Although I want to do something more, it is right not to do anything in this dark situation.
Back in the shelter, Lin Yue went to the warehouse.
He felt it necessary to fill the treasure chest here one by one.
"Copper chest … 264? When did you save so much … "Lin Yue was a little surprised at this quantity after putting the last copper treasure chest into the object.
However, it is true that lizard people have been killed all the way, and the storm flying lizard has been led to another world to kill it, but this huge number still surprised Lin Yue
"Got one … and got a platinum treasure chest to kill poison dragon. Let’s tear it down together."
The treasure chest is obviously a hard work.
Lin Yue doesn’t know what others are like.
Are you very happy and looking forward to the treasure chest and want to make your face whiter and whiter?
Do not hesitate to wash your hands with precious water, or pray for anything.
Even if it’s a wooden chest, they will do the same.
But for Lin Yue, the treasure chest is a person who doesn’t want to do it but has to work.
Dozens are very tired, not to mention hundreds.
And the bronze chest …
It’s really not energetic.
Generally speaking, if, but he really wants to hire someone to give him that one.
"Fifty first? Still sixty-four. Let’s gather together a whole. "Lin Yue returned to the living room with Nai and the trouble, and put sixty-four copper treasure boxes on the ground in turn.
Almost all the living rooms are filled with copper treasure chests, and the lights shine with dazzling light.
Xiaobai heard the noise and moved over from the bedroom. After seeing that Lin Yue wanted the treasure chest, he turned back.
It is also tired of watching it.
Lin Yue shook his head in milli-box mode.
[You got 19 pieces of regional map, 1 package of 2N95 protective mask for drinking water 4L7 pool, 2 sets of high-power stage lights, 2 sets of surgical blades, 1 set of diary and fountain pen, 1 set of anti-wolf spray, 1 set of windproof eye mask, 4 sets of disinfection spray bottles, 2 sets of instant noodles, 2 sets of Snickers, 1 can of throat lozenges, 1 set of spices, 2 tapes, 3 sets of headlights, 1 set of sappers’ shovels, 1 set of knee and elbow protectors, and 1 set of hangers.
A long list of things. There are not many things to see in Lin Yue.
Things like food and water are a treasure chest, and you can always give some when you are old.
And the rest is generally related to survival with all kinds of things.
Regional map fragments, this thing, Lin Yue immediately made it and then made a unified panel.
19 pieces of regional map fragments are embedded in that huge scale, but the regional map is like sand in the beach, and nothing can be seen.
Lin Yue looked at the whole map vertically.
If you want to put this whole map together at the current rate, it is estimated that you have to have three or four hundred pieces of regional map fragments.