"You think so, too"
"Yes," Cao Boss analyzed. "To be precise, I want you and Sisi to be puppets with you. She will actually do the exercises. In this way, even if she eats fat in the future, it will not be difficult for you, and you can also drink some soup by the way. It is much better to worry about life than to fight with those tangkou people."
"Puppet?" QuYong murmured. "You are so direct."
"You don’t want to be a puppet. It’s not good. I tell you, many people can’t do it if they want to. For example, what’s the name of Yang Lianting calling Dong Fangbubai’s puppet? Every day, there are so many Jianghu heroes kneeling for him. This is what I want most. Is it not good to eat, drink and be merry?"
"Oh, don’t be ridiculous." QuYong touched his nose. "Since you think it’s feasible, I’ll go directly to Huei-fang when I get back."
"Brother Xiaoyong"
"You must think it over," said Boss Cao heavily. "Once the Jianghu Road is gone, you will move forward. No matter how tired and hard you are, you can’t turn back. You must think it over."
There were many figures floating in Qu Yong’s eyes. One day, there were parents, four girls, Zong Li, Shen Juntian and others who finally stopped. That afternoon, he came back to school to look at the price of Dendrobium candidum in the black market. Who knows that his wallet was taken away by a "third-hand"? That is, on that day, he went to the jewelry store and was taken as a scapegoat by Dafei, and then he was dragged into this bottomless mud step by step, as if God had already arranged everything and calculated it step by step. He just walked according to the drama of God, but he finally left.
"I’ve heard that if a butterfly flaps its wings in South America, it may cause a hurricane in the Pacific Ocean." Boss Cao suddenly said with great pride, "Brother Xiaoyong, don’t look down on yourself, just think that you are the butterfly. What you want to do is to cause a hurricane, no matter if I am your friend forever."
"good brothers"
The next morning, Boss Cao was still in a daze, and QuYong had woken him up with his nose held.
"Why isn’t it dawn yet?"
"Get up and get to work," Qu Yong said. "Don’t forget that we are now helpers in the kitchen."
"Hey, get up earlier than chickens, sleep later than dogs, eat worse than pigs and work harder than donkeys. What kind of life is this?"
The kitchen is on the second floor, a large space alone. When Qu Yong arrives at the door of the kitchen, she finds that the red wooden pupil has been busy for a long time. She wears a pink apron and looks focused on manipulating various devices. When she sees Qu Yong coming in the door, she sneers, "The two young masters are up."
Boss Cao retorted, "We are not too late."
"There are 97 people on the cruise ship, among whom the boss likes to eat porridge, natto fried salmon, raw eggs and miso soup. I will personally make this one for the captain, who likes to eat western-style breakfast, fresh fruit sago dew and jam toast, and I will personally make the other chief officers, sailors, bodyguards and handyman department."
Boss Cao felt completely blind and surprised. "What are we going to do to eat? Do you want to make porridge fritters and add cakes?"
Akagi said faintly, "If you have something to do, you can."
"Don’t be ridiculous," said Qu Yong, touching his nose. "It’s almost five o’clock now. What’s the time to make fritters? It seems that there is porridge to cook, see if there is mustard tuber, and then everyone cooks an egg. Well, what can I add?"
Boss Cao rubbed his hands and suggested, "How about some sashimi? I’ll get it right. It’s easy to cut it."
"Really?" Qu Yong said with joy. "That’s great for us."
"It seems that it is not difficult for us to cook breakfast," said Boss Cao. "This is called the wisdom of working people not to be looked down upon by these petty bourgeoisie."
"Idiots, two idiots." Akagi looked at them smugly and leaned against the door, eating apples and sneered. "It’s really two idiots. First, I understand Chinese. Although I can’t speak Chinese, the second sailor is tired from work. You actually make some porridge and add an egg. I thought that you would be in trouble when they were hungry before noon."
"I don’t know how she can understand Chinese, but she has to learn Japanese food if she wants to cook in China." Boss Cao muttered in his stomach and added, "Isn’t there sashimi? It’s nutritious and convenient."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three A joke
Akagi Pupil seems to be watching a pig’s expression. "The most idiot is that this sashimi boat has more than 90 people. If you want to cut sashimi for breakfast, you must get up at least at two o’clock in the morning and cut it now."
"Really? It takes so long. I think it’s just a knife and a knife. It’ll be soon."
"Don’t say any more." Qu Yong has been scolded by boss Cao’s clothes, and then bowed and apologized. "Miss Akagi, it is best that you can understand Chinese. Although I don’t understand Japanese, I also know that I got up too late. You are angry. I should apologize to you, please forgive me, but the most important thing now is how to remedy it."
"This is like a sentence" Akagi pupil way
"Ah, this woman is so arrogant." Boss Cao angrily rolled up his sleeves. "It’s really unacceptable."
"You forget it," said QuYong, pulling him. "People can’t help but bow their heads in the eaves. Besides, it’s just two days, and it will pass quickly."
"Hum" Akagi watched them whispering impatiently and knocking on the steel pot. "If I had known you were unreliable, I would have made the rolls overnight. Now I will move out after the porridge department is finished. At six o’clock, the sailors will ask for food. They will line up and you will be responsible for distributing them."
"It’s great that it was done long ago," said Boss Cao. "But we were recognized and replaced as soon as we distributed food to them."