To tell the truth, for a moment, I actually hoped that it was Jingjiayuan.
[You’ve had enough. Didn’t you hear Lin Yufei say that the water pipe burst? It’s a cold water pipe. Fortunately, the hot water pipe will burn. Do you understand? 】
Xiaoya back instantaneous also realized what directly out of the live broadcast.
At this moment, Shinohara fish was also disturbed. She immediately came out and heard the sound of the toilet. She said decisively, "I’ll join the landlord and see if Lin Yufei has something to do later."
Jing Jiayuan and Lin Yufei looked up when they shouted and found that Lin Yu, who was hiding in the bedroom, was shivering but there was no trace of burns. He was a little relieved.
But I still asked, "Which water pipe is the explosion?"
"Cold water pipe" Lin Yufei and some chills said.
Originally, I took a good hot bath and was relieved. Suddenly, cold water came on my face and poured him through.
Ice water hit the body to stimulate him to finish a tingle without preparation.
Jing Guyuan breathed a sigh of relief, handed him another bath towel and quickly wiped his head, picked up the quilt and wrapped him in it.
"Lie down for a while and catch a cold." Jing Jiayuan said and walked out of the bedroom.
After joining the landlord, the landlord quickly sent someone to fix the water pipe and apologized again and again when he left.
It was an accident, and no one expected it.
But that night, when everyone arranged everything and went to bed, they thought it was really unlucky today.
This is definitely going out without looking at the zodiac … Oh, it’s just being thrown out temporarily.
Life can be loved jpg
The next day, the group went to the police station to report the case again. Fortunately, all the staff of the police station were off duty today, and soon they got the passport loss report issued by the Greek police.
Getting the lost report has enabled Greece to take the transportation instead of passport.
All this went smoothly, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief after getting the report.
What’s more, he quipped, unfortunately, they don’t expect any surprises on this trip. I hope they can return safely.
Then the four men went to the China Consulate in Greece to take a photo and applied for a temporary travel permit.
As we will travel to Europe later, we will go to the Spanish consulate to reissue Schengen visas.
After a series of things were done, everyone completely relaxed. Now, although there is a temporary travel permit, it will not affect the later journey.
The four people themselves didn’t realize that with this series of things happening, their mentality actually improved a lot unconsciously.
"Where are we going next?" After all this, Shinohara asked
"Our Greek color is blue. Athens hasn’t seen the Aegean Sea yet, so it’s not finished." Jing Jiayuan looked at it and followed them silently, Zhang PD and others said.
A few people nodded his head.
A total of four people went to a travel agency to book a boat ticket to santorini Island on the same day.
Santorini Island is the most popular island on the Greek Aegean Sea, where there are countless maze-like alleys, beautiful medieval cottages with blue roofs and white walls, and the most beautiful Aegean sunset in the world
When it comes to the Aegean Sea, four people can think that the first choice is naturally santorini Island.
Lu linyufei also sighed slightly. "I don’t think this place is in line with our words. There will be problems when we book a boat ticket."
Her words haven’t say that finish was interrupted by xiaoya "you shut up! You this crow mouth don’t really come true "
Now a few people are really scared by sth over and over again.
"Bah bah just said it doesn’t count" Lin Yufei said quickly.
A few people came to the travel agency to let everyone breathe a sigh of relief, but the situation did not happen as expected. On that day, the tickets and shipping space were booked smoothly.
"Good little this link didn’t give us anything unexpected" Shinohara fish is also raise your smile.
"We’ll buy some food when we go back. Let’s have a good meal first and then get ready to go," Shinohara suggested.