Then Zhang Yang explored the gods and found that a group of silver-winged magic ants were feasting on their roots. Zhang Yang knew that the consumption of gods had not recovered yet, and it would be futile to restrain them.
When you stop hesitating about a big incision, "Hora!" A crack hit
Zhang Yang grabbed the fairy Lord and stepped out.
As soon as the scenery changes, the green mountains and green waters in the small world disappear and are replaced by violent energy flow. Two people have entered the turbulent flow.
Zhang Yang just breathed a sigh of relief. No matter how powerful Lord Xian Yuan is, it is impossible for him to come up with anything in turbulence. Turbulence does not belong to people here. If you want to fight, you can rely on personal strength.
And Zhang Yang’s body is strong and turbulent, and the roots don’t need to consume mana to support it. Simply relying on the body has been able to resist the energy flow cutting. In contrast, the Lord of Fairy Edge has been overwhelmed by the attack just now, and the turbulent cutting needs to consume mana every moment to maintain it.
So Zhang Yang has been in an invincible position, which only nourishes and restores God’s knowledge while communicating with the Lord of Fairy Fate.
"Fairy Temple, if I am not mistaken, this is just a busy place for you. It’s a busy place for you to swear to honor my Lord. Isn’t it a waste of time? If you don’t answer this question clearly, I will feel uneasy and I will annihilate you! "
Zhang Yang, this is not an expression. You know, a great man like him can tell thousands of places at once if he wants to.
Even if it is powerful, it is almost a title, and the strong is divided into several places.
Zhang Yang doesn’t know the specific strength of Xianyuan Lord, knowing that it should be higher than himself, even if it is difficult to separate several.
And once the oath of Heaven is made, even if it is made in two places, it will be borne by the body alone.
This also means that if the statue of Lord Xianyuan serves her own Lord, her body will also become her own slave … Can Zhang Yangru believe this?
"I know this is a bit shocking, but if you want me to say one thing, I can understand it if I believe in the barbarian king Temple." Fairy Lord said here, there was a weak smile on his face. "Actually, when you destroyed my busy place in ancient times, my body was exploring in a dangerous place in the universe. I was going to settle accounts with you when I came back. I didn’t think about it, but after only ten thousand years, my body lost contact … and losing contact is the most dangerous place in that dangerous place. So far, I have to make the worst guess. I’m afraid my body has fallen"
"Hum! Is Xianyuan Temple a joke? Can you still live if your body falls? " Zhang Yang a cold hum.
"This is the secret of God. The realm of barbarian king Temple is very close to God. It is very important that God can rarely fall completely. One reason is that God’s soul is strong and he casually separates a member from them, which is a part of their body when they are independent, but a body supplement, just like people’s hands and feet are on the body; And when the body falls, they will become independent individuals and gradually evolve into a single life. "
Fairy Lord seems to be very sincere and replied without hesitation.
Zhang Yang didn’t speak, but his heart was already convinced.
The highest state of the fix-true person in the world of fix-true world and celestial world is the title strong person, but Zhang Yang has long known that the title strong person is the strongest person in the celestial world after restoring barbarian king’s memory-the so-called title strong person is the most ordinary warrior in the whole universe and sea range, and many noble ethnic groups can have the title strong strength even if they don’t practice and need to grow naturally to maturity.
As far as the scope of the universe and the sea is concerned, the real qualification for foothold is that God is the strong realm of titles.
Before the fall of Wu Manzu, he had cultivated to the realm of dzogchen, the title ancestor, and he was bent on exploring the road to the next level, and he had already touched the way to promotion
It was at this critical moment that the shemale and the shemale revealed the heavens and the earth, and the humiliating siege of barbarian king caused his fall.
However, because he has entered the cosmic sea and touched the mysterious realm, Zhang Yang can tell whether what the fairy Lord said is true or not.
See Zhang Yang look fairy Lord knew each other believe his words and then went on to say.
"After the fall of the body, the two places at once evolved into a single life, which is nothing! It is said that some truly almighty people can casually change a large number of powerful independent life forms at this point. There is an old saying that it is said that along with the cosmic sea, there is a stone monkey who can cure the vertical and horizontal disasters. The stone monkey has a talent that the magical power can be transformed into several avatars by pulling out a hair, and each of these avatars is an independent life form and has quite strong fighting capacity. This has caused many worlds, even in the Hanazono Sakura world, almost all of them have that magical stone monkey avatar. "
Stone monkeys are bred in the universe?
Pull a finger on it and you can conjure up a number of avatars with independent life bodies.
This reminds Zhang Yang of the magical monkey in the myth of the earth, which is praised as a miraculous monkey, but it is also the earth
So it can’t be that the stone monkey was born in the sea of the universe, and nine times out of ten, it was the stone monkey that conjured up the avatar.
"That stone monkey turned into an independent living body. That’s a natural avatar. It is said that Ji doesn’t consume any mana."
Don’t consume any mana?
This ocean is not calm at all. Doesn’t this mean that the stone monkey is more terrible than the Zerg?
It soon occurred to me that perhaps the Zerg was more terrible than him! Because the zerg can breed several females, the original stone monkey seems to have one
Terrible stone monkeys, terrible zerg … terrible cosmic sea!
Zhang Yang couldn’t help feeling that his strength in the sea of the universe was too weak! Don’t talk about practicing before these great magical powers. I can’t even think about it.
"Said little sister root, there is no cheat barbarian king Temple. If little sister falls, now little sister is an independent life. Of course, if you talk about it, you have to save your own life." Fairy Lord then talked with Kan Kan.
"If that’s the case, I can trust you, but is this heaven oath effective?" Zhang Yang asked.
"Nature is an effective oath of heaven, which is to establish similar worlds like the celestial world, also called universes. These universes are all built by God like me. For example, the celestial world is built by my body and the devil, because all the laws of the celestial world are under my command. Once an enemy breaks into the celestial world, even if it is stronger than me, I can suppress him by virtue of the laws of the celestial world and then defeat him by virtue of the realm of harmony between man and nature. The universe is also a magic weapon for God to save lives and destroy the enemy by leaps and bounds. Of course, this is why.
Fairy Lord seems to have sincerely taken refuge in Zhang Yang and kept his mouth open for all kinds of common sense, which is another big secret.
While Zhang yangze is listening to find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.
Although he has entered the cosmic sea before, he knows nothing about this common sense.