"I want to ask Lin Yue, after so many platinum treasure boxes, what did I see his plane ask for to send something? Will he be playing the tune now?"
"Lin Yue, I know that when you watch the World Channel, come out and let out how to spend the disaster like once. Your life is life, our life is life!"
"That is to say, Lin Yue, is it really true that you are so capable of not saving mankind? Especially me, I am dying of heat! "
Lin Yue closed the world channel, which became more and more strange. From the ground, it went to a large shelter consisting of a 14-square-meter shelter.
Here, you can go directly to the main shelter through a two-meter wide gate, and the chamber passage and the main shelter are successfully connected together.
Lin Yue was a little relieved after installing the light bulb first and hitting it.
The first step of building a new shelter is finished.
The ground temperature still makes people feel stuffy, but in the interface of the shelter, Lin Yue found that he could still vent holes, and made some minor modifications here to make it slightly ventilated.
All kinds of information from this vast China World Channel have brought many thoughts to Lin Yue.
First of all, it can be confirmed that what happened in C2 area and C area of the former ruins is by no means accidental, and the remains in other areas are all the same.
The high temperature has affected the depths of the earth, making it a safe haven when disaster comes.
Therefore, the physical survivors have to face the disaster instead of escaping.
Even if some people want to join the beggars now, they will end up struggling like lizards.
The real horror of extreme heat disaster is to force people out of shelters and ruins.
Extreme heat and temperature make everything stuffy, and the night method ensures ventilation conditions. When there is no fan and no adjustment, people all over the world, including beggars and lizard people, will have to run out of shelters or ruins or caves because of this extreme heat.
There is nothing wrong with talking during the day, but it will never be better at night.
There are crazy mutant creatures waiting at night.
What’s more, extreme heat is also one of the three disasters, and the remaining two are giant hail and fire tornado.
This is the most deadly.
Either the shelter is suffocated or killed by hail, or the underground room or the remains are suffocated.
Or accidentally passed through fire tornado and turned to ashes.
Really exterminate the world
Of course, this degree of disaster will be related to the diameter of hail in fire tornado.
If it’s grapefruit hail or fire tornado with a diameter of more than ten meters …
Lin Yue firmly believes that the current state of these survivors may be destroyed by one third.
Of course, this extreme state is also suitable for lizard people and beggars. Without the protection of the ruins, they have to face three kinds of disasters.
"It’s a good thing I have a tune."
Lin Yue is very glad that he has this thing, which can help him through the extremely hot and terrible disaster just like the fire thief slamming the fireplace during the snowstorm.
It’s outrageous that those moral kidnappers in the world channel say that if he has anything, everyone will have to tune it and match it.
His stone wall is separated from the interface of the 150 bungalow refuge. It is very convenient for him to separate the wall and install two sets of external machines. After that, he will connect the main refuge line and successfully connect the adjustment.
At present, the solar energy matrix is very large, and the wind power is enough to carry these household appliances, and even more is no problem.
Lin Yue played a cool wind blowing constantly, and the turbid gas in the room gradually discharged.
"Much more comfortable … but then again, those moral kidnappings are really funny."
Lin Yue thought of their words again.
Even if you were merciful enough to send a channel out, these people didn’t send a device