The acquisition of the western continent has given rise to an extraordinary colonial wave in the new century. With the experience of a hundred years ago, this colonial rule is closer to the immigration rule of the earth, and the opportunity to obtain excess profits has enabled mankind to once again enter the era with the most abundant spirit and material resources in history.
People who are extremely poor can always be happy with a little thing.
For example, the last escaped dragon was captured.
It seems that newspapers have discussed the issue of protecting the last wild dragon.
"See what?" Han Jie looked at Fang bleakly in a fragrant wind.
Chen Yi, the "marcher", put her arms around her shoulder.
"There are always beautiful women in the parade. Do you think there is?"
Chen Yi looked down Han Jie’s finger and saw two familiar figures.
Ya Wen and Ning Xueyan
Yawen, dressed as a sister, seems to feel something and just looks up.
Then she hugged NingXueyan and held out two fingers.
Kexue world is a good person.
brief introduction
You really want me to save lives? Look at the shivering victim in front of me, and then look at the props column [the sharp wire], [the murderer’s gift], [the universal anesthetic] and [the invisible potion]. Baishi touches his face and is ferocious, and he is lost in thought. The salary thief vest in the winery has a limit to doing things with me. I choose to become a cat. magic change cartoon Conan
Chapter 1 truck rating
It will be hot in September.
A red and blue toy ball slipped from the child’s hand and bounced to the road in the noisy insects.
When it was about to jump off the curb and roll into the road, it reached out from the side and held it down.
Baishi picked up the ball and got up straight. A girl of six or seven years old ran over and stopped beside him.
The little girl was dressed like a little princess in a fluffy knee-high white gauze skirt with low ponytail sideburns and a lace hairpin.
It’s that she’s conscious of her appearance. She just patted the ball, and her little hand is nervously pulling her skirt and leaving some black handprints.
After a while, she eagerly looked at Baishi’s hand. "Brother, that’s my ball."
Baishi looked down at her and handed the ball back to her.
At this moment, a truck suddenly turned out of the fork in the road, grinding out the tires, crunching and crashing away along the road only one meter away from them.
The girl was startled by this huge movement, and her hand trembled and the ball almost fell back to the ground.
Baishi steadied her hand and turned her shoulder. "It’s dangerous to play in the park when you play ball, don’t wander around the door, you know?"
The girl nodded timidly and muttered, thanking her and running away with the ball.
Baishi left her alone. He went to the bottom of the shade and found a bench. He sat and stared at the front for two seconds.
Brush pull-
A 156-inch semi-transparent screen hung in front of his eyes.