Although he is still bandaged, this eater is not slow at all.
It didn’t take long for a whole lion-headed bear meat to be cleaned by these foodies.
Fortunately, the oven is big enough, and he is quick with his hands, otherwise it is really difficult to finish baking this hundred kilograms of meat.
But it’s almost midnight after satiated with food and drink.
Xiao Meng ate a lot, and it seems that the root was not affected by this injury, and the little ice lizards also ate their bellies, and everyone was very satisfied
Xiaobai seems to have something on her mind. Instead of eating a lot as before, she has been helping Lin Yue divide the pickled meat.
Lin Yue can see that Xiaobai seems to be still worried about the injury. Although Xiaomeng has recovered rapidly at present, I don’t know what it will be like.
"It’s okay, Xiaobai. I can know for the first time if there is anything around me when I sleep with Xiaomeng today."
Comfort the little white Lin Yue went back to the basement again and looked at Xiao Meng, who was fast asleep.
Lin Yue put the bed beside Xiao Meng and let Xiao Bai rest assured to go back. The small ice lizards also sent it to the back of the building. Lin Yue turned off the room light.
On the other hand, it seems that the first time I slept in the basement was before the first disaster.
At that time, because the fire was too strong, he could run to the basement to escape the heat, but it was also because of this that he was able to simply overcome the first disaster.
There will be a second disaster in the next day.
This disaster is also different from the previous one.
Category 5 hurricane plus thunderstorm
The intensity is much higher than the previous one.
However, this kind of disaster is actually a "ground" disaster, and unless there are very special circumstances, the root causes affect the ground.
If the general shelter needs to build a shelter, then waterproof it and clean up all the valuables, you can simply cope with it.
But nowadays, most people are refuge villages, and there are even many groups, which make iron shelters have some high-rise buildings.
Survivors have a lot of possessions and other important things.
Only this time has the disaster become difficult.
But perhaps this disaster is also one of the main reasons for those beggars to appear.
Once, some of their remains escaped the disaster, and more people discovered this harmful method.
And some people don’t want to work hard because of this.
"On the other hand, it seems that the leaderboard should come out." Lin Yue hit the panel.
Chapter 271 The crisis of damage to important tools is coming!
In the morning, Lin Yue woke up with his eyes open and didn’t light the horse.
Xiao Meng is still asleep, breathing slowly.
He took a photo of his hand barrel and found that his injury had recovered very well, so he was relieved.
It seems that the vitality of the ice lizard seems to be quite strong. It is quite severe that it needs a full meal to be able to recover like this after being seriously injured.
Xiao Meng’s injury is not too much to worry about. Lin Yue has to go straight to the building with his hand on the barrel.
Xiaobai has been waiting for half a day on the stairs, and seems to have a small heart.