Xiao Hanling sink a way
Then release a circle of thunder to kill the black people coming in
Then fly to the direction of the fortress and never look back.
When Xiao Hanling saw the defense zone, his hair suddenly stood on end, and then he saw the light from the muzzle of the steeple in the fortress constantly converging, and finally formed a thick silver rainbow extending towards the battlefield outside the city.
The speed was slow at first, but it reached its peak in the blink of an eye.
On the black people or human beings, they stopped fighting at this moment.
Raise your heads.
Watching a silver rainbow cross the battlefield and fall to the densest area of the black people.
Then a white light rose.
Without warning.
Black people there include those soldiers who are fighting.
All blink and freeze.
Then the white light of the body fell apart like a sand castle blown down by the wind.
Reading the battle report in the main room, Tianyang’s heart suddenly moved, and he flashed out of the room and went straight to the terrace.
On the terrace, he saw a dazzling white light rising in the direction of Ares Castle.
Then there was a hot wind howling from that direction.
In a flash, sand and stones fly in the fierce sun castle, and the wind is strong.
It lasted for nearly a minute before the wind gradually weakened.
When you look at it again, there is a ferocious black cloud in the direction of the Ares Castle, which rises slowly and finally becomes a mushroom-like shape.
The footsteps and the wind sounded at the same time.
One by one’ Firefighters’ suddenly came to Tianyang’s side.
"That’s the strategic weapon of the Ares Castle to the city level …" Murray said with a heavy voice.
Charlotte, a knight with long grey wavy hair, also whispered, "It’s called Raytheon Spear, and it consumes a lot of materials every time it is started."
"Raytheon spear …" Tianyang repeated Charlotte’s words and said with emotion, "Now those large fortresses that can resist the black people are super fortresses, and the foothold is the strategic weapon for the city."
"A single blow to destroy a city weapon …"
And this is exactly what Lieyang Castle does not have.
Chapter 169 War wounds
A magnetic energy vehicle is driving on the West Continental Highway.
This is an important fortress connecting the west land. There is always a lot of traffic in front of the continental highway.
However, after the outbreak of Kuroshio, it has obviously fallen silent.
You can’t see any cars on the highway, but occasionally you will find black people alone in twos and threes or a small group of people passing by quickly.
Neither evil nor black people intended to attack the vehicle.
These things, the magnetic energy car feels an undisguised grand but not strong, but it looks profound.
Tianyang deliberately released his aura.
After making the "ultimate gesture" and slaying Gnaros, he found that his aura changed accordingly.
This change tends to be more and more spiritual, but Tianyang can’t tell whether it is closer to the Avengers or more Yin Candle.
Maybe both.
Qing Ming, a magnetic energy vehicle, lay by the window enjoying the wind blowing on her face.
At the moment, there is no black fog over their heads, and the sun is blowing violently, and the wind is hot, so they are carrying a lot of sand.
Ordinary people can’t stand this kind of blowing.
But for Qing Ming, the hot air is like the spring breeze in the wind, and the sand slaps her face just like the spring rain slaps her face.
A few days ago.
The Ares Castle finally made the city-level weapons and then added the blue river. Those’ black believers’ were active. Near the Ares Castle, almost all the black people in the desert were cleaned up.
Tianyang saw that there would be no threat for the time being and took Qing Ming out.
These days, they drive to many places, and everywhere they go, Qingming cleans up the black fog in that area.
Unlike the’ gas explosion bomb’ in the Castle of Heaven, the clearing of the green ghost is permanent and actually clears the black fog in an area.
She has worked hard to reduce the black fog in the western continent, and many places have recovered to the original state.
After losing the shelter of the black fog, a large number of black people died every day, which made some settlements populated again.
Just like now
It’s almost evening. At this moment, the sun is far away and I see some kitchen smoke.
He turned the steering wheel to let the magnetic energy car leave the road and drive into a deserted plain to a settlement.
When approaching the settlement, Tianyang saw that it had been baptized by gunfire.
Traces of fighting are everywhere.
I don’t know which fortress the army fought here, but you can see deformed or damaged chariots everywhere, and see the trauma caused by the war here.
Soon he came near the settlement.
Most of the shacks in the settlement are in a state of collapse. Looking out of the window, Tianyang saw crowds of men cleaning up the ruins inside.
They have cleared a field.
There are many tents in that land, tents of various colors.
There are women and even children making a fire and cooking outside the tent.
When the sun came to the settlement, people were alert, and a team of seven people immediately walked out of the settlement.