Xiao Liu Qin asked Lin Yi Lin Yi also don’t know who to ask.
He looked forward to coming back. It turned out that the blue-eyed fox king was defeated by his second grandfather.
Lin Yi was filled with pride.
But now I hope to return so crazy that I don’t even recognize him. Even if I wake up, I can’t ask anything.
Lin Yi’s daughter’s appearance came to his mind again. "Forget it, Xiao Xiong. It’s almost dawn. I need a white horse, a white shirt and a pair of white boots to be clean. You get them for me at dawn."
Xiao Lian Qin doesn’t know Lin Yiyi, but since Lin Yi matters, Xiao Lian Qin will do it quickly.
Xiao Liu Ling’s efficiency is really less than a meal. She brought a white horse and clothes that Lin Yi wanted.
Lin Yi let Xiao Lian Qin wait in the outhouse first.
After a while Lin Yi came out of the back room.
At that time, Xiao Liu Qin felt shine at the moment.
Lin Yi’s grooming is so clean, her hair is not messy, and she is spotless in white and snow, which gives Lin Yi an extraordinary temperament.
His eyes are sparkling like autumn water.
But the eyes are firm than
Lin Yi handed the string of bells to Xiao Lian Qin, who said, "To make a long story short, I hope my brother has been saved. It’s a strange way to shake this string of bells and he can be obedient, but you have to be careful that he looks crazy and unseemly, but he will still play tricks. If I don’t come back at noon and leave here with my brother …"
Lin Yi confessed that it was just dawn when Lin Yi walked outside the mill.
As soon as he walked to the door and stepped out of the threshold, Xiao Liu Qin called a.
"Lin Yi!"
Xiao Liu Qin, this is the first time to call Lin Yi’s name. Generally, there are other people. She addressed Lin Yi as the king of Lin Yi. She called Lin Yi Lin Xiong and now she calls her by her first name because she feels very wrong. "Lin Yi, where are you going? What are you going to do? "
Lin Yi didn’t look back. He calmly said, "Go and ask for my daughter."
Xiao flow jean in the mind a shock she seems to want to say anything, but her lips moved two didn’t spit out a word.
Xiao Liu Qin trembled in his heart.
She can appreciate Lin Yi’s mood as a father at this time.
Xiao Lian Qin is also afraid.
She is afraid to make a rescue plan until the rustling falls … Then it will be too late and rustling may have died early.
Lin Yi can’t wait!
Lin Yi is also there is no way!
At the moment, Lin stands at the gate of Mabeifu.
The guards’ swords in Beifu have also been drawn.
They never dreamed that the king of the South was also the biggest enemy in their eyes. The northern government wanted to spit Lin Yi’s flesh and blood, and Lin Yi came alone.
Although these guards have drawn their swords, no one dares to attack rashly.
Lin Yi still stands on horseback, and his face is very cold.