Boss Cao knew that Qu Yong didn’t know much about gangs, and explained, "This alliance is a bit like playing online games and fighting to help each other alliance is an interest."
Qu Yong couldn’t help asking, "What interests do those four girls have with Grandma Shen?"
"One word-poison"
"Yes," Cao boss slowly said to the night with cold air in his lungs, "Shen Juntian wants to fight drugs."
"Drug control?" Qu Yong doesn’t know much about these gangs, but he also knows that Guangzhou is close to the Golden Triangle, which is the origin of the three major drugs in the world. It is as difficult as asking Japanese people not to eat fish and dogs and not to eat shit.
"Yes," Cao Boss said slowly, "Brother Xiaoyong, don’t you know that four girls sent a ban on gambling to all gangs in the air years ago, and Shen Juntian responded."
"Why would she do that?"
"I don’t know, just as no one knows what the four girls want to fight drugs, everyone knows that now the two gang leaders have reached a preliminary consensus."
QuYong nodded. "So that’s it."
Just as QuYong and Boss Cao were blowing, two people were blowing.
Two women
Two leading sisters on the megatron side.
In an antique old house, there are also two women blowing. On the right, a silver-haired old woman is leaning on a red painted iron crutch, and on the left, there are four girls. She has a handful of bait in her hand and is feeding the fish in the pond.
"This fish is good."
"It’s good."
"Four girls like fish?"
"Like feeding fish?"
Four girls looked up at the vast stars, and their eyes were full of starlight. "I like fish under my control."
"Really?" Shen Juntian touched his crutch lightly and said, "They are just chasing you because you have bait in your hand. Once you have no bait, it will leave."
Four girls exuded limited confidence and said, "I always have bait in my hand."
"Good old students just believe in your confidence!" Mr. Shen Tianli had a crutch and laughed. "From this moment, the poison in the Golden Triangle will never flow from Guangdong to Guangxi."
"Good" Four Girls also laughed. "Cut off the poison in the Golden Triangle and now the poison in Indonesia is bitten by Hong Kong very tightly. I can bite Jingtai on the eastern coast. Now China is poisonous except the northeast and the west."
"How dare you?" Even if Shen Juntian is the overlord, you can hear the tone of four girls dividing the country vertically and horizontally, and you can’t help but feel a little moved. "Do you want national poison?"
"This is the first step," Siguniang sighed, taking back her bully. "I know it’s hard to say if you want to do this step. What are the conditions you are willing to meet with me?"
"Since the four girls are quick to talk, they don’t talk nonsense." Shen Juntian said, "I want someone from you."
"Is it a person?" Four girls were a little surprised. "One person can make Master Shen give up his painstaking efforts for many years despite the opposition of all the people in the gang?"
"Sometimes one person is more important than ten thousand people, isn’t it?"
"Who do you want?"
"Qu Yong"
"He?" Four girls shook their hands, and the bait slipped from their fingers like sand, which attracted several fish to chase and bite.
"Yes, I want this person."
"He’s him, I’m me," said Huei-fang. "You have to ask me if you want this person?"
"Every woman who approaches Qu Yong from Xue Yingying has no good chance, right?" Shen Juntian seems to say that "an old woman is a woman after all, although she is old, and this time she is going to take him to Guangzhou."
"Go to Guangzhou?" Four girls rubbed their brows vigorously and murmured, "How long will it take?"
"Forever" Shen Juntian Road "I will move his parents together in the past. If the four girls are willing to give up what they give me, I will cut off the golden triangle line."
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Tai Chi to Jeet Kune Do
There are fish in the pond.
Four girls watched the fish scramble for the bait quickly and then dispersed in a hubbub.
"I heard that Master Shen wants to accept his disciples?"
Shen Juntian did not hide that "an old woman took a fancy to this child ten years ago"