At this moment, the retreat of the world army has lost the idea of continuing the war. Everyone knows that the coming war no longer belongs to them. They are just weak and weak ants. The huge gap is not the number that can make up for it. Ning Caichen also thought about retreating, but at this time he was entangled by three kings outside the country and Zhang Liang was entangled by two kings outside the country.
"Hey!" Ning Caichen made moves to forget Sichuan sword and waved it directly to sweep out the bright sword mans to besiege his three foreign kings.
"poof! Poof! Poof! " "How is that possible?"
Silver blood splashes down three foreign kings, which are directly swept out by Ning Caichen’s sword and spit out big blood. The three foreign kings’ faces have changed, and their eyes are incredible. Why did the three of them suddenly increase their strength when they besieged Ning Caichen?
Repel the three extraterritorial kings. Ning Caichen once again stepped out and appeared beside Zhang Liang, once again repelling the two extraterritorial kings who besieged Zhang Liang.
"Go!" Ning Caichen prepared Zhang Liangyin to retreat, but at this moment his face was unchanged. In the corner of his eye, he saw several emperors, such as arthurs and Mo Feng, the protoss, and the forbidden king flew towards him. The most important thing was that there were more than a dozen extraterritorial kings behind several people, and at the moment, several people were very embarrassed. arthurs, the light family, was even removed with one wing.
"King Ning Caichen ordered you to take your Jin people to resist the foreign army and cover everyone’s retreat."
Light clan king mouth with a command tone way
"get out!" Ning Caichen coldly ignored him to repel several foreign kings with Zhang Liang and retreated in the direction of the world. At this time, arthurs thought about the pit and ordered him to insult his IQ
"Ning Caichen, how dare you disobey my orders!"
Arthurs’s eyes are burning with fire. I didn’t expect Ning Caichen to be so decisive not to dump him.
But soon, including arthurs, Mo Feng, Dao Ji, Ning Caichen, and Zhang Liang, all the people in the world felt an overwhelming sense of destruction coming from behind, and the emptiness around them seemed to turn into a mire, which made people slow down and exhausted their strength from all sides, making people unable to move. This piece of land was blocked and they were at least able to act on the king. Many people’s bodies had been directly frozen in place, like they had been enchanted.
This is a palm shot by an extraterritorial statue, just like a pale hand covering this star directly, as if to smash this star and imprison it, while the extraterritorial army has a tacit understanding to retreat at this moment. This shows that the extraterritorial statue is against the army in the world.
This makes people desperate. Who can stop it? arthurs, Daoji, Mo Feng, Xuan Ming, Du Changsheng and other emperors and forbidden kings all turned pale at this moment.
"We respect what hasn’t appeared yet?"
Someone shouted and questioned, which raised a great despair and anger in everyone’s heart. Yes, all the foreign deities appeared on their side. What about the forbidden land and the dormant deities? At this critical moment, the invasion of the enemy outside the country just needed the respect to sit in the town, but at this moment, one of them did not show up
Ning Caichen’s heart sank, too. He had a hunch that the Imperial Family and the Forbidden Earth Zun didn’t appear. To deal with him, he had to be beheaded with the help of an extraterritorial Zun, but it seemed too cruel to deal with him, and he also ignored hundreds of millions of creatures here.
"poof! Poof! Poof! ……”
The huge palm of your hand is pressed without interest, but it makes everyone’s hands and feet cold. You can see that when the huge palm of your hand is pressed, it is like the stars, meteorites, … all of which annihilate several creatures.
Clouds of blood fog bloom like bloody fireworks, which are shattered directly in the body of creatures. The huge palm has not yet fallen, but the terrorist coercion has made some people with weaker strength unbearable, and many people’s bodies are directly destroyed.
"What don’t we respect?"
Someone shouted angrily and questioned, but no one answered.
"Can’t hide" Ning Caichen’s face is also printed to look at the huge palm of his hand from the mountain above his head. He knows that even if he wants to hide from this blow, he can’t hide it. Ning Caichen simply won’t go and directly turn around and lift the Forgotten Sichuan Sword in his hand into a huge purple Excalibur to meet this blow.
In the end, this large star shattered and several creatures directly perished, but many people came alive. When this huge palm fell, everyone saw a huge purple Excalibur rushing into the sky and colliding with this huge palm. Although it didn’t resist this palm, it offset most of it and made many people come alive.
Zhang Liang’s face changed and he looked at Ning Caichen’s body and smashed a meteorite like a shell, tearing it apart.
"It’s Ning Caichen!" "It’s him!"
A lot of living people also looked up and saw clearly that it was Ning Caichen who had just shot, and his face was all different, but at this time he didn’t think too much.
"Retreat quickly, retreat to the boundary and resist the magic day."
The ape king fights and drinks a red light and rushes to the boundary, and others fly to the boundary in succession.
Ning Caichen figure also flew out and shouted to Zhang Liang to fly towards the world, but for a moment he felt a dangerous and destructive atmosphere behind him when his face changed.
Chapter 9 Calculation
Dangerous breath from behind let Ning Caichen heart thumped. He knew that he had just made moves, and I’m afraid it attracted the attention of the magic day. As expected, he turned his head and saw a huge finger as big as a mountain rolling over towards him, as if to wipe him out with one finger. This is the star edge skyscraper making another move. This time, the goal is directed at Ning Caichen.
"hey!" Zhang Liang’s face changed dramatically and he looked at Ning Caichen with a heavy heart.
"Take the dragon first, and avoid them returning to the boundary." Ning Caichen also said to Zhang Liang, but he didn’t have a figure when he saw Zhang Liangshi. He stepped directly into a streamer and shot it into the distance.
Zhang Liang is also a decisive person. He just hesitated for an instant and turned directly towards the boundary. He knew that even if he appeared in front of the king, he was just a worm. Even if he wanted to help Ning Caichen, he couldn’t help it. I’m afraid staying with Ning Caichen would not help.
"Boom!" A huge star directly collapses the magic sky and crushes everything with one finger. The figure of Ning Caichen also collapses and explodes into a blood fog with one finger. "Poof!"
Ning Caichen has always wanted to hide from the magic day, but he has been firmly locked by the skyscraper. The finger can be avoided and crushed to directly erase his body. After a few breaths, Ning Caichen’s figure reappeared in the star and his body came back to life. Although the finger of the skyscraper erased his body, it did not kill him.
It is not difficult for the king to be born again with amazing vitality. Of course, there is still a former god, and you can’t die. After all, a living thing is dominated by your own soul. If your soul dies, even the flesh is just a shell.
The body regrouped again and recovered, but Ning Caichen’s face was not good. On the contrary, he felt a little heavy because he knew that he had been stared at by the magic day and stared at by an extraterritorial statue. At this time, even if it wasn’t for the emperor family and the forbidden soil statue, he would be sad this time. Maybe this is because those people mean to solve themselves with extraterritorial respect.
Eyes conation Ning Caichen glanced at the skyscraper figure standing on the edge of the star in the distance and looked behind him to see that most people have just come back to the boundary, and some people have already returned to the boundary. These people have just fled back while dealing with him in the magic day.
"Hey!" Step by step, Ning Caichen’s figure also flies directly to the boundary as fast as lightning. He knows that if he wants to hide from skyscrapers at this time, he has returned to the boundary. The boundary was forged in ancient times, and many male statues joined hands to create a sacred statue. It is difficult to break it. It is natural to return to the boundary by himself. At least, many skyscrapers can avoid the immediate danger for a short time.
On the edge of the distant star, I saw Ning Caichen’s figure flying to the magical world. A pair of purple eyes were generate’s bright light. With a little bit of surprise, Ning Caichen’s strength was beyond his expectation. The previous sword made him attack with great power, and now it was his own escape. This has gone beyond the performance of a king, and he clearly felt that Ning Caichen’s strength is far beyond the average king’s mind. This skyscraper’s eyes have a little more cold mountain to kill Ning Caichen together.
Once again, the giant star earthquake skyscraper reached out with a huge palm and grabbed it directly towards Ning Caichen. Ning Caichen’s performance has far exceeded that of the average king. Such a person is likely to become a statue. If it is really at that time, Ning Caichen must be a resistance place for their overseas conquest of this world. He will take this opportunity to solve Ning Caichen.
The huge palm of your hand covered the sun and caught it in Ning Caichen. Ning Caichen’s face remained unchanged and he continued to fly towards the world. But at this time, his head was full of flowers and he came out directly, but he stayed behind to meet the magic day. Don’t ask for blocking the magic day. Just delay for a while and let yourself return to the world.
"swish! Hey! Hey! Hey! ……”
At this time, many people have returned to the boundary, including King Zhan of the Apes, Wang Qingye of the Green Snake and others, as well as the five forbidden lands and emperors of Guangzu arthurs, Protoss Mo Feng, Fairy Daoji, Eternal Island Xuan Ming and Eternal Heaven Du Changsheng.
Arthurs, Daoji, Du Changsheng, Xuan Ming, Mo Feng and other kings are standing on the towers and looking at the situation out of bounds.
Out-of-bounds collapsed into a huge black hole, which was Ning Caichen’s past body and appearance joined hands to meet the magic day. That piece directly collapsed into a huge black hole, and Ning Caichen’s past body and appearance were also annihilated in the collision, but the magic day blow was blocked and won for Ning Caichen Zun for a long time.