Two carved stone windows let in a few rays of sunshine, and Lingxiao’s pale face added a little vitality.
Baiyunlou Tianyantong’s exploration shows that Lingxiao Xiu has definitely broken into Yuanying’s territory. However, due to the severe injuries of dharma body and soul, Yuanying has not yet been condensed. It can be regarded as one foot stepping into the fairy and the other foot returning to fairyland.
Just a thought Baiyun Lou andao at this time is not to explore the reason or to help Lingxiao predecessors recover their injuries and condense Yuan Ying to talk about it.
Just now, I have found out that the injury of Lingxiao is a broken meridian and it is difficult to recover from it.
If another person comes to help these injuries, it is estimated that they are all helpless, but there are ways to deal with them for Baiyun Tower.
At this time, when it is not other people’s fault, Baiyun Tower will be injured briefly, and Lingxiao immediately knows that the eldest brother in the front yard is really shocked by the healing method, and he nodded and should come.
It’s quite a spirit to let a college student who has never seen both sides help him heal.
"Do you remember the three-year-old boy in the backyard of Baijia on the Liuhua River more than ten years ago?" Baiyun Tower looked seriously injured and asked indifferently.
"Oh, it turns out that the White House child on the Liuhua River is the cloud floor. The chance is really wonderful. The Star Gate is really extraordinary. It’s just that you have to go to the Star Gate to thank you." I can’t help but sigh when I hear that there is this layer of edge method.
"Star Gate ….." Baiyun Tower will go to find out the idea after just a thought, and temporarily press it to heal Lingxiao.
Mind-moving, massive amount of weather, pouring into the meridians and orifices of Lingxiao, and restoring them crazily.
Nowadays, the exertion of Yang divine power in Baiyun Tower is very satisfactory, and the method of dredging meridians in the whole body has also been perfected.
This thunder robbery is very powerful, but the celestial body first became small, but it was also damaged by splitting meridians. Even with almost all the weather, it took two hours to completely repair it.
It’s simple to repair the spirit. The Baiyun Tower directly knows the sea and condenses a mass of pure yang, then erases its own breath and directly pours it into the sea.
The spirit of the Lord nourishes the soul, and the damaged spirit gradually recovers.
Seeing that Lingxiao’s spirit is gradually recovering, then the abdomen is also fluctuating and running again, and Baiyun Tower can rest assured to recover its thoughts and breathe again.
Just helping Lingxiao to repair the acupoints of meridians is also very tiring, and sending out nearly half of the pure yang to know the sea has some influence, so it’s a little bit yang divine power to reconcile.
After a wick of incense, the gods of Baiyun Tower turned around and looked at it. Seeing that the spirit was lost, they were running again. Then Jin Tianli wandered around the meridians and orifices of all the bodies. The more refined the elixir was, the more it seemed that it would not take long to break the elixir into a baby.
The Armageddon has been broken, Dan Chengying will block Baiyun Tower again, and after a moment’s thought, he pushed the door and pushed it out from the stone couch.
See Tian Yi teacher younger brother still keep outside the shek mun secretly nodded and said softly, "Teacher younger brother doesn’t need to worry about making the master already hinder you from breaking through the boundary."
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Broken Dan into a baby
Tian Yi listened to Zheng and didn’t expect the master’s injury, which hindered the early master and said that it might take several years to recover.
Don’t say it’s brother Bai who helped me to read this Tian Yi and fell to my knees directly.
Baiyunlou will help him up with a smile and say, "Teacher younger brother, don’t be so polite. The Purple Clouds Sect and the Academy should help each other with the same spirit. Should the teacher younger brother stay outside the door? Brother will go to the bluestone retreat there for a while."
Tian Yi didn’t dare to interfere when he heard this. He stood outside the stone gate waiting for the master to come out.
Baiyun Tower is not really in need of retreat, but it’s strange that there is no chance to fall.
Everything happens for a reason, so Baiyun Tower wants to explore the truth, and then sits in a place not far from Shimen, Qingshitai Yangshen, and displays it in dozens of feet in vitro.
Looking at this dangerous peak, it is not only dangerous and beautiful, but also has extraordinary aura. All kinds of aura in the mountain transpiration, and the aura of Fiona Fang for more than ten miles finally meets in one peak.
It must be that the ancient large array is so powerful that it is no wonder that the Zixiao Sect can continue for thousands of years after the catastrophe.
After briefly observing a large array of Baiyun Tower left over from this ancient time, I turned to observe the fate of Zixiao Sect.
This survey of Baiyun Tower roughly solved the problem.
Although the fate of the Zixiao Sect is not bad for every monk, the fate of the Zixiao Sect is much thinner because the monks are too few.
This Zixiao Sect is a combination of heaven and man, which requires a lot of monks’ minds and qualifications, resulting in a small number of disciples.
If you don’t have many brothers, your luck will not be prosperous.
If the ancient fix true boundary is not a problem, then the heaven is perfect and the terran is prosperous. If you want to survive the apocalypse, you will have a chance to fall.
Nowadays, this small-world heaven will make up for the urgent need. The Terran Fate Support Institute has been committed to cultivating talents for the Great Summer and has made great contributions to the Terran. It has condensed the pillars of Heaven’s Fate and supported a corner of Heaven.
And the fate of the Zixiao Sect is so thin that it is no wonder that even if we survive the apocalypse, there is no chance of falling.
