The kind of shopkeeper Qin Dajie looks coldly and then takes out a sheet and hands it over.
"this is your bill for this period!"
Zhou Yi stretched out his hand and took the punch a sweep face is a heavy.
"Why so many?"
Purple true also changed his face.
It was agreed to rent ten lingshi a month for a long time, but now the bill is only ten, which is thirty times more!
That is, 300 lingshi.
This price is enough to buy a sub-timer even in a deserted city.
Two people don’t care about just three hundred lingshi, but it’s really an’ eye-opener’ to be bullied by people so boldly.
Today, Chen Liu also took a step forward.
"The rent is ten lingshi, but when you eat and drink, it’s all rice, and three hundred lingshi is not expensive."
"Good" Qin Dajie stuffy mouth.
"Can you afford to eat or not? When our Feiyun stack is your home?"
"Shout …"
With a wave of her hand, a giant axe the size of a millstone fell into her palm, and the sense of coldness came upon her.
Zi Zhen’s beautiful eyes flashed and stopped again.
Just then a crisp came from the outside.
"Can I help you?"
"girl Stuart"
"Miss Xuan"
See bearer Zhou Yi two people salute.
And ask for lingshi Qin dajie and Chen Liu’s face turned white.
Chapter 4 emigration
Situxuan is petite with delicate facial features and a little baby fat. When she smiles, her eyes are slightly narrowed and she looks sweet and pleasant.
Dressing up is not gorgeous, just like the girl next door.
But people dare to underestimate this woman.
The concubines outside the house are more talented, but they can get to this position step by step under the pressure of many external forces.
Is it easy for the younger generation?
Qin shopkeeper and Chen Liu’s heads were picked by her own hands and sent to the scene in front of Zhou Yi.
Compared with Zizhen’s flying boat, Stuart’s flying multiplier is a luxury spaceship with a three-story building.
"The two of them didn’t have long eyes and offended the nobles because they wanted to die."
Situxuan Zhan Yan chuckled.
"But thanks to them, I have to invite two people, and thank them for being unappreciative."