As before, Su Li still won the first place, Xuan Hua came second, but the third place became Lin Xinghai’s fourth place, and Wei Bingying’s fifth place was Jassamyn Liu.
Luo Zhanjian came last, but everyone looked at him strangely.
Everyone can see that he is a "medium" power evaluation, but he has passed the third test just now, which is really strange.
Lin Xinghai’s "speed bracelet" made him successfully win the third place.
Xuanhua looks a little ugly, and he still has some doubts that it is a coincidence. Perhaps Su Li is lucky. I didn’t expect this third place to be defeated by him again.
As everyone succeeded in passing the third place, a message appeared in everyone’s mind soon, indicating that they were ranked and rewarded in the third place.
Su Li’s reward is a special fused crystal armor of the monarch, but there is a little difference in his previous fused crystal, that is, he can choose his own attributes.
Su Li did not hesitate to choose the dragon attribute for the attribute.
His main attack attribute now is that since the dragon can freely choose, he will naturally choose the dragon attribute. After obtaining this dragon attribute and fusing the crystal, Su Li did not immediately fuse the equipment.
Because it is not difficult to hunt monarch monsters with his realistic power and obtain monarch equipment, with more and more monarch equipment, the possibility of repetition will become greater and greater, so he will temporarily keep this dragon attribute fusion crystal and prepare to fuse it at the right time later. Anyway, it is not great for him to upgrade with one more monarch equipment now.
He now has five pieces of dragon attribute equipment, and once he wants to gain the third layer of special abilities, he needs one piece of dragon attribute equipment. Even if he adds this one, he still lacks two pieces. For the time being, he is not in a hurry.
Xuanhua’s second prize was also the monarch’s fused crystal, but he chose it by his own method with random attributes.
The third place is Lin Xinghai who won a rare ring, and the reward from the fourth place to everyone is a rare armor that can be designated by himself. It can be said that it is very chicken to enter here. The people are all equipped with rare equipment and some monarchies.
Ten people have won their own different rewards and looked ahead. It is still the same huge room. This is the fourth place in the dark refinery.
When a message appeared in everyone’s mind at the same time, the barrier that had prevented everyone from moving on disappeared, and at the same moment, clouds of dark breath suddenly spewed out. These dark breath fell to the ground and turned into statues of dark creatures with different expressions, and their mouths growled and their ferocious fangs were revealed.
In a flash, these dark creatures were full of the whole surging and rushed toward the ten of them.
The message in their minds is simple: they still enter the iron gate at the end.
However, there are many dark creatures in front of us, and there is a statue of a giant dark creature in front of the iron gate. It is not easy for anyone to rush into the iron gate.
A few thunder sounded and everyone rushed toward these dark creatures.
Su Li has made a peek at the data of these dark creatures and found that all dark creatures have a simple message regardless of their appearance.
"Name Dark Creatures Peek at Details from the Evolution of Dark Forces"
He hit the "third eye" and observed that the message still had this sentence.
He has already seen that these dark creatures should be evolved by dark forces. Strictly speaking, they may not be the roots of real life, and there is nothing to peep at.
Xuanhua, Wang Tianxian, Lin Xinghai, Wei Bingying, Jassamyn Liu, Ding Shi, and others all rushed to use various means to break through these dark creatures for the first time and rush into the iron gate at the end.
Everyone is white, the first prize is the most generous, and everyone wants to fight for it.
Su Li also instantly entered the transfinite and Monty’s body state, and a giant body of up to two meters slammed into it with a stride.
It’s getting better and better to win the first prize. This time, he naturally doesn’t want to miss the first prize. He calculated the distance in his heart and Suri rushed towards a dark creature. However, when it was about to fight back, it suddenly bypassed it and rushed towards the distant iron gate.
Right against the face, two dark creatures appeared to attack together.
At first, Su Li’s heart sank slightly, because the strength of this dark creature is terrible, and it is almost close to the top of the "equal" combat power.
It can be said that it is almost equal to the fact that all people are facing a group of "medium" combat power, and the top strong join hands to stop and attack.