No one thought that even the Taikoomen high-level Kyushu Alliance gave up the main city of Yongzhou, but although it eventually fell, several people escaped from Alcatraz and suffered heavy losses. It took only half a day to move the three realms.
This time, the fairy war was robbed not by Taikoo Gate, but by the fall of Yongzhou. Although the army of Alcatraz demon domain retreated, it was difficult for Mu family to organize effective forces again, and everyone was missing, which made the situation in Yongzhou chaotic to the extreme and became the main place.
Yangzhou, Qingzhou, and Jingzhou also exhibited tragic battles. With the blood lessons of the Mu family, all the ancient families, holy places, small and medium-sized sects, and caves have tried their best to resist evil ways and demonstrated the right path of life and death. Although they were in a weak position in the fairy war this time, their determination gradually emerged. Several young brothers and young masters fought for several deeds in Kyushu.
A few days later, during the crisis of Nangong family, there were a number of people, such as Linglong and others, who killed the Nangong family for a while, but no sisters were seen in the crowd.
I also asked the Nangong Destroyer about Lu’s departure, but everyone kept silent about it, and the Nangong Destroyer would no longer ask more questions because Taikoo Gate still clung to it. If the elders of Dan Medicine learned that Lu was backward, it would be unimaginable.
Half a month later, the general altar of Kyushu League in Jizhou was broken by the Six Soul Sect, and several masters of Kyushu League were seriously injured, and the Kyushu League was destroyed.
The Six Souls Sect is a leader of the three evil sects. Although its power is not as tough as Alcatraz’s demon domain, it is almost impossible for the Six Souls Sect masters to join hands with each other to resist that one-third of Jizhou’s territory is occupied by the Soul Sect.
The war situation, the master of this boundary is also the master of the power world, but it has little effect. The number of people in the three realms is amazing. This war has led to several masters who have wiped out the majesty accumulated in the past hundreds of years.
Even so, the Taikoo Gate suffered a lot of trauma, and all the celestial arrays were damaged by 60%, and it was only when the Taoist priests were invaded that it was saved.
After the fall of the Mu family in Yongzhou, it fell into a melee in the dark, and all kinds of forces were constantly fighting for the most chaos.
This time, the fairy-magic war ended in Yongzhou, and mysterious forces intervened to end an influx of overseas practitioners, which made the monks in China sit up and take notice. At the same time, the five dharma circles sent experts to wipe out several scattered heretical forces and occupied the Six Soul Sect in the north of Jizhou, which formed a confrontation.
These five legal scholars seem to belong to the same camp, and the mysterious cultivation is even more earth, and the most mysterious thing is that the three schools are suppressed and they are a little breathless for a while.
The original pattern of Kyushu has undergone great turmoil, and it will never be the same again. In the past, the misty Kyushu almost collapsed and split the sixteen States in one fell swoop, but it formed a pattern of misty sixteen States
There are heterodox sects who plundered wantonly, but they were quickly wiped out by the five dharma sects. Who thought that although these five dharma sects did not slaughter ordinary people, they were extremely ruthless in killing heterodox people, so that monks in the right way were afraid? If such mysterious forces once attacked, which faction would they point their finger at?
On the other hand, Fang Yunhan and Yun Ruoyu saw that the situation of all parties became more and more critical in the process of seeking medicine. Fang Yunhan resolutely rescued many scattered practitioners in many ways.
These scattered practices did not scatter, but they faithfully followed the helper to find medicine.
Everyone has been attacked and killed by evil people many times along the way, but the cold people in Fang Yun fought bloody battles again and again to resolve the crisis, and more and more people followed them, and finally nearly a thousand people gathered. They didn’t have a name to save the people from the fire and water, and the Chinese side became famous for it, and the righteous and evil monks everywhere didn’t know it.
This time, the main force of the fairy war is the demon domain, Alcatraz, and many evil factions are just echoing. With the withdrawal of the demon domain and the retreat of the Alcatraz army, the activities of evil factions are gradually hidden, and the war is gradually dispersed, and the original land is gradually calmed down.
The Fairy-Magic War finally ended, and the list of meritorious military service was destroyed by the Kyushu Alliance, but three names came from the Three Realms: Wan Qiu, the mysterious queen of Taikoomen, and Fang Yun, the younger brother of Taiyi Mountain in Taikoomen.
Volume VII Storm in Sea Area Chapter I Do Our Best in Sea Area
The vast expanse of China is divided into four poles.
After thousands of years of reproduction, the Midlands have established the boundary where the three realms echo each other in the misty Kyushu pattern. Kyushu region is the most vast and rich in products, and the boundary of cultivating immortals and refining demons is the most secret secret of the gods. The immortal has always had the reputation of being haunted by immortals.
The fairy-demon war lasted for nearly a year from the end to the end, and the number of good and evil casualties in China fell apart.
And because of the numerous spiritual veins and rich products, the coexistence of Kyushu in China is naturally the most intense competition.
This fairy war made good and evil fight with each other, but it was a lose-lose outcome.
This kind of damage has caused some small and medium-sized sects to emerge like mushrooms after rain. Although the situation is still chaotic, it has greatly changed the original forces to cultivate immortals.
The so-called four polar regions are the four directions of extreme north, extreme west, extreme south and extreme east, which are a general concept and represent the four directions of extreme distance.
The arctic ice field has its own cultivation method, where the climate is cold and monks are good at ice and snow, but when they reach the arctic summit, it is also a forbidden area for life, and no one dares to get involved easily, even ghosts and gods have to stop there.
The boundary of the western regions is the land where Buddhism came. The monks of Middle Earth once went to the Western Regions, but they were totally embarassed and came back. However, the returnees were not very clear. Some monks went to the Western Regions, but they never returned to Middle Earth. What’s more, after returning from the Western Regions, they converted to Buddhist Zen, which is extremely puzzling.
The extreme south is a wild place that spans 100,000 mountains. The most barren places are some original tribal camps. There are some monsters and evil spirits in into the badlands, which are called barbarians. There is no spiritual vein there, but the voodoo curse flows out. Even the immortals are reluctant to go.
On the east side of the remaining wasteland, you can cross Kyushu and go straight to the sea. The mystery of the sea far exceeds the monk’s imagination