Although Meng Longtan is also a leading role, he has absolutely no ability to see through the goblins.
This is the conscious reaction of his brain when he saw the demon, but after the reaction, he lost his heart. "What direction did you say you saw the demon?" Shen shiwen
"What direction? I didn’t notice this because they were too fast, "Meng Longtan said.
It’s different to chase demons by yourself.
"You talk about it in detail." Shen Shi wondered if it still had a demon to meet.
When Meng Longtan said that Wang Daoling had turned into a toad Shen Shi, it was almost white. He said which demon it was. The toad did such a personality to subdue the demon and get rid of it, which is a Wang Daoling.
When he said that the dog demon was not barking but purring, Shen Shi’s face became very bad
"Where is your friend Zhu Xiaolian now? Take me to him immediately."
He doesn’t know who caught Wang Daoling’s little guru. Where did they go? Shen Shi can inquire about Zhu Xiaolian. If nothing happens, the woman he took away is the rat demon.
And if you’re lucky, maybe it’s the one who caught Wang Daoling’s little guru.
"This ….." Meng Longtan hesitated, and his friend Zhu Xiaolian said that he was taking people and girls to treat the disease, but according to his understanding, I’m afraid the disease was cured and went to bed.
This is almost certain.
Although he doesn’t appreciate the friendship, he doesn’t want to spoil it.
Chapter 16 A column with amorous feelings
"Damn it, tell me where your friend has hidden Qin prisoner?"
Shen Shi is willing to take care of his relatives, but none of the imperial guards are willing to take care of his loyalty.
Just kidding! The emperor was almost taken away by people. They, the guards of the command, are already eager to kill people. Why should Meng Longtan speak of friendship?
"Qin … Qin made! You say that woman is a criminal? "
It’s really an accident today. He’s seen it. Has Qin also seen it?
"Little useless talk! Tell me about your friend? "
One of the guards had a bad temper and wanted to do it, but the other stopped him and said to Meng Longtan, "This man and this woman broke into the palace with the intention of being arrested!"
This bodyguard is not in a hurry, but Meng Longtan is a reader after all.
"This ….. okay, I’ll take you there."
Meng Longtan listened to the reaction to come over, and most of the girls broke through, which was by no means a good generation. He couldn’t help worrying about his friend Zhu Xiaolian.
Meng Longtan is willing to lead the way. Naturally, no one will find it difficult for him. However, the former bodyguard was still very upset. He asked, "Boss, why are you so polite to him as a poor student!"
Zhu Xiaolian is rich, but Meng Longtan is not willing to accept the fact that Meng Longtan’s clothes can’t expose his poverty even if they are starched and cleaned.
There’s nothing in ancient times that doesn’t hurt clothes. Shui Rou washed ancient clothes once, but they were damaged once. That’s why poor people seldom wash clothes. It’s not that they are lazy, but that the quality of the clothes shows that they can’t wash much water.
If you want to last long, you must reduce the number of starching and never wash it.
After all, Meng’s family is poor, and this kind of experience has not been activated for a long time, so anyone whose clothes are clean but have broken eyes can see that this is a poor student.
Say, "I know, but it’s important to catch Qin now. What if you let Qin escape?"
"It makes sense that I forgot such an important thing."
Meng Longtan took Shen Shi and they asked their friends to go to Huajie Liuxiang early.
However, Lu thought that he already had a woman, so he should not be his woman, so he should have gone to his own clause.
Meng Longtan, a friend of himself, thinks he still knows him, and he won’t bring no three no four women back to his home because he really loves his mother.
If his mother wasn’t too feudal, he wouldn’t have been guessed by Meng Longtan as he is now. He would probably take that woman to his own other hospital.
"What do you know about them? How to go around? "See Meng Longtan taking people to the flower street first. People haven’t gone in and turned around and left the command guards to be anxious.
"I just realized that Zhu Xiong has a house next door, and I think he should be there," Meng Longtan explained.
"I hope you’re right. If you escape your friend, I’m afraid it won’t be better." The imperial guard didn’t warn.
Moreover, his warning is aboveboard. After all, there is a crime of harboring in modern society. This is an ancient crime, and it is very normal to implicate Gu Shi.
Meng Longtan not to speed up the pace.
"Hey? Isn’t this street carrying dead people? How can anyone buy a house here? "
One or three guards next door to Huajie Liuxiang reacted. This is a street for transporting bodies.
"This is not normal? His friend "pledge gestured to lead the way Meng Longtan.
"This ….. Shen’s adult, is this criminal a person or a ghost?"
In this place, they usually avoid it, but today they came in, and they just heard a monster in the sky. It is self-deception to say that they are not afraid.
"Why? Scared? No matter what it is, if you don’t fear it, it’s your turn to be afraid. Your imperial guards have imperial protection, and it’s not easy for them to harm you. "
"This Shenyang-Dalian people are not afraid of me, just asking casually." Some of the guards blushed.
"Lord Shen, I think he is afraid that ghosts will tremble as soon as they arrive in their hearts."
"Yeah, yeah, although he’s a big man, he’s got a lot of guts. I remember he went to pee one night and pulled me up to go with him."
It’s more fun to lose friends. Once you find out what’s wrong with your companions, what are you waiting for?
The bodyguard was so embarrassed by the scandal that he stared at his brothers again and again.
But what eggs are there? In the face of embarrassing objects, you have not let go of your mistakes.
Talking and laughing, the tension and fear were so strong that no one thought about it again. This is the passage for transporting the dead.
However, Shen Shi frowned slightly. In this street, he saw a different need, and several turtles huddled in miniature and hid inside to spy on them.
There are ghosts everywhere in the serial world.
"Master Shen, there are living people who have been eaten by ghosts." At this time, the bodyguard suddenly shouted with surprise and fright.
Shen Shi’s face was black. "What’s the matter? No living person has been eaten by ghosts. It’s so easy to meet you when you eat ghosts."
"No, it’s not small. It’s not wrong. Someone is really eaten by ghosts. Look at that quagmire over there, gentleman." The guard pointed to a yellow quagmire in the shade of a garbage dump on the street.
You can vaguely see a figure rolling inside.
"Hey, there’s really a person." Shen Shi is light. "Let’s go and see."
Although they chase demons, it is obviously abnormal for such a person to appear here. It is not suitable for any reason, and it is on the way anyway.
Soon they were close to the yellow quagmire