Ling Youdao was arranged by Ling Dingyuan to sit in an alchemist of his own family, and he sat next to Ling Youdao himself.
After a while, there were constant kindred alchemists befriending Ling Youdao, and he all smiled and dealt with them one by one.
Whenever a new alchemist comes to LingDingyuan and other first-order alchemists from Cang Li Ling’s family, one person will go out to meet him personally.
Soon at noon, there were nearly 20 alchemists from Cang Li Ling’s alchemist among more than 60 alchemists gathered by Cui Yun Tanbian.
In addition, more than a dozen people are alchemists of a Zhuji family in Liuyun Islands, while others are alchemists of scattered cultivation in Liuyun Islands.
Ling Dingyuan got up and walked to the center of the crowd and said, "Which Taoist friend started this alchemy meeting on behalf of Cang Li Ling’s family?"
"I’ll do it"
Ling Youdao smell looked and saw a middle-aged monk got up and also gave a hand to all.
"Five years ago, I was lucky enough to find a marrow-washing herb, and it took me three months to find an auxiliary elixir for refining marrow-washing pills."
"Friendly luck"
Smell speech that person wry smile "good luck here is gone"
"How do you say?"
"I was lucky enough to refine a pulp-washing pill."
"Isn’t that a good thing?"
"What’s good for me? I’m thinking of taking this opportunity to break through the nine-layer bottleneck and reach the ten-layer bottleneck.
However, the spiritual force released by the marrow-washing Dan almost broke through my meridians. It was good for me to force the marrow-washing Dan out when I was in Dantian. After I cultivated for two years, I recovered. Now I still remember it vividly! "
"It must be the question of the prescription. What panacea did you take?"
The man said, "Ten years after washing pith grass, we gathered Lingcao to suppress Linghua."
"It really makes sense for the pharmacology of Ju Ling Cao Ling Li Yi Ling Hua to inhibit the outbreak of spiritual power."
While the alchemists were frowning thoughtfully, Ling Youdao tentatively said that "the spirit-suppressing flowers should be replaced with spirit flowers"
The alchemists meditated, but the sound was very abrupt, although it was small.
Chapter ninety-nine I have read some more.
Ling Youdao was slightly surprised when all the alchemists heard and saw the speaker.
But the face is respectfully asked, "Daoyou bother to elaborate again."
Ling Youdao looked puzzled and curious, and they explained, "Although restraining spirit flower can restrain violent spirit force, there is a limit. In ten years, gathering spirit force will be violent. The more suppressing spirit flower, the stronger the accumulation force of gathering spirit force will be. When it reaches the boundary point, this force will burst out instantly.
This sudden release of psychic powers is even more violent than when you don’t suppress spiritual flowers, which will hurt your meridian abdomen. "
Ling Youdao took one look at them and saw them listen carefully, so he went on to say, "Divide the spirit flower to divide the spiritual force step by step, so as to alleviate the violent spiritual force."
Although limited, it has alleviated to some extent the violent psychic force released by Lilium brownii is much better than that of restraining Linghua and should be able to carry it through. "
Everyone is an alchemist, and they all know about the medicinal properties of inhibiting the spirit flower, but they didn’t want to go there at the moment.
After Ling Youdao said this, think again carefully. Whether it is the best choice to divide the spirit flower or not, at least it is better than choosing to suppress the spirit flower.
Before this, Ling Dingyuan touted some kind of Ling Youdao’s alchemist. It was his intention to exaggerate Cang Li Ling’s new generation of alchemists. After all, it is not the first time for various forces to play like this.
What has not been exposed is some cooperation, but it is due to the strong strength of Cang Li Ling.
However, after this incident, many alchemists realized that Ling Youdao really had real talent and learning, regardless of alchemy, such as at least mastering the knowledge of elixir, they surpassed the alchemist.
They looked at Ling Youdao’s eyes and became more and more important from perfunctory.