These ….. are all done by orcs!
Jaina saw an orc corpse full of wounds. There were seven inverted militiamen around the corpse. It seems that this is the only record of the village militia.
The lack of food forced the orcs to attack the human settlements in the forest, hiding in the deep forest of Rifa.
She can no longer control herself.
"Oh … oh" early in the morning to eat bread, snacks, and fragrant milk were Jaina spit it out.
For the first time in my life, Jaina was so sad.
The feeling of tumbling in her stomach made her feel like throwing up all last night’s dinner.
It took a long time to vomit, and it was not until she felt the cold silence again that Jaina realized that if she didn’t do something, she would probably become a cold corpse like them.
"I must do something!" Jaina told herself so.
Holding back the nausea and discomfort, Jaina stood up strongly, and forced herself to enter the repair yard to find everything that could help her live.
The orcs took almost everything they could eat. They rudely broke into every room and smashed every room.
Because of their huge size, they burst every door and turned every house into a ruin full of holes.
Fortunately, Jaina found two thick blankets in a closet on the stairs, and then two large pieces under a bed. She never looked at a loaf of brown bread before.
She doesn’t know how to strike a flint. Fortunately, she is a qualified geomancer. She came to a messy room, piled up pieces of wood together, made a fire with a fireball, and then wrapped herself in a blanket at the bottom.
It’s finally warmer this way
I don’t know how long it took, but she couldn’t help being hungry. Finally, a tin can burned the snow water, and the wooden residue was soaked in the soaking water like black bread and forced to swallow it.
She may never forget this bad taste for a lifetime.
She fell asleep in a daze.
She was awakened by the noise.
"Is anyone there? Is there anyone alive? " The standard Lordaeron accent is not an orc. It can imitate Jaina’s limit. I was surprised to rush out of the cellar and see a group of Lordaeron cavalry.
"Praise the light!" The leader is obviously a paladin. He has given up hope for this ruined town. I didn’t expect to find a lucky person. It seems that he is still the first noble daughter.
"oh! Thanks to Soradine’s ancestor, Jaina is also more excited.
She has long forgotten about being born for 24 hours.
"How did you …" Jaina suddenly heard a strange, small sound before greeting.
"Whew!" Less than half a meter before Jaina, a cavalry man was shot in the neck by a wooden spear thrown from nowhere.
The impact of the spear was so great that Jaina was stunned to see that the hair of the spear went in from the left and broke out from the right, almost breaking the entire neck of the cavalry.
Look at that crooked head and feel the warm blood sprayed on her face from the cavalry neck wound. Jaina finally couldn’t help but let out a scream "Ah"
The paladin raised his shield to block another spear throwing and shouted out "orc"
This is the first Valentine’s Day in Jaina’s life and a bloody Valentine’s Day to be continued.
Chapter 673 Heroine?
Countless orcs suddenly jumped out of the snow outside the town. They shouted that humans could not understand orc language and roared and rushed to this Lordaeron cavalry with 60 people.
In addition to orcs, you can also see many more slender white-skinned frost trolls.
If we hadn’t just attacked this cavalry with spears, it would be a pity that 70% of the horses were stabbed with spears and screamed painfully in a pool of blood.
The residual cavalry had to form a circular array under the cover of war horses to fight back.
If it is a battlefield battle between an orc and a troll and 60 high-powered cavalry, the outcome is still unknown. When the cavalry is forced to become an infantry and has to form a circle with a smaller Zheng shield, then the outcome is conclusive.
Jaina was sprayed with blood, and she was blinded.
Some people will scream hysterically in the face of danger, and they can’t do anything, and they will interfere with their peers and make a mess of things.
Some people will show extreme survival at this moment, and they can catch a chance around them like drowning people.
Others will become calm and decisive after extreme panic.
There is also a last kind of person who can guide his companions out of the dilemma of death
The last kind of person is extremely rare, and the world often calls it the last kind of person.
It is obvious that Jaina Proudmoore is such a natural talent.
It was only a second before Jaina woke up and shouted, "Go to church! The church is made of stone! "
The paladin who was the captain also quickly became interested in Jaina.
Jaina’s judgment is correct. If there is no proper defense, more than 60 of them will be handed over here by an orc charge base.
Hiding in the cellar is never as big as it is, and secondly, the orc’s ability to demolish is beyond most human imagination.
Ordinary brick-and-wood houses, where orcs don’t even hit a hammer with one arm, will almost fall down. The so-called "guarding against danger" doesn’t work for orcs.
That church is different. For some reason, the church in this town is made of bluestone and quite strong.
"go! Listen to this lady! "
Rushing to the town outside the town according to the orc’s footsteps will take at most half a minute to send a message. Jaina’s shout is definitely a lifesaver.
A group of Lordaeron cavalry helped their teammates and almost rushed into the town church before the orc camp.
"ouch!" Jaina wants to throw up again.
The church is a sacred place for the Lordaeron people. When people are in danger, they will naturally come to the church to seek salvation. Unfortunately, the former orcs turned this place into a cruel slaughterhouse.
Although the body is frozen, it has just been splashed with blood, which stimulates Jaina’s sense of smell.