Keeping a low profile sometimes doesn’t matter much.
"It tastes good" tore a barbecue and tasted it. Zhou Jia’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help but praise it.
"Of course!" Luoping laughed.
"My daughter learned this barbecue from her mother. Don’t come out without barbecue seasoning, but it’s all ready."
"I can’t believe that senior brother is okay with this …" Zhou Jia’s accent suddenly gave a meal.
"Look out!"
At the same time, the arm swung out of the shield.
Luoping’s back suddenly broke, Li Xiao suddenly stabbed him in the back of the neck with a penetrating spike.
A shield stung the spikes, which also made the virtual surface like a water surface with many ripples faintly exposed.
The figure is shaped like a lizard’s long tail with spikes at the top, and the body shell is waving the long tail fiercely.
"Come again!"
Luoping dodged a bullet and couldn’t help but be surprised and angry, growl and pounce on his palms. If the situation is thunder and thunder, he will smash the lizard.
Lizards are smart in shape, and their limbs are tens of feet when they shrink, and their bodies are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye.
A few flashes will disappear in perception.
Just then.
"Or …"
Light fell from the sky and fell to the ground, and then the thunder spread in full bloom, covering the surrounding dozens of feet
Anger and thunder descended from heaven!
Lizards can be invisible, with amazing speed and great strength, but they can’t be infected with thunder. Their bodies can’t be revealed in a frozen light.
Its epidermis is not transparent, but presents a strange red limb claw, like a root blade flashing cold mountain.
Eyes without eyelids are strangely white.
Luoping growled, his arms were steep and black, and he slammed on the ground.
Fall into the ground several feet in unison.
The lizards and animals in the body spread several blood from their limbs and were directly smashed into a patty.
"Shout … shout …"
Luoping’s chest and abdomen vibrated rapidly in the vertical depression for a long time before breathing slowly and looking up.
"Brother, I owe you my life!"
"Welcome" Zhou Jia looked lizards and animals.
"This thing is the invisible monster that the elder brother said?"
"Yes" lupin nodded and shook his head.
"This end is relatively small and the strength is not strong. The end I met is much bigger, but fortunately it is small today."
"They have a strong revenge, so be careful after the younger brother."
"Well," Zhou Jia mused and went over to check the body of an animal and scraped some powder with him.
night falls
The bonfire gradually extinguished.