Beetles spread their wings and fluttered in the temple
Gu Qingshan said, "I heard that you personally formulated various tactics and always commanded the front line, even if you were seriously injured, you never crossed the line of fire."
"This is my duty," said the Terran leader.
He looked at the flying beetle and couldn’t help saying, "My Lord, how did you keep a magic bug? Be careful that it is a very ferocious species. "
Gu Qingshan smiled and said, "I have checked the war files and talked to many people about those battles. I think it is a pity that there are several battles-"
"What a pity?" Leader’s road
He stared at the flying half beetle and suddenly became dizzy.
Just for a moment, the beetle became twelve.
They gathered in the shell behind the temple pillar to piece together a strange pattern.
If you look at it roughly, you will feel that this picture has pieced together a face.
But if you look more carefully, you will see countless monster faces from the pattern.
Staring at the pattern will produce an inexplicable chill in your heart.
Gu Qingshan once again sounded "the Terran’s original chance to win those battles."
The leader sighed and said, "We have tried our best, but unfortunately-"
He didn’t say anything.
A flying beetle appeared in the middle of the class.
I don’t know when it appeared.
Gu Qingshan answered, "The soldiers did their best, but unfortunately some problems in tactics eventually failed."
Terran leader looked at Gu Qingshan face nai color way
"My Lord, you are a messenger of the gods. I shouldn’t have questioned you-but you may not know much about fighting."
Gu Qingshan looked at him and said nothing at the moment.
The flying beetle shook its body, and in an instant, the beetles got together before the thirty-six flying pillars fell.
That pattern is enlarged.
It’s even weirder and creepier.
Terran leaders are almost out of breath
Gu Qingshan didn’t care if he looked empty.
Lines of scarlet fine print have long been shortened, and a few words have stopped moving.
"You have completed the chaos to kill fifteen magic worms; Kill three hundred magic worms; Kill five thousand magic worms; Kill twenty thousand magic worms; Kill all the magic worms. "
"you’ve got a high degree of chaotic evolution."
"In the death fight, you killed the soul of the eternal revealer. One, two, three, four, five, six, there is still the last soul."
"You kept it."
"-stay in this world for a while and practice your forbidden sword."
"It’s time to end it."
Gu Qingshan stared at the Terran leader and whispered, "I also know a little about the fact of war …"
"I want to say that the fact that you are dressed as a Terran leader is a wonderful idea."
The Terran leader’s face changed, and he reached out to shoot a stone carving.
However, as soon as his hand was stretched out, he froze
-the stone pillar beetle is missing.