at this time, for fear of being misunderstood what he had to do with him, and was finally accused of rebellion.
"What kind of princes would rather have?" At this time, the champion of the hall, Hou, listened to Fan Jun and was not surprised.
Fan Jun continued, "General Li Yan’s ambition is too great. It is obviously a challenge for me to say such a thing today. If I put it aside, it will definitely lead to disaster in the future. Please ask the general to remove this person as soon as possible."
Champion Hou laughed "remove? Want to remove it? Is it just because of saying that princes would rather have seeds? I already know about it. You go. "
Fan Jun was annoyed when he saw the champion Hou Yi dealing with Li Yan. He bowed his hand and said a long way and then left.
"absolutely can’t let this Li Yan continue to stay in the big fellow. If this big fellow wins the Japanese competition, this Li Yan will certainly follow with some credit, and then maybe he will be sealed by the big fellow general, but this person is not the kind of person who will mess with me sooner or later …" Fan Jun calmly thought about it and decided to broadcast this sentence of Li Yan to let the imperial court know what kind of person this Li Yan is.
However, this matter has not yet reached the big fellow dynasty, and it has fallen to his influence first.
The big Yun Ze forces will not pay attention to this small matter, but it has hit Li Yan’s title. It is natural to pay attention to it. After all, it was still vivid a year ago, and all forces have not forgotten this, which made Liu’s family suffer a big loss.
Chapter one thousand and fifty-three Four Dynasties March
"This Li Yan really didn’t die and was rescued by the Tang Emperor. It took a year to wake up. Damn it." Liu Gujing thought that the peak came to Liu Jianxing and roared at his predecessor’s hand. This Li Yan was doubtful, and even the Tang Emperor couldn’t save it. I didn’t expect to let this Li Yan live and recently emerged. He was simply humiliating himself, not the whole Liu family monk.
"What kind of princes would rather have?" When Datang returned to the station, Yi Li Li Bailian Li Yu and others frowned when they saw the news.
"Ha ha this Li Yan not dead elder sister must be a little disappointed, but have to say that this Li Yan is really talented to say such a word" Yi Li laughed.
Li Bailian said, "This is obviously deliberately broadcast by people who want to come to the big fellow dynasty. Those pedants will definitely suppress this Li Yan in every possible way, even in the Datang dynasty. No one dares this person, so that Li Yan can’t get along with the four dynasties, and Liu’s family will surely find a way to sell him. This is a seasoned road."
"I am very admire Li Yan who dare to tell the truth in this dynasty." Yi Li laughed.
Li Bailian said, "Let’s not discuss this small matter. Just know that Li Yan is still alive. You have to be prepared for the daily competition. This time, the court doesn’t seem to put the general in charge of this matter, and you have chosen a few people to come. You’d better be prepared."
"Datang even chooses you and me to go, which will prevent others from recognizing our royal clothes. I don’t know that all these things complement each other. I don’t have enough strength to lead our seven imperial palaces, but the elder sister’s body still needs to be refined. Although you cultivate your soul, sometimes you have more fist and fist skills," Yi Li said
Li Bailian said, "How can I practice is that my seventh brother has not overdone it?"
"Ha ha is just saying, elder sister. If you’re not happy, then I won’t say it." Yi Li laughed.
And a woman in red in the Daqin dynasty residence sat in a table and looked at the intelligence in her hand, and there was a smile on her mouth. "This Li Yan died a year ago, but I didn’t expect to be alive, so it would be better, so that I could continue to trade with him."
If Li Yan were here, she would surely know that this woman is Hong Ji, but at this time her status is higher than before. The hall is not only majestic, but also guarded by Godsworn Avatar.
But Li Yan didn’t know that Fan Jun spread his news. Even if he did, it would be a matter of urgency for him.
"That’s how this big fellow’s noble family looks down on other monks. When I went there, I was not less ridiculed by them." Embroidered bamboo said.
Li Yan said, "I don’t miss this. I’m more interested in having a good day. It’s getting late. Go back to rest, take care of your physical strength and have a good state."
Embroidered bamboo nodded at the sight of this, but after this, she really hated the big fellow’s noble families.
the next day
The horn of snare drum sounded in the middle of the big fellow’s station. This day, the big fellow’s army was stationed for a long time, and finally there was movement. During this period, the troops were constantly mobilized as if they were preparing for the war.
Because of the thought that this station might be moved away, this time, the big fellow army almost mobilized more than half and left several troops to guard the station. Just by visually checking the peaks, the big fellow army has exceeded ten, that is, ten thousand people. Each mountain is a little far apart, but there are dozens of troops who want to be less.
Such a huge force can cause a sensation when it is put into place, and this is only a part of the Han Dynasty. Is it a Ministry?
Embroidered bamboo army is also successful. Today, she is wearing a military uniform and has a well-organized army, while Li Yan is casually looking pensive.
At this time, one by one, riding a monster beast, the soldiers kept running back and forth from each mountain peak, and the champion Hou ordered "the champion Hou Youling’s army set out from the No.1 mountain peak, and the monks went first, and his army followed in turn and marched in a long snake array."
"Champion Hou Youling …" Soon echoed in the sky and disappeared in the distance.
The monks moved quickly, and the troops moved in less than a moment. They all flew forward at a very steady speed, one army after another. If you look from a distance, you can see a long queue with several military flags standing in it.
During the March, nothing happened. They just kept their heads down without saying a word.
About a few hours later, when Li Yan saw the gate that stood on the lake of Yun Ze again, he also saw his imperial power, the army marching in the big man’s dynasty, which was a little sloppy, but it looked excellent. The way of marching in front of the dragon riding army and behind the sword army said that this Datang general was not beneficial to command these royal heirs, unlike the big man who wanted to win the championship. All generals had to listen to him and have absolute benefits.
What surprised Li Yan the most was that the marching style of the Qin Dynasty was long, and Ge Rulin’s black armor was neatly arranged in teams, just like pieces of tofu were cut flat, and the momentum of the army was really not to be underestimated, just like Hei Hu lying on his head, trying to choose people and eating them.