After practicing for more than a day, that is, at noon on Monday, Lin Jin finally managed to sing the whole song in front of his roommates. Finally, he looked forward to looking at the two roommates and expecting a good evaluation.
"To tell you the truth …" Wu Min’s face was tangled to see Lin Jinxin’s heart rise, but a moment later Wu Min smiled and said, "It’s nice."
"At least it’s better than those who auditioned for the top ten singers some time ago." Wu Minxiao is very cheap. He put his face in front of Lin Jin and smiled and asked, "When did you learn to fake? Do you often cheat money online? "
"How is that possible?" Lin Jin’s sense of honor LingRan snorted "I am that kind of person? ! I learned to fake this song specially! "
"I think it’s very possible," Wenxuan said, leaning on his desk. "You must often cheat innocent children on the Internet and let others charge you for the game."
"Impossible! This is a matter of selling my soul. How can I do such a thing! "
Lin Jin has a guilty conscience. At first, he learned to cheat. When playing online games, he could hold the local tyrant’s thigh and cheat some skin. However, he did do it. He has already cheated at least 300 yuan of skin in League of Legends. This is still because he thinks it is not good to cheat too much.
"I have something to do. Since this song can be Wu Min, please help me inform Chen Xinya to prepare a dance." Lin Jin got up and took the mobile phone and dug it out of the closet. The resealed courier box contained his makeup. "I may go out for two hours and order it for me."
"Who are you going to date?" Wu Min crossed his legs at will. "Introduce me to a younger brother and sister?"
"Go, go!" Lin Jin a face of abandon "I have a roommate like you return not bashful to bring out a disgrace to me? You’re not jealous, are you? "
"Only ghosts are jealous"
Lin Jin stopped talking to him. BB picked up the phone and took a look. There was only one hour left in the weekly time limit.
Fortunately, however, his wig arrived half an hour ago. If he hadn’t told his roommates that he would sing today and let them comment, he would have rushed out to get the courier.
"Take the courier later and then find a hotel nearby to open an hourly room …" Lin Jin muttered in his mouth and ran around the building holding the makeup courier box tightly. He looked around and ran straight to the back door of the school.
This express was delivered by SF Express, so the school newsstand was in charge of Yuantong and Shentong Express, but Lin Jinlai planned to go to the back door to look for those small hotels, so he quickly took the wig and delivered it, and then he wandered the street at the back door of the school.
He seldom comes to this street, and he is not very familiar with reading novels. In general, the street near the school is full of hotels in novels, but Lin Jin is desperate to find that the street near his school is not like this … He walks to the road and looks around for a circle, and he doesn’t see his shop except for a pile of restaurants and a train rental.
Ok, keep walking along the avenue, look around and look forward to it. It shouldn’t take half an hour to wear a wig and apply concealer when you look down from time to time, but now there are 50 minutes left after taking the courier.
Lin Jin can regret why her brain didn’t turn around earlier. When she saw the words "learn makeup", she insisted on learning makeup.
As a result, after studying for four or five days, he learned almost nothing but a few kinds of makeup. Until now, he doesn’t even know how to draw eyeliner, mainly because he is afraid that the eyeliner will poke his eye when his hand shakes.
After walking for nearly twenty minutes, when Lin Jin was going crazy, he finally saw a hotel … signboard.
This signboard is just like something more than ten years ago. The signboard also has an arrow pointing to an alley. It is dark in broad daylight, like evening, and both sides of the alley are full of garbage. Although it is all domestic garbage, there is no bad smell, but Lin Jin still refuses to go inside.
Hesitated for a moment, glanced at it for the last half hour, and Lin Jin didn’t dare to hesitate any longer, crustily skin of head, stepped on a garbage bag at the corner of the lane and walked slowly towards it step by step.
However, after 100 meters, Lin Jin finally saw the hotel, which has a lonely facade. A blank sheet of paper says there is a hotel.
"What a stupid name"
Because of the time limit, Lin Jin is in a bad mood. She walked into the store resolutely and went straight to the counter and knocked on the table and shouted, "Hello!"
"Someone! Wait a minute. "
After waiting for about five minutes, when Lin Jin was about to smash something to vent, a young man with unkempt hair came out of the room. He first glanced at Lin Jin and then looked at the door and asked strangely, "Where is he?"
"One person"
"alone?" The young man muttered, "It’s still a couple’s room."
"Hurry up and have a room for two hours one hour." Lin Jin took out his ID card from his pocket and photographed the foot of the table, shaking uneasily.
The young man glanced at his ID card and didn’t register anything. He took out a key from the counter and handed it to Lin Jin. "Go inside and turn left for the second time."
Lin Jin grabbed the key and ID card and walked quickly to the place where the young man said. Soon he came to the front of the hourly room. After opening the key, he found that there was actually a dry Kun in this hotel.
Outside, it looks so shabby that even the wood on the counter has been eaten by insects. The room inside the hotel is actually a fun suite? !
The walls of this suite are all pink and heart-shaped, decorated with a pinball and an S-shaped sofa. When the light is turned on, some dim lavender light shines from every corner of the wall, and the whole room is filled with some * * * breath.
Lin Jin’s face turned black in an instant. No wonder the hotel was remote. No wonder the young boss asked him if he was alone. So this hotel is dedicated to this?
As soon as he entered this room, Lin Jin vaguely heard a slight groan from the next room. He heard his face slam the door hard as soon as he got cold, and immediately the sound next door stopped. He also heard several curses.
But in two minutes, the moaning intensified, which made Lin Jin fidgety and almost wanted to kill someone.
"What the fuck is this!"
Chapter 21 21 Last five minutes
There’s only half an hour left.
Ignoring that the next door is still vaguely moaning, Lin Jin quickly disassembled two couriers, threw those makeup things out of bed, and then took out that wig, which was a bit difficult to pie pie.
This wig shopping network is an explosion, and it says that the monthly sales volume is more than 2.6 thousand. It is a bb short hair. Although Lin Jin doesn’t know what bb means, it looks good and she bought it.
Now he has some regrets after getting this wig.
From the net, the picture of this wig has the same texture as the real one, and the dyed color is very fresh. It looks very good, but as soon as she touched the rough feeling, Lin Jin knew that she must have been cheated by the photo.