I really need them …
The next day, when the left-behind players trained normally, cavani found a constant victory.
"What a coincidence! I’m just going to find you, Eddison." Ever-victorious saw cavani take the initiative to find himself and laughed.
Cavani knew that the boss was just trying to smile.
Isco and icardi were seriously injured one after another, which was a heavy blow to Lazio’s front line.
He knows exactly what he should do at this time.
So he took the initiative to find the boss.
"I’m ready if you need me, boss!" Cavani said.
Changsheng smiled again.
But this time it’s not a forced smile.
"You will be under a lot of pressure, Eddison." Chang Sheng talked directly with cavani in depth without being polite.
"Boss, didn’t you say that to be a professional player, you have to bear great pressure, and the pressure to be a Lazio professional player is even greater. I have been here for more than ten years and I will not be overwhelmed in the last season," cavani said with confidence.
Chang Sheng looked at cavani’s chapter with a confident face and he saw more things from it.
After isco’s injury, veteran Messi Ding, now icardi is injured and veteran cavani Ding.
Before this summer, he thought that Lazio’s golden generation players should gradually withdraw from the historical stage. The world is those who have been playing for years.
But I didn’t expect that in the end he would still rely on these old guys …
Look at these familiar names and face, he seems to have a feeling that he has traveled back to ten years ago.
Ten years ago, cavani was young and Messi was the world’s number one player.
As a result, both of them have become veterans in the blink of an eye.
Although the veteran is old, he still has a good heart.
Changsheng saw the fighting spirit from cavani’s face.
He had seen this feeling in Messi’s eyes.
As a result, Messi did well in the game against Juventus, helping Lazio beat Juventus 5 times.
He believes that cavani can successfully replace icardi.
Even though he is old, the veteran has the advantage of veteran.
The only problem is that the season is very long. cavani did well in one game. Can he stay in good shape all season?
I’m afraid it’s hard …
What should I do if I am in a bad state?
Obviously not, because people can change.
I’m afraid we have to adjust our tactics.
When cavani is in a bad state, let him be a bridgehead or a bow. It is not him but Goetze, Messi and Borg who are decisive in the end.
Changsheng feels headache at the thought of coming. There are six strikers, and now there are four left.
This season … just now!
Chapter 23 The so-called "FIFA virus"
Two national team match days have caused many teams to suffer from "FIFA virus", and Lazio is no exception.
Icardi is not the only Lazio player who was injured on the national team match day. The Italian national team’s main central defender, Alessio Campoli, also strained his thigh muscle during the game. It needs to be diagnosed for six to five weeks, that is, at most two months. Everyone can’t see him playing in Lazio …
With Italian inter, Ovlati was also injured in the game. Fortunately, he was slightly injured and needed to rest for a week.
However, despite this, the number of effective first-team players in Lazio has decreased dramatically.
In the third round of the league, Lazio played Chievo at home, which should not be too difficult for Lazio.
But as a result, Lazio lost the first game of the season at home to Chievo at 12.