The wild boar shouted and tossed its head, and I was not directly thrown out.
The wild boar suddenly rises and will attack Yu Huifei!
The wild boar was staggered by one shot, but he couldn’t get in with his rough skin and heavy back!
I can’t get away from the shotgun when I see it.
The bomb was thrown by Brother Ping, but it can be loaded immediately.
I will say, "Give it to me!"
I can throw the gun to the rest of the meeting, and I will roll and hide behind a wild boar for a collision.
At the same time, Yu Huifei turned to the second head and didn’t get up. The wild boar rushed over. When the wild boar saw Yu Huifei’s mouth, he would bite Yu Huifei. He directly inserted the shotgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger.
One shot, and one eye of the wild boar exploded from the department!
The brains jumped out and fell to the ground on the spot
"Watch your back!" Liu Xin woke up Yu Huifei.
I’ll have to give up my shotgun quickly, and I’ll avoid Nai, so I can’t come for a while.
Just then a big dog rushed out and bumped into the wild boar and flew out!
Then the big dog took a bite of the pig’s hind leg and swung it around, then directly threw the wild boar out and smashed it into the bush.
Then I listened to the wild boar scream and followed the footsteps quickly. Obviously, this stupid goods was also scared by this dog.
I will not see this and immediately breathe a sigh of relief, and then I feel that my physical strength is instantly smashed and I lie directly on the ground.
Although I didn’t just stab Yu Hui, I dodged a bullet, but it was a matter of life and death!
A slight mistake is the result of physical death.
I can’t do it until I have almost all my potential. Now that the danger is over, he will collapse directly.
The roaring dog came over and took a look at Yu Hui’s grin and wanted to say something, but look at the same running away and shaking his head with Liu Xin, and lay down beside the dead boar, saying, "This is an old battle, and no one wants to move."
In fact, who dares to touch the dog when he is so fierce?
Brother Ping and others kept the farthest distance from him directly after he came, and he dared not look at it any closer.
"Yu Hui … Yu Boss, are you okay?" Liu Xin asked
But Li leaned in and said, "Are you really a loser?"
I will give her a white hand and say, "Help me sit up."
Can be from nodded to hold the I will have to sit up.
Liu Xin handed me a kettle with a pink straw, which should be her kettle. "Want some water?"
I’ll drink it if I don’t bring it directly … After chasing them all the way, he didn’t drink much water at all, and he was already thirsty.
Looking at Yu Hui drinking water from his own thermos, Liu Xin’s expression is a bit strange …
Can leave the turned supercilious look …
Further, when Pingge and others see Yu Huifei, they can’t know each other, but they are scared to shrink together and dare not go over.
They know very well that they have broken the village rules and it is wrong to bring people into the mountains without permission.
The point is that I almost killed my non-friends this time. If I am investigated, they are probably not enough for that dog to fight!
At this time, Yu Huifei gave them a look and sneered, "Why? Not angry?
Believe it or not, you can’t beat my dog together. "
This statement is quite a kind of posture, and it is also very irritating.
However, Brother Ping and others have seen the fighting capacity of the dog, and they have no temper.
Chapter 74 Hunter’s Cabin
But when the roaring dog heard this, it was very uncomfortable. After a glance, he muttered in his heart, "When the fucking thing is over, it will become a dog in your house … Grandma’s leg …"
I’m not going to do this. It’s mainly to deter Brother Ping and them.