The fork of his hands suddenly changed into the bombardment of his elbows, and at the same time, he left a knee and followed the top hard. Now he has no thoughts of passion and affection. Jiang Haimei’s disappearance has already changed him to that kind of honest and simple character, and he is worried about his lover. His eyes are red. If he can find Jiang Haimei, he will not hesitate to kill ten million people now.
The elbows have landed hard on the female twin peaks. On weekdays, the softness and towering should be full of amorous feelings, but at this time, the violent smashing is left, depending on where it is. If you can smash your opponent, that is his direction.
At the same time, the knee touched the female abdomen without hesitation or pity, so she smashed the resentment that had been oppressed for a long time with great anger. The woman seemed to feel the rage left at this time, and her heart, which is stronger than steel, could not help but panic in this situation. What kind of hatred is that? Now that the dike has been broken, it can be blocked.
A trace of regret climbed up the female heart. I knew I would face such an angry and crazy opponent. She wouldn’t have been complacent just now. But now there is no regret. I have attacked violently, but I don’t think about her any more.
When the female body was left untouchable, she directly lay down to the place where she stood. Although this movement would cause great trouble for her to fight back, she had to choose this only way to save her life in order to hide the killer at this time.
The offensive left in this lie was naturally dispelled, but then the storm and rain generally trampled on it, but it came one after another. Now he simply forgot all the boxing routines and casually waved his fists and feet, and he frequently greeted the woman.
In the narrow building components, two people frantically chased one person and fled in a panic. Although it was not as fast as the pure pursuit just now, it was even more dazzling to move the changing side. Now the woman is completely in the wind, and she relies on her skill to turn this situation around in a hurry. She is like a smart snake and dodges around various protrusions, but she has become a crazy tiger at this time. It is harder than picking the moon in this offensive.
The woman rolled rapidly, but she couldn’t hide any more after being bombarded with fists. Although her body structure was not like that of a man, the sultry leg was still her way to bear a piercing scream. The woman immediately twisted and swung in the middle like a fish caught on the shore and drew a beautiful parabola, and then fell straight.
Calm has long been replaced by rage, and his eyes are red. When he kicked the girl to the middle school, he shouted, "Go to hell!" Then he pulled it out and stuck it in his body, stabbed it, shook his hand and shot it at the girl. Now he forgot to leave it alive so that he could interrogate the clues later. He felt that the anger in his chest could be vented in this way.
The long thorn is like a star chasing the moon, and it is about to plunge into the woman’s body. However, the woman has been slightly awake from the pain just now. She feels that the sharp wind is approaching danger, and the oppressive feeling forces her to squeeze her chest and make her right hand flash with blood. She has caught the tip of the blade, which has been plunged into the meat, and the castration with long thorns has been stopped. However, the surface with powerful force still crashed into the woman’s body.
The woman has been hit by this kind of force for three times since the last punch was pierced by a long thorn, and now she finally can’t hurt her body any more. One mouthful of blood was suddenly sprayed in the middle, and it became bright all over the sky. After the blood was sprayed, the woman’s body continued to fly backwards according to inertia, but her limbs moved flexibly. After hitting a component hard, she fell softly on her face and seemed to have fainted, but when she was left to chase, her hand quietly reached her chest.
After shooting the long thorn, he jumped up and went straight after the woman. When he saw the woman lying on the component, he suddenly remembered to leave him alive. This made his heart eager to get up with his fist waving. After falling to the woman, he quickly bent down to see if the woman was alive or dead.
At this time, the woman suddenly turned over her body, and her cloth covered in bimodal has been pulled, trembling her chest and aiming at her left eyes.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Be defeated
He didn’t know whether it was seduction or whether the two pieces of cloth had already fallen off just now because they were chasing and beating themselves. Just now, he was too busy to beat them hard, and there were only three small pieces of cloth left when the woman held her hand at close range, and her eyes were full of her naked body. Will you notice whether such a small piece of cloth has fallen off?
However, in this stupefied time, two smoke-clearing stairwells floated from the woman in Ran Ran, and the searchlight shone on her back, while the woman was facing the two strands of smoke left on the ground. When she just rose, she didn’t notice that when the smoke rose to a certain height, she didn’t realize that the situation was different. He also came to stop catching the woman. In the middle, she jumped to hide the smoke that I don’t know what it was.
However, the smoke spread very quickly, but with this quick posture and sensitive reaction ability, it still failed to hide completely, and the smoke seemed to be spiritual and went straight to the wound that was still bleeding, and suddenly a wisp of it touched the wound.
All that was left was that when the smoke came, he suddenly let out a cry full of pain, feeling that he was standing in the middle and then bent, and at the same time, his hand pressed against the wound in a hurry and then curled up and fell to the bottom of the well.
Now, the position of the female part is higher than before. Many people who are watching the situation on the stairwell can see clearly what happened there, but all that remains is the heartbreaking yelling that resounds through the stairwell. This is still at the bottom. People are tightening up in their hearts-they can’t see what is left, but they can hear it from the sound. All the people have suffered a lot. People are yelling and screaming, and the figures are shaking in a daze.
I was left in a semi-coma at this time. When the smoke touched his wound, the severe pain immediately spread to all his limbs. At this time, the pain was not like the intensity of it just now. I had to endure a strong tearing feeling and rushed into his mind. Although it didn’t feel like Zhang Yongli brought him a mental shock, this kind of pain would make people faint in an instant when it reached the extreme. It was still with extraordinary physique that I barely resisted the pain, but it was impossible to cheer up again.
The pain raged in his body and mind, and the last breath was still tenaciously supporting his curled-up body, which was pulled by the pain and couldn’t stand up straight, so he fell into a ball.
In the process of falling at a high speed, the acceleration is constantly left, and gravity is exerted from such a high place to hit the ground so straight. I am afraid that even the super body is left, it is impossible to bear it.
Just when she was left groggy and fell to her face, the woman was weak and looked at him from the building component. Now that smug smile has disappeared from her face, because of the beating just now, her beautiful face is swollen and terrible at this moment, and she copied it back into her hand and held it in her hand with thorns trembling. When she struggled to get up, she slipped off.
The woman was shocked and stretched out her hand to catch the long thorn again, but now her arm is weak and unable to reach the fingertips. Although she missed the long thorn, she finally failed to catch her and silently watched her weapon become smaller and smaller and fall to the ground.
Seeing that there was no strength to fight back again after being tortured by pain, the woman also took a deep breath and struggled to get up. She grinned and climbed to a higher place again and again.
The hissing sound in his mouth is still in his curled-up posture, and he is about to hit the ground. The figure at the bottom is in a hurry, and it seems that the organizer of Lei Jian is still fully prepared this time. Even this kind of air cushion protection was brought in, and the blink of an eye left, it fell heavily into the air cushion and spread around. The waves rippled in the crowd, but it was motionless and seemed to have lost its breath.
People were talking anxiously through the walkie-talkie, and others went to help the left scene, which became a mess. No one noticed that the woman had disappeared in the light beam and could not shine in the dark.
A sharp object then plunged into the protective air cushion, and the air leakage immediately drowned out the noisy voice.
People don’t care what made a big hole in the air cushion, but they drag the remaining air cushion from being gradually deflated.
It was only after several hands caught him at the same time that everyone found that he was in a semi-coma at this time, but in a coma, he was still shivering as if something was biting around in his body.
This search and pursuit ended in failure. Although Leijian organization sent people to monitor on all floors, it seems that no one can find the trace of the woman again. In fact, this is not to blame them. Although Leijian organization holds advanced survey instruments, it is also not difficult for ordinary people to be as good as that woman. Now, although the woman is injured, she is familiar with the environment here with her strange posture, so it is natural to disappear.
The idle people in the building have been shielded from the outside, and all the people carried the rest into the special medical room of the Ministry. Several people in white coats quickly ran in and then put all kinds of medical instruments in the rest.
The rest of the body is still shaking, and his eyes are tightly closed together. From his face, he looks pale because of excessive blood loss, but at the same time, a strange purple and blue are looming in this pallor.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Analysis report
The level of the medical team organized by Lei Jian is not the same as that of the medical team. They quickly calmed down the remaining shivering by technical means. After the rest fell asleep, they started a new round of diagnosis and treatment.
This time, the serious injury was mainly due to too much blood loss. I don’t know what the smoke made him faint in pain, but there was nothing else. He soon woke up with the help of many doctors.
I woke up, and now I’m weak, and I immediately ran to the old ginger’s place. A detailed report on this hunt has now been placed on the old ginger’s desk. For the left, I’m worried about looking for Jiang Haimei, and my heart is still white. In fact, he didn’t want to find his daughter early, and he didn’t say any pleasantries, so he directly devoted himself to the analysis of the data.
The failure to catch the woman this time really left me regretful, but now that things have reached this point, the rest is not still in a crazy state. He can still keep calm and read the information page by page carefully. In the information of this battle, several people present described what they had observed, but there was not much in the information of the extraordinary strength of the woman. This is mainly because ordinary people can understand their extraordinary skills and strength, even if they are detailed in language, they can describe the feeling of fighting in a master.
A great deal of description and analysis in the data are made in the structural anomalies in the stairwell, and the most striking one is the analysis report of the long thorn left by the woman.