Although I don’t know what the hell Jia Luo is doing.
But Angrand still took the nationality.
Before he could see Jia Luo, he stepped back a few steps.
Even with a handful of Angrand deputy let the other side also follow their retreat.
“? ? ?”
When the other person is full of question marks
Angrand also looked at the page in his hand.
Talke chaos
This is its title
This moment Angrand look slightly changed.
Because his first name is Angrand Talke, that surname represents his shame and his history as a slave.
Then he looked over.
Chapter 53 Angrand implored
The outer orbit of Nu Corea.
Look at the party constantly being heavily bloody huge planet Angrand deputy frowned.
Despite some disrespect, he still questioned the dissatisfied eyes of many talkers around him
"Lord Luo Jia O ‘Reilly Ann, is this really okay?"
He can’t see how a planet can solve the butcher’s nail in Angrand’s head.
Without meaning, the other party suspected that Jia Luo said with a look of affirmation without looking back.
"No problem. It’s a process that Angelo has to go through."
Get his reply and look at the face. Although he has been killing, he has not been hurt. After a while, Deputy Angrand hesitated and did not say anything, but chose to wait and see for a while.
If things really don’t talk, even if it will irritate Luo Jia O ‘Reilly, he can forcibly wake up Angrand!
As he made up his mind, the warship department was calm again, and everyone was quietly watching Angrand.
What will happen to others except Angrand on Nu Corea?
No one in the place is very happy.
For Jia Luo, all the guys are ignorant pagans. Damn it!
For Angrand’s deputy, it’s nothing. Killing and setting fire to the [World Swallower Corps] department is a very common thing.
There are not a few planets slaughtered by them in the great expedition!
When the killing finally lasted for more than a week.
In this issue, Angrand perfectly demonstrated the strength of his own genome.
Like a huge and tireless meat grinder, he killed all the creatures visible to the naked eye on the whole planet with his own hands.
At this time, whether it is the earth or the sea, there are only pieces of bright red blood spreading.
The residual limbs and broken arms brought by counting human remains covered the surface of the whole star like eroded red paste.
And a large number of crimson lotus flower also gradually enveloped Angrand’s body surface to cover up his larger body.
Gazing at this scene, Jia Luo’s face could not help showing a little satisfaction!
He’s almost white!
See him holding up his right hand to reveal a bloody spar the size of a quail egg.
After indulging in watching for a while, Luo Jiagao shouted with a little envious eyes, "The ceremony is formal …"
He knows
His brother, Angrand Talke, is about to get rid of the pain of the past and gain high glory to surpass mortals!
For a moment, the bloody spar turned into lotus flower and broke through the distant distance. Before Angrand reacted, he directly printed his skull like a brand!
"Ahhh! ! !”
The semi-materialization wave accompanied by violent roar is as direct as the shock wave caused by the nuclear bomb explosion, and everything nearby will be cleared in the center of Angrand!
And twisted lines are slowly emerging from the surface of the planet.
Just like Eric Taranis.
At this moment, Angrand also carried out the "magic ascension ceremony".
However, compared with the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of thunder fighters by Eric Taranis Angrand as the cornerstone [Nu Corea Star], although it has a population of tens of billions and the number of various animals occupies an absolute advantage, there is still a little gap in overall quantity.
After all, one hundred king kong is better than ten thousand pigs.
When the [ascension ceremony]
Just like a phantom, a vague figure directly broke through the bondage of material level and appeared in Angrand’s thinking.
Obviously, that’s the protagonist of soy sauce.
Tell the truth.