All over the sky, starlight roared from the void, and the crown of the tree turned white and burned brightly.
These are the sources of his five elements robbing light
It’s still a little weak to rob the light of the five elements, but the blessing of the stars and the sacred tree has limited potential, and the power of going up is far greater than that of Xiao Tu Johnson’s five elements inversion method.
Of course, at the moment, his attention trunk.
Now the golden eyeball has completely merged with the trunk, like a star-studded tree with eyes.
The white area of the eyeball is still shining with golden light, and the pupil area has been occupied by the star evil spirits.
The mystery of this eye magic weapon lies in the white of the eye. Those golden lights are the purest innate rhyme.
Just like what power is added to white paper, what corresponding rules will be formed.
If the ghost monster pours his curse evil force into it, it will be even more extreme.
Wang Xuan thought for a moment, and the kneading method was used to run Candle dragon’s eyes, and all the power was injected into the golden eye.
Candle dragon is a good helper to investigate the enemy, but after entering hades, he is somewhat unable to do so
It is better to achieve a new avatar.
With the strength of Candle dragon’s eyes pouring into his eyes, the golden awn gradually dissipated, while the golden eyes of the stars making it difficult for them to form tiny runes.
Similar to two dragon patterns connected end to end, Yin and Yang.
Of course, the rune is too subtle to look like a golden light.
Finally, Candle dragon’s eyes are all transformed
As Wang Xuan continued to pinch the forehead and eyebrows, he slowly cracked to give birth to the third vertical eye, and the pupil was shining with silver splendor.
This third eye is not born at random.
It’s the most suitable place to take pictures of the gods by Huang Ting.
For example, some monster’s blood roots will be obsessed with the body if they want to exert their blood magical powers.
And some Buddhists are able to practice dharma, India, avatar, palm world. When they see the five aggregates, they will be familiar with them.
This Candle dragon eye contact finally has a foundation.
In the theory of distance, Candle dragon’s eyes, the sun, the moon, the yin and the yang rotate naturally, but it is already extraordinary.
And after swallowing the original avatar of Candle dragon’s eye, it occupies a congenital golden light, but it is only a leaf in the water tank
Wang Xuanxin felt something and took out three odd and six instrument plates.
This magic weapon is really mysterious, even if it takes nine days, it is extraordinary, but now it is not as good as being integrated into the eyes of the gods.
Thought of here, he threw away the three wonders and six instruments, and the gun appeared in his hand and suddenly stabbed it.
Booming …
Accompanied by a loud noise, the three wonders and six instruments crashed and cracked the black jade crystal, and the fragments were scattered in a golden dust.
It’s the magic weapon source of the three wonders and six instruments, and a hazy golden light vaguely forms the pattern of hexagrams and nine palaces, and there are three layers corresponding to the three talents of heaven, earth and man
The form and quality of this heaven and earth must be supported to form treasures, which is also the origin of those innate gods.
Therefore, if you just appear and fly around, if you fall into a rock and absorb the spirit all the year round, you will form a treasure.
Wang Xuan won’t escape the pinch method and will earn the eyebrows with a wave of his hand.
Soon the dragon-shaped Tai Chi rune was surrounded by a circle of divinatory runes, and the golden light was faint.
God’s eyes suddenly shine brightly when they are first formed.
Wang Xuanxin has a feeling of looking to the ruins of the left hall.