"Master also can’t help it." Yan Shifan smiled. "I’m so poor in fighting capacity that I rushed out to die. Besides, don’t you think we should be crazy? The Songshan Sect bullied us at home. If the Hengshan Sect doesn’t show anything, everyone will recognize us as weak. "
"Isn’t it enough to learn from the Songshan School?" Lin Ping didn’t understand, "The decline of Song Shan Sect of Xuan I was enough to alert the whole Jianghu. It’s really unnecessary for us to do this again."
"This is the purpose that the master sent us out to sweep the land."
Yan Shifan gently snorted. "Master, I mean I’m a little white. I want to make the whole Hunan and Hubei feel the anger of Hengshan Sect, and let wu-tang clan know that although the Hengshan Sect is not as powerful as you, I’m not easy to provoke. If you dare to start work, I’ll let you get more than one bargained for!"
"That’s true," Lin Ping frowned. "wu-tang clan is really up to no good. It’s so mean to collude with Shaolin and want to split our five-mountain alliance from part! Chongxu road is smart enough to sweep Wudang brother out of his pocket and sweep the surrounding bandits. He doesn’t want us to intervene. "
"That’s Wudang territory, even if they don’t start work, we won’t go there."
Yan Shifan Xi Xi smiled. "Our Hengshan Sect is a teacher of the famous Songshan Sect. It is enough to prove that these underworld gangs Zuo Lengchan have friendship. This is an act of revenge. Although the Wulin factions are not satisfied, it will not cause too much shock. wu-tang clan is different. wu-tang clan has always been known for its purity. I don’t know what Houjiang Lake will think of the rise of Wudang with a generous hand?"
"Master is too capable of tossing people around." Lin Ping wry smile "The Top Ten Selection of Hengshan Mountain has made a lot of noise. At the end of the day, it’s so late, and I don’t know what the Jianghu will say about our Hengshan School."
"Brother, what are you doing for leisure?"
Yan Shifan otherwise, "didn’t the master say that we have already passed the martial arts test, so we will pay attention to our younger brother’s brave challenge. If you have the ability, you can go out and compete with the Jianghu in a bloody fire. How can you react? Master sweeps Hunan and Hubei pendulum, that is, he raises a bloody butcher knife and always does whatever he wants! Not angry? I’m not mad at you for coming over and fighting? The old gang singled you out! "
Yan Shifan danced like Zhao Yangfeng.
"Ha ha"
Yan Shifan’s funny expression and exaggerated tone made Lin Ping laugh for a long time before he recovered his breath. "Yes, little teacher younger brother, you are good at Pepe."
"Up to now, the training activities have lasted for 25 days, and we have destroyed 15 shanzhai and killed 5,200 bandits." Yan Shifan looked at the statistics book and gently spit out a few figures. "There are no prisoners, and their casualties are still under control, but there are more injured brothers. We should sum up our experience and harvest. We have seized a total of 102,000 pieces of silver, 30,000 pieces of gold and more than 10,000 pieces of various antiques. Should we go back now?"
Lin Ping was noncommittal.
Yan Shifan paused and went on. "Now we are less and less hard-working. Most of us have to stay behind and take care of our property to prevent being hacked. Personally, I think we should go back."
"All right," Lin Pingding decided, "It’s time to go back. I heard that the master is discussing the reorganization of the Wuyue Alliance. Although we can expand our influence outside and put pressure on other factions, it’s better to face them directly and bring great deterrence.
"The leader of the alliance should be our Hengshan Sect." Yan Shifan touched his nose and hesitated. "But how to reform the alliance is estimated to be difficult to achieve results. Before it was the Songshan Sect, other factions felt threatened. Now it is our Hengshan Sect. I am worried that the remaining factions will form an alliance to limit our Hengshan Sect."
"We need to worry about having a master here."
Lin Ping is not as scheming as Yan Shifan. "I am worried that we can get back safely all the way? Now we’ve become a beacon. Although most of the underworld has been beaten and crawled by us, there are always fish escaping from the net, right? If something goes wrong on the way back to the city, it will make the rivers and lakes laugh off their fangs. "
It’s really hard to reform the alliance. No one is right or wrong.
Alliance reform is not difficult either. Zhao Yang’s position is the key.
Zhao Yang once reorganized the alliance by weakening the position of the leader. This proposal was approved by Huashan School and Hengshan School. However, with the transformation of the pattern of Wuyue Alliance, Zhao Yang’s position has wavered
Zhao Yang hopes to control the power of the Wuyue Alliance to achieve a more ambitious goal, which naturally conflicts with other factions.
It can be said that the Wuyue Alliance really wants to be one, and its overall strength will not be much weaker than Shaolin and Wudang!
In order to avoid causing aggressive and oppressive feelings to the other four factions, Zhao Yang specially sent his brother from Hengshan to mop up the evil forces in the underworld. Unexpectedly, no one is mentally retarded.
There is no objection that the leader of the alliance should be Hengshan School and Zhao Yang.
Huashan faction is impossible, Hengshan faction is not suitable, Taishan faction has no hope, and Songshan faction is automatically excluded. The Wuyue Alliance reorganization meeting did not invite Songshan faction to attend at all.
The alliance was established. Each faction selected two elders to be stationed in Hengshan to be responsible for other factions’ consultation on the size of the alliance. The Alliance established the Alliance Martial Arts School, and the elite brothers from all factions were selected by the Alliance to participate in unified training to handle the emergencies of the Alliance …
These are all easy to discuss, but not easy to discuss, that is, the limit of the alliance leader
It’s best not to let the five parties vote on all matters of the alliance, and it will be effective if one party opposes or abandons the resolution.
This is Huashan School, Hengshan School and Taishan School.
Restrict the assembly power and give the leader a certain position to better play the alliance advantage.
This is the opinion of Hengshan School Zhao Yang.
Snakeheads can’t
Zhao Yang’s words are sincere. What brought us together? What is the difference between Shaolin and Wudang in terms of the number of brothers or the number of masters? But what are we far better than many forests and Wudang?
Let’s think about it. What’s the point of an alliance if there is no leader or there is no limit to the leader? When something happens, everyone sweeps the snow in front of the door or everyone rushes to help, so there is no coordination, okay? If there is no leader, how can we solve the problem in the alliance department? Or do you want Songshan Sect to fight to the death like I do Hengshan Sect?
If you are here, there may be brothers and sisters of Huashan Jianzong of Hengshan Sect who don’t know Zhao and don’t boast that everyone speaks with conscience. Is Zhao a selfish and ambitious person like Zuo Lengchan?
Many parents have money, everyone. This is Zhao’s family.
If you don’t believe me, go to Hengshan City and ask how many people have lost money doing business with Zhao over the years. Who has Zhao been pitted again?