It’s not a good word for Sister Xiao to look at. It’s obvious that I can’t bear to let myself touch the fruit of Yunxiao Manor case.
So it seems that if you want to get a chance from heaven, you still have to start with Terran Fate.
Doubt in my mind has a direction, so I want to recover my thoughts. Suddenly, I moved my mind and felt a faint but familiar breath fluctuation on the cliff of an inconspicuous hill opposite Zixiao Peak.
Oh? Purple clouds are a paradise?
It should be that thousands of years ago, a catastrophe was sealed by the high-ranking monks of Zixiao Sect, which was hidden today.
Whether it was the Purple Clouds Sect that hid the Baiyun Tower in the cave would not break the seal without authorization, and then the Yang Shen body was collected, starting from the long body of Qingshi.
Turned to look at the stone house, the breath fluctuated like a tide, and suddenly a kind of broken and then standing charm scattered out.
Broken like a bud, there is a strong breath in the elixir, which slowly condenses and gradually takes shape, but it is completely different from the deification
God’s knowledge and transfiguration is simply knowing the sea and having a body, and this gradually condenses into a body, which is Yuan Ying, the friar of Yuan Ying’s realm.
Yuanying is a kind of more powerful energy embodiment, which is condensed from the powerful repair in the abdomen.
Generally, after the monk condensed Yuan Ying, he learned that the sea general was condensed and refined by Yuan Ying’s powerful mana. This is the orthodox way that the fix-true world inherited.
It is also a chance that the three people in the small courtyard were able to know the shape before, and the Baiyun Tower swallowed several pieces of it without saying that it was lost, thus taxiing.
The two school sisters got such an opportunity because of the fairy fairy tales.
I watched Du Jie, the chief of the mountain, and then robbed Leishan, and when he broke Dan into a baby, Zhou Zilei’s roots didn’t observe the evolution of the baby
This time, Lingxiao Chengying was clearly seen by Baiyun Tower, and it was really worthy of being a Taoist natural Zixiao Yuanying naturally condensed.
A moment later, Lingxiao pushed the door and was born in Zhou. The strong breath was slightly convergent. Obviously, he didn’t want to let Baiyun Tower wait too long.
"Today, thanks to the little friends in Yunlou, it is difficult to recover even if you spend several years." Lingxiao has always been indifferent and has a somewhat excited look.
"Lingxiao predecessors are joking, and it should not be long before they repair these injuries with their predecessors’ realm."
Seeing this, Baiyun Tower will have the intention to go to Qingyun Gate. I don’t know what will happen there. Fortunately, his brother Nangong Xiaojing and Cai Wei always like to get together recently.
Elder martial sister Qingchi is neither herself nor these two are easy to let go of themselves.
However, there are some things that Lingxiao knows. After all, Lingxiao is lucky.
"I just had a rough look at the fate of the Lingxiao Sect. I don’t know if I should say it improperly?" Baiyun Lou Shen Dao
Lingxiao laughed freely. "I’ve heard for a long time that Cloud Tower’s Eye-catching is a great achievement. It’s also a blessing for Lingxiao to get guidance from Cloud Tower."
"My view of the Cloud Tower seems to be in a hurry. Since the little disciple Tian Yi has set up the tea set, the Cloud Tower might as well sit and drink a cup of green tea before leaving."
In a short time, Tian Yi has quickly set up a case on the Qingshitai Peak, and several futons have cooked green tea.
Upon hearing this, Baiyun Tower is not supported by Zheng Zixiao’s achievement method. Indeed, it is extraordinary that mind induction has reached the point of observation.
However, Baiyun Tower has also warned itself that although the mind wants to go back to Qingyun Gate to see the real heart, it wants to leave for Kunlun as soon as possible.
Monty’s stress really upset him.
After reading this Baiyun Tower, I suddenly smiled and resumed my normal life. I raised my hand to let Lingxiao go first, and then the Qingshitai settled down.
"Thank you for ordering the younger generation to drink a few cups of purple clouds and send spiritual tea to talk about this fate."
Then Baiyun Tower said something about the fate of Zixiao Sect.
Lingxiao suddenly said, "So that’s the cloud floor. It explains the confusion in being original."
"The Zixiao Sect was also expected to be a magical power, but it was broken after the catastrophe. Now the Zixiao Sect has inherited the magical power and it is difficult to repair it. The Zixiao Sect also wants to recruit brothers, but in the end."
"But if we know the root cause, then we have to start somewhere. It’s a big deal to put the Mid-Levels Dojo to compensate the dozens of laymen around us."
"In this way, we can not only get some lucky brothers, but also understand the Taoist teachings learned by the people’s sufferings. It is also difficult to practice this mountain road. Usually, our brothers preach on the mountain. Now it seems that we have to use some magical means to repair this mountain road."
After listening to Lingxiao’s words, Baiyun Tower can’t help sighing. It’s really thorough to know the truth.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Idea access
Just a moment, I thought that the agent of Baiyun Tower took out a gold symbol card and handed it to Lingxiao. It was the A-shaped number plate of Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce that said that almost all the sects of the Xiuzhen Conference won this symbol card and Lingxiao accepted it gladly.
Then Baiyun Tower elaborated on the work of the Chamber of Commerce.
Lingxiao heard my heart move. If this road-building and bridge-building thing is handed over to Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, it can really save a lot of trouble.