The first time you see a real dragon, you are trapped in a dragon pool, which shows that dragons are precious.
This Long Lin occupies a precious feature, and Long Lin’s medicine can often see miraculous effects, which can be described as a valuable market. You can’t buy things with money.
The clerk’s eyes lit up. "If it’s really Long Lin, don’t you take it out?"
The man smiled and showed his hand, and he saw a flash of golden light, and there were many scales in his hand.
I was surprised to see this scale, Liang Hu and others. Maybe they don’t understand this scale, but just now it seems that Liang Hu and others have never seen it before, so it is natural to be surprised.
List eyebrow eye exhibitions. It seems that this guy is still a Zen fighter.
It’s too deep to see that he repaired it.
Actually, it’s not surprising that people are Zen fighters, so they don’t have to go around shouting like selling vegetables, and they don’t want to fight. Why should they tell others that they are Zen fighters?
This list shows that I admire this public practice. I’m afraid it’s no longer at the top of the world, at least it’s a dull master level.
But the list didn’t feel anything inappropriate because of this person’s height cultivation.
The clerk’s eyes lit up, too. He kept looking at the scale and then walked twice and praised "good things."
Then his eyes were full of respect.
"Objectively, you want to change this?"
"Is it enough to change this meal?"
"Enough is enough. My horse went to the boss. He searched for Long Lin for a long time. There was a piece bigger than this one, but it didn’t look like it. This good boss paid 920 gold."
Liang Hu and others opened their mouths. What is the concept of 920 gold?
They thought to themselves that the exchange of gold for silver was almost one to ten, and one or two pieces of silver was enough for them to live for a month, which was beyond calculation.
"Can a piece of such a thing sell for so much money?"
Liang Hu and others can’t believe that this thing looks nothing special, and you can’t eat or drink blue things, just like rust.
The clerk laughed. "You have one, too?"
Liang Hu shook his head. "If there is, I will definitely take it out and exchange it with you for nine hundred and twenty gold."
The clerk said, "Don’t talk nonsense without you. If this thing gets to the black market, it will kill people."
Hearing the word black market, Liang Hu looked at each other and winked at each other. Liang Hu casually said, "The black market is not necessarily. Maybe no one wants it."
"You’re right, no one really wants it, but grabs it desperately." The clerk sighed. "You don’t understand the value of this thing."
A piece of Long Lin has little effect on Zen practitioners. At most, grinding and crushing water can strengthen the body and bones, but Zen practitioners can achieve it in other ways, but it is different for mortals. Of course, it can’t be said that it can be saved if it is not dead.
It can be seen how precious this thing is, the effect is the same as that of dragon scales, and there are some differences, but with Long Lin in front of them, they appraised this Long Lin.
The clerk said, "There were two pieces in the black market, but I didn’t know that our boss sent people to inquire about the black market many times but they couldn’t find them."
Liang Hu laughed and said, "Like you know the black market very well."
"Do you understand?" The clerk curled his lips. "I’ve been there several times."
"What are you going to do?"
"Why do you talk so much? Long Lin is not you."
Liang Hu said, "I will be my friend if not me. Can’t I ask you two questions?"
The clerk was also depressed. "What do you want to ask objectively?"
Liang Hu stretched out a hand. "Where is the first black market?"
The clerk frowned. "So you don’t know. Go away. Can the black market tell others casually? There are rules. "
Liang Hu nodded. "Good male, let’s go. Long Lin won’t sell it. There is a jewel in my hand that is worth the meal."
Liang Hu said and threw the gem on the table. The clerk looked at his hand and looked depressed. "It’s really a gem. Count me in and I’ll tell you where the black market is."
Liang Hu and others smiled at each other and looked at the list. Now they finally listed what they wanted to make this public treat.
The shop assistant went for a while and then led a potbellied old man to come over, accompanied by a charming woman in her thirties.
After seeing the scales on the table, the boss’s eyes flashed and trembled excitedly. "Ah, Long Lin, this is amazing."
Looking at him like that, everyone laughed. It’s not hard for the boss to sit in the background of the biggest hotel in the city and earn a lot of money, but these rare things can’t be bought by money. It’s normal for him to be so excited.