Suddenly, Lin Yue found out that Xiao Liu had a brilliant white light and the familiar sound suddenly sounded in a second!
[Congratulations, you and your pet have developed a strong emotional tie. Your pet has developed a second stage of tie evolution! 】
[Please confirm the pet information]
"Pet Race Hunting Dragon"
"Petname Xiaoliu"
[state adult]
[Describe the huge wings, such as the double sickle blade of terror. It can fly a very long distance by virtue of its sharpness, and it can easily cut off the enemy’s body with its wings. The extremely fast speed can also make it disadvantageous in battle! 】
[The ability of the storm to chop the wings at a very high speed causes the gas to be true, thus ejecting a rather sharp wind blade. The closer the distance is, the greater the power is, and it is terrible to kill the enemy on the ground.
The deadly tail gun is sharp and sharp, and the great power of the tail blade will also turn to the disadvantage when it is whipped out. The most powerful pike in the world can penetrate the enemy’s body with high defense.
[Life talent is brave and violent. The stronger the opponent is, the stronger the fighting capacity is and the greater the attack power is]
Lin Yue looked surprised at Xiao Bai and Xiao Meng, the third little guy who had a second evolution.
What is the situation that this evolved after being worshipped?
Or do I watch you get worshipped, and then you get satisfied, and then you get high and fly, and then you evolve?
Xiaoliu has now grown into a flying dragon nearly three meters high, with a very long tail and shining silver-gray light.
Different from Xiaobai, its wings are tightly connected to the back of the front arm, and the rear leg end is a bit like a giant bat wing, but it can be seen from the sharp edge that this cargo wing has great lethality.
The muscles of the extremely long tail are also stronger than those of the small white. According to the broadcast, I’m afraid the goods can’t hold up if they want to win a comeback.
"Ga!" Xiaoliu is full of surprises about her change. She looks at her master with a lot of expectations in her eyes.
"That’s nice, little guy." Lin Yue touched the broad back of this product and really didn’t expect it to be the first evolution among the four Xiaoqiang.
After seeing the huge ratio of "saint" to "saint" in their hearts, all the wolf-headed people felt that they had seen a miracle and quickly shouted "God" and "saint" again.
Lin Yue is already a little infected with this, not as intoxicated as waving to Xiao Liu from the crowd.
"All right, you take me to Xiaobai first and then talk about it."
"Ga!" Xiao Liu waved his big paw to show that he would wait a little longer.
It enjoyed the wolf-head worship for nearly ten minutes before it leaned down and motioned for Lin Yue to come.
"Come on … then you wait."
It is true that Lin Yue does not want to continue to make flying armor fuel, but fever is still a problem.
I’m afraid something will go wrong if I fly for three or four hours.
But Xiao Liu …
The flight speed of this cargo is estimated to be very fast. I wonder if it can automatically adjust its speed to adapt it like Xiaobai.
Lin Yue took out a set of riding gear from the object.
This thing was found in his designated secret place before, and I was thinking about whether to let Xiaobai wear it when the aircraft was too hot.
Then even if he flies high with Xiaobai, he won’t fall off because of physical exhaustion or the wind pressure.
After the reins were fixed near the small six-heart and limbs, Lin Yue put the fixed leg straps again.
After sitting on the back of Xiaoliu, Lin Yue tied the strap to his leg and then signaled Xiaoliu to take off.
Xiaoliu flapped his huge wings and instantly came to Gao, rushing in one direction quickly and extremely quickly!
Lin Yue felt that the fierce wind pressure kept him down and kept a good balance.
Xiaoliu is really not as smart as Xiaobai.
Although it has evolved, it is still a little bit worse.
However, the absolute advantage of speed makes it easy for Xiao Liu to fly in the direction he wants to go.