"Next, please draw lots in order. If the numbers are the same, the two sides will decide the top five to enter the day finals." As soon as Thousand Island’s voice fell, there was a worker carrying a carton
Ten people draw lots in order.
“5?” Yunxuan was disappointed, and it was already too late to finally appear as a representative.
"Your opponent is me" Long Ao light way face with a smile.
"That’s a coincidence. I seem to have a rest or try it before, right?" Yunxuan shrugged his shoulders and said the so-called
"It seems that it’s already obvious for both sides to fight. The third topic is Mi. Please prepare for the first game at five o’clock in the afternoon." Akira Thousand Island announced the topic. These are the decisions of Mitakawa.
"rice?" Ten people are all stupefied, and this topic is complicated.
Porridge, rice, everyone thought of these two for the first time.
"If it weren’t for that, I really want to make dumplings." Yunxuan vomited in his heart that there is no such thing as Qu Yuan, and there are dragon boat races.
"That’s the end of the second game. Please leave in order and enter at 5: 00 pm. Please make your own arrangements." Thousand Island sounded and left.
Yunxuan hasn’t left the judges yet. Five people have surrounded him and asked him to make another change in mutton bread in soup.
Yunxuan naturally won’t miss this opportunity. These five people are all four-star chefs or comparable four-star chefs.
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Chapter 34 Their hearts are warm
Gourmet college in a small shop
"It’s really a warm feeling. If it is put in winter, it will sell well." saionji Xiaoguo stuck out his tongue and it was a little hot
"How about Yun Xuanjun’s contract?" Three Sichuan finished eating a bowl of mutton and bread pieces in soup to light way
"The 20,000 yuan of the Food Academy can’t be sold outside the sacred food area. There is no problem for Miss Crist to sell it overseas at a price of 70,000 yuan per year. After all, I don’t have that much time to travel around the world." Yunxuan smiled and picked up the last award.
"Qiuyilou gets 30,000 mutton buns for sale in China every year? Miss Oriental Aoxue, since it’s not your decision, I won’t say 30 thousand? Dream? " Yunxuan sneered at a grant and threw it in front of the proud snow in the East.
"Are you not satisfied with 30,000?" Oriental proud snow frowned. For Yunxuan Oriental family, a simple investigation of 30,000 is a huge sum of money for him. What is not enough? Is it because of two original dishes that he has swelled up?
"The biggest and most profitable party in the Chinese market even sells overseas for 70,000 yuan. Every year, I don’t think Qiuyilou is really sincere. If it is because the chef from Samsung helped me with my cold rice noodles for 150,000 yuan, it will be repaid. I don’t mind hanging the food management meeting for public sale, although it is a little troublesome." Yunxuan’s fingers knocked on the table, and the brain was clearer than that.
Yunxue and Yunxun’s five people sat at a table and looked at Yunxuan’s negotiation mode. Yunxun’s son couldn’t help getting up several times. If Yunxue hadn’t pulled her, she would have agreed for Yunxuan.
Oriental family is a behemoth. Although this is a harmonious era, it is not wise to offend Oriental family.
Yun Xuan is not white about this? No, he’s white. He can see farther than Yunxun.
Oriental family, if you don’t show sincerity, it’s a big deal not to mention that Yunxuan has won 50 thousand a year and doesn’t mind losing a sum.
Besides, there are expression packs and light novels in the future, and the income will be tens of millions every year.
Yu Dongfang’s family will intimidate him? Yunxuan is not too worried about it. If Dongfang really does this, Yunxuan doesn’t mind giving Dongfang a blow as a sauce.
Culture and beauty and esophagus Council are established by the top people in China. Once the oriental family breaks the news of intimidation, the food management Committee will definitely intervene strongly.
At that time, the orientals will be pushed to the forefront, and Yunxuan, a little guy, will be a chess game.
These are just assumptions that orientals will ignore threats? The probability is less than one percent.
"Miss, the master will personally ask Mr. Yunxuan, please come with me." Jiang Yue came in from the outside and said that he was holding words in his hand.
"Pleasure" Yun Xuansong breathed a sigh of relief. It is impossible for Dongfang Aoxue to negotiate. Dongfang Aoxue is suitable for cooking.
Yunxuan and Jiang Yue sat in the car and saw the old man opposite the video call.
"Young man, you are very good. Let’s talk about the deal." The old man said with a smile.
"Well" YunXuan the door.
An hour later, Yunxuan returned to a small shop. From his expression, it can be seen that the negotiation was very successful.
"Mr. Furukawa, you are the director of the food garden. I wonder if you can give me some special ingredients? Very cheap that "YunXuan smiled to say with smile.
"Sure, but if you give me the food list, I’ll prepare it. Do you want to try it now?" Article the expedition a laughed
"Don’t try to cook this dish, my mind is already very clear." Yunxuan shook his head and smiled at the corners of his mouth.
He inherited the chef’s intermediate level, and now he is white, which includes a lot of dishes in this world.
And this one with Mi You is excellent.