Gao Jineng killed Huang Tianhua in the night. He came to the battle the next day. Gao Jineng was very proud and shouted in front of the battle, "Who dares to fight?"
Jiangya avoids unnecessary casualties and losses, hangs up the battle card and refuses to go to war by shouting at the merchants.
Three days later, the arrival of Chonghei Tiger coincided with the arrival of Gao Jineng, who called Jiang Ya again, and ordered troops to March against him.
"Jiang Shang, you little puss-head, you are finally willing to come out and die today!" Gao Ji can see Jiang Ya coming out. "
"Gao Jineng but you killed my nephew Huang Tianhua?" Ginger teeth behind a member of the kind of general on horseback before pointing to Gao Jineng asked
"It’s me and you are human?" Gao Ji neng Dao
"I’m a black tiger from North Bohou!" The bearer replied
"I realized that it was you who killed your brother and sought glory!" Gao Jineng laughed.
Chonghei Tiger heard the news and roared with anger. A horse waved its axe and took Gao Jineng straight.
When Gao Jineng saw it, he rode his horse and danced with a gun to meet the two men. After dozens of rounds of fighting, he failed to tell the winner
Gao Jineng saw that he couldn’t resist riding a horse and jumping out of the circle, and the black tiger followed slowly. Gao Jineng shook the bee bag and covered the sky. If a sudden shower of locusts came, the black tiger laughed. "This is Little Doyle!"
Chonghei Tiger released its own iron-billed condor after laughing. The iron-billed condor rang in the middle of the night, waved its wings and tried hard to move towards the bee colony. This iron-billed condor is a fan with heterogeneous wings, which brought up a gust of wind and blew all the bees back to Gao Jineng.
Gao Jineng didn’t guard against all the bees, but he stung him for tens of thousands. On the spot, he fell off his horse and died, and his soul went to seal the gods.
Kong Yi went to see that Gao Jineng was killed by Chonghei Tiger, so he had to go forward to capture Chonghei Tiger.
Huang Feihu see Kong Xuan nu scold a way "Kong Xuan! You are really a man who doesn’t know the weather! "
Kong Xuan laughed. "I don’t gossip about you, either. Don’t let go!"
Huang Feihu smell speech shook the gun and went straight for Kong Xuan.
Kong Xuan saw the five lines of feathers behind him, and when he moved, he saw that Huang Feihu had disappeared, leaving a colorful god cow mount.
Jiang Ya was sitting in Zhongjun listening to the detective report that "Huang Feihu was sent by Kong Xuan Guanghua for a decision."
Jiang Ya was frightened. "Although he killed Gao Jineng and got revenge on Huang Tianhua, he turned his father into a loser."? And wait for the opportunity. "
Kong Xuan entered the camp victorious, shook the divine light, saw Huang Feihu fall in a coma in his tent, and ordered the left and right guards to stay in the back camp, so he came out and called again.
Jiang Ya finally learned through these times that Kong Xuan was so powerful that he refused to let his generals play again. He refused to play because of amenorrhea and high hanging battle cards at the Zhaimen.
In this way, hundreds of thousands of troops were blocked by Kong Xuan and could not pass before Sanshan Mountain.
Chapter 55 Kong Xuan must be accepted.
Just as Jiang Ya’s handsome army was stopped by Kong Xuan in front of the Three Mountains, and at the same time, he sat quietly in front of the Baogongde Pool in Sumi Mountain. He must take a side and lead the way, "Brother Dao, another person with great opportunities for my teaching has appeared. I’ll cross him later to help me teach Daxing."
After receiving the quotation, he nodded and said, "It’s hard for me to teach, Daoyou!"
I must have a slight smile. "Brother Dao, just wait for my good news!" Say that finish, and you will come in the direction of Sanshan.
It is said that Jiang Ya’s handsome army was blocked by Kong Xuan, which made Jiang Ya very headache. Today, Jiang Ya was annoyed and suddenly heard that the hand soldiers would report that the Taoist priest came to Jiang Ya to smell the words, and the teacher who lit the lamp was sure to defeat Kong Xuan. Jiang Ya hurried out to greet him.
After seeing the burning lamp, Jiang Ya told the burning lamp that she was facing difficulties now. After listening to the burning lamp, she laughed. "Tooth needs to worry about my next visit to help you! When I’m poor, I’ll go and meet that Kong Xuan to see what he’s capable of. "
Ginger teeth naturally thank you very much.
The next day, Kong Xuan, as always, came out of Yuanmen to see that Kong Xuanshen’s armor was extraordinary and lit the lamp and asked, "Is the general Kong Xuan?"
Kong Xuan replied "exactly"
Burning the lamp, "I think the general is also a man of practice and is not weak. Don’t you know the weather and personnel? Do you want to take a rain check if you want to attack one person? Is it God’s will to sing the song in Zhou Dynasty, regardless of the number of days? If a high-ranking scholar comes out, it will be too late if he misses. "
Kong Xuanwen said with a smile, "I don’t expect you to know when and when?" Shake the knife to get the burning lamp.
The sword in the hand of the lantern was in a hurry to meet the horse’s intersection. Before five lanterns were lit, I wanted to offer Dinghai beads to punch holes. However, I saw that Kong Xuan brushed the five-color divine light to light the lamp and quickly offered another magic weapon, Zijin alms bowl, to see the divine light behind Kong Xuan. When I brushed it, it fell into the divine light.
The burning lamp lost its magic weapon and realized that Kong Xuan had fled back after a burst of smoke.
After the burning lamp fled back, he said to Jiang Ya, "Then the five-color light behind Kong Xuan is really amazing. I can also crack it. It seems that we still need to take a long-term view!" Ginger teeth hearing this burning lamp eyebrows lock is more tight.
At this time, the soldiers suddenly reported that there was a man who asked for Jiang Ya at Yuanmen, and they met him with the burning lamp at Yuanmen, holding a pair of hands, grasping a bun, wearing a thin bun and two flowers, and holding a branch in their hands.
When I lit the lamp, I quickly bowed my head and said, "See the sage-to-be!"
On the other hand, Jiang Ya heard that the newcomer was actually the same as the original Buddha, and the sage couldn’t help but salute in a hurry. "Jiang Shang, see the sage. May the sage be blessed with longevity!"
"You don’t have to be polite!"
Looking at his brother flying bear reincarnated as Jiang Ya Zhun, he said, "You are the Jiang Shang Jiang Ya. Well, it’s good!"
After speaking, I must hit a clear breath and sink into the ginger tooth. Ginger tooth feels that she has not increased her mana for many years. It seems that she has improved a lot. Looking at the future saint, she seems to feel familiar with it.
"Thank you, Saint!" Jiang Ya Xie Dao
"You’re welcome to meet each other!" Must nod a way
Although I felt puzzled when I lit the lamp on the side, I didn’t dare to ask more questions, but I said, "I don’t know what the prospective saint wants to come here today?"
Zhun Dao said, "I’ve come here this time to meet the people who are destined to go to the southeast twice. Now I know that Kong Xuan is blocking the rebellion and Kong Xuan is destined to the west, so I’ve come to cross him to go to the Elysium."
Burning the lamp to smell speech is a surprise, but Jiang Ya is overjoyed, so please enter the account and rest.
Quasi here to see the world of mortals rolling murderous everywhere is murderous mouth way "good! Good! "
"Dare to ask the sage to know that Kong Xuan followed his feet?" Asked the burning lamp
"That Kong Xuan is the first phoenix of birds in the early days of heaven and earth, and the first peacock in heaven and earth is born with great magical powers, innate magical powers and five-color divine power, and you are naturally not the opponent of Kong Xuan. This foundation is deep, but it is improper to seal the list of gods! And I teach predestined friends being original to cross. "
"Saint mercy!" Burning lamp and ginger tooth way
Zhundong said, "Take a walk in front of me and bring Kong Xuan back to the west."
After leaving the camp, Kong Xuan allowed the Taoist to leave the camp and shouted, "Please answer Kong Xuan!"
At this time, Kong Xuan was discussing the military in the big account and heard someone calling for the battle to be armored
When Kong Xuan came out of the camp, he saw a man who was strange to see his costume. It was extraordinary to see him wearing a Taoist tree, holding a branch and hanging a relic, and stepping on a golden lotus. Kong Xuan himself was quasi-holy, but he couldn’t see the depth of this man. "I wonder if the Taoist priest wants to see handsome?"
"Being original, you have a special purpose to enjoy a speech in the Western Elysium with you. It’s just a matter of success. Isn’t it beautiful to make a living by killing and robbing?"
Kong Xuan laughed. "One school of nonsense has come to confuse me again."
The quasi-Taoist said, "You listen to me and I see that you have a song certificate." After you have finished your work, you should be bathed and refined, and you should be naive. You should take off your feathers and go beyond the cage to raise a hundred gods. Washing dust, washing dirt, dyeing and returning money is not bad. "
Kong Xuan listened to the great anger and chopped the knife at the top of the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest brushed the Qibao Miao tree and brushed Kong Xuan’s knife aside. Kong Xuan was busy taking the golden whip in his hand, so he hoped to hit it accurately and brushed the Qibao Miao tree and brushed the Kong Xuan whip aside again.
Kong Xuan left two palms in a hurry to scatter the red light and brush off the road flyover.
Burning lamp aside to see the red light brush to the quasi-heart is not frightened but see Kong Xuan brush to the quasi-road flyover with his eyes open and his mouth open; For a moment, the helmet, robe and armor were broken and even the horse was crushed to the ground.
Hearing Kong Xuan’s five-color light flashing and thunder ringing, a statue of icon appeared, holding wreaths, umbrellas, flowers and fish intestines with ten hands and twenty-four doors, such as filing golden bells, golden bows and silver halberds, etc.
Quasi-Taoist songs come from "the precious flame and golden light reflect the most subtle western magic;" Is it easy for Qian Qian to bless the rare seven treasures of the gods one after another? This time, I will go to the Lotus Club, and the Japanese side will know the road. "
The Taoist priest put Kong Xuansi around his neck, put the blessing pestle on his body and called "Taoist friend! Please show your original shape! " In an instant, a red peacock with a thin crown appeared.
The quasi-Taoist sat on the peacock and flew into Jiangya Camp.
The Taoist priest said to the bottom of Jiang Ya, "Being original is not coming. When my bad disciple Yang Jian comes back, he still bothers you to let him go back to the mountain to be original. He has something to tell him." At this time, most of the food officials in Yang Jian are not in the camp at this time, so there will be such a statement.
Ginger teeth this just know Yang Jian was also a saint brother no wonder can have such a good collar when nodded and agreed to come.