The energy field explosion of school extreme practitioners is a partial explosion.
The energy field attack can break out in which parts start the energy field phase gene ability chain.
But even if it explodes, it is a single explosion.
When an energy field attack breaks out, it takes a moment to mobilize the gene ability chain again, and then an energy field attack or defense breaks out again.
However, the gene Gu Wu cultivated the energy field of Dantian, but it was different.
To complete the small Sunday carrying gene chain, the energy field of Dantian can reach the bust for the first time and burst into energy field attack or defense.
Moreover, if the energy field in the abdomen is not completely consumed, the attack or defense of the energy field can continue to erupt in the same part!
Xu tui didn’t have an intuitive understanding of this before.
But now there is a very intuitive understanding of the difference between the retreat gene Gu Wu and the extreme cultivation energy field.
Of course, we can’t say who is strong and who is weak.
However, from the point of view of personal needs, the gene Gu Wu energy field is suitable
The fight between Cui Xi Lanke Khan in the ring has entered a white-hot stage.
Cui Xi, the second tiger, has been certified by the Gene Committee of Huaxia District as a Class B gene liberator.
But at this moment, Rank Khan, an E-class gene mutant, has been defeated one after another.
In less than three minutes, Rank Khan has vomited blood three times.
Cui Xi deserves to be a big two tigers!
After being injured three times in a row, Rank Khan’s body posture is even weirder and he is more careful to deal with it.
Suddenly, Rank Khan suddenly climbed to the Cui Xi alloy long stick in an instant, and just like a monkey, he quickly attacked the Cui Xi alloy long stick.
Cui Xi sneered at the alloy stick and slammed it to the ground.
Rank Khan’s long animal jumped from the alloy stick and suddenly disappeared again.
Cui Xi’s alloy long stick swept behind him, and Lankehan appeared again, and the short blade of his left hand slammed into Cui Xi’s left armpit!
Cui Xi directly looked at Rank Khan’s attack alloy long stick and roared and hit Rank Khan’s head.
At this moment, Rank Khan’s left arm was extremely strange and jumped by 30 centimeters!
This skyrocketing 30 centimeters instantly became the gap between life and death!
The short blade pierced Cui Xili in the previous step.
But just one minute into the meat, Cui Xi’s energy field broke out and caught the short blade intensely.
Frank Khan directly gave up the short blade of his left hand, and the sharp bone blade of his left palm, which was 20 cm long, directly cut to Cui Xi’s left shoulder.
This change is too fast.
Even if Cui Xidan Tian has a strong energy field, there is no reaction at this time.
Rank Khan cuts directly from Cui Xi’s shoulder with a sharp bone blade.
Cutting Cui Xi and shoulder pad is like cutting paper.
Directly to Cui Xi left arm to unload.
The broken arm fell to the ground, and blood poured out in an instant.
But Cui Xi hit the alloy stick and hit Rank Khan at this moment.
It’s because the left hand was cut off and the direction of the alloy stick was steeply biased to hit the head.
But I hit my chest.
Strength is also weakened a lot.
But this stick is smashed.
Rank Khan was smashed again and vomited blood on the spot.
Seeing that Cui Xi was led by a broken arm, the teacher Hu Nan Zhongda’s urgent duty referee Qu Qingshan also intended to stop the fighting
But Cui Xi roared, "I can fight without you!"
Like a blood tiger!
Cui Xi, with a hideous face in pain, strode back to Lanke Khan with an alloy stick in one hand.
In the process of walking, Cui Xi’s broken arm spewing blood unexpectedly slowed down magically and greatly.
This should be another way for Cui Xiyun’s energy field to temporarily stabilize the injury.
When he saw Qu Qingshan, he didn’t intervene, but he was more absorbed.
The referee on duty in the Indian Union District guessed that he would not intervene.