It’s the first time they’ve lived for so many years that they’ve seen such a fast gathering speed.
And it’s even more terrifying to hijack the cloud to intimidate.
Several people in Beijing have also noticed the dark clouds gathered in the prime minister’s office, and they will know at a glance that they are robbery clouds.
"This is? There is a robbery in the Prime Minister’s Office. This is the Prime Minister’s Office. Someone wants Du Jie! "
"Who will it be? Is it Changsheng’s breakthrough or Guo Feng’s breakthrough? "
"It should be Guo Feng. Chang Sheng, the fool, has just entered the fate and should not break through again in such a short time."
A few people who noticed that the prime minister’s office robbed the cloud just spoke a few words. Suddenly, it was heavier than the thunder, and the general noise sounded. In a short time, it was thick enough to cover up the sunshine. The cloud suddenly shocked and a golden light suddenly fell from the sky to the ground like Rapier.
"This … this is not a breakthrough in the realm of Du Jie. This is a treasure that goes against the sky to the extreme or a Dan medicine will be born soon!"
"Golden Rapier general Armageddon and prime minister’s office Chang Sheng he has refined into what severe Dan medicine? Changsheng, isn’t he an alchemist? "
The capital number noticed that the masters of the Prime Minister’s Mansion robbed the cloud and were frightened again.
Ying Wuhou’s mansion has just resurrected his righteous sister and gained something from robbing the clouds. Ying Wuhou suddenly stood up.
What kind of pill can it be that can trigger the golden Rapier disaster?
Ying Wuhou doesn’t consider taking a look at the Armageddon Prime Minister’s Office, and you will know that it must be Changsheng who has refined some anti-fate pills.
Gold, Rapier and Armageddon are all treasures that go against the sky to the extreme. Even these treasures in their own hands did not cause such Armageddon as gold and Rapier when they were born. But the eye is always full of refining Dan medicine, which actually caused such Armageddon!
This stupid alchemy has reached such a level!
Ying Wuhou’s face is uncertain.
Prime minister’s office
Lin Lao’s report and Fang Yude looked up at the golden yellow Rapier falling in the sky. Two people suddenly had a shock and Chang Sheng. What Dan medicine did he refine? How did it just land as an alchemist and it was still such an apocalypse!
Come but think more about Lin Lao’s report and Fang Yude looking at the sky and taking out their magic weapon at the same time.
Lin Lao’s report drew the ruling whip given by the first emperor from behind and fell to the golden light in the sky. Some people suddenly stooped, and a pure mana fled from his body and instantly converged to the ruling whip. The dazzling mana light shot a dazzling milli-ray and went straight to the golden light falling in the sky.
When Ying Wuhou came to sneak attack behind him, Lin Lao’s report relied on this move to abruptly block a killing move by Ying Wuhou.
However, this time, this light was actually cut off from the golden apocalypse light, and a small piece of golden light fell after a slight meal and then continued to land, which seemed almost unaffected.
"Hum, let’s do it together!"
On one side, Fang Yude saw the power of golden light. After a heavy drink, he raised a crutch carved with lifelike golden dragon and waved it at the golden light in the sky. On the other side, the zombie king controlled thousands of grievances and destroyed the soul. The old devil also took out his magic weapon. After an attack, Lin Lao Wang also raised the ruling again. Zhang Si attacked the golden light falling from four different directions at the same time.
Almost all the four roads in the Prime Minister’s Mansion, which are of different colors but extremely powerful, tore up the light and smashed it into the sky and fell into the golden light.
Half this golden Rapier collided with four milli-rays, and suddenly a bright light shone straight, and many awake experts around the prime minister’s office took pains in their eyes. At that time, there was a brief loss of the sky, and the dazzling Central Plains was even dimmer than the sun at this moment, and there was no light at all.
Great Guanghua flashed golden Rapier, which was attacked by four people and immediately hashed from it, but the aftermath still blew away towards four.
"Rumble …"
Some people around the Prime Minister’s Mansion are closer to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. This is the nearest place from the outer city to the city. Only a wealthy family can qualify to live here, and the houses here are even more solid.
However, it was noticed by the golden Rapier afterwave that these solid and abnormal houses collapsed instantly, and pieces of solid bluestone were crushed by the turbulent airflow.
The wall around the prime minister’s office, Changsheng Courtyard, collapsed instantly, and Lin Lao’s report was shocked at the same time, and four people fell to four directions at the same time.
Chang sheng suddenly felt a shock to his feet with medicinal materials, but he could no longer maintain stability and fell to the ground
This day’s robbery is too severe. Fortunately, I found four people from Master Lin to help myself, Du Jie. Otherwise, I absolutely resisted this day’s robbery by myself.
Chang Sheng looked at the eyes and fell to the ground. Lin Lao Wang’s four people saw that their appearance was not just so simple as being shocked. Among the four people, it may be the weakest old devil. There is a trace of blood in his mouth.
Outside the prime minister’s house
The whole capital originally noticed that the situation of the Prime Minister’s Office was that some people immediately heard a huge noise like Hong Zhong Lu’s ear ringing.
"Meowed …"
After the golden Rapier dissipated, the clouds in the sky were dignified again. At the same time, a huge gale swept from the sky and blew straight to the courtyard of the Prime Minister’s Office Changsheng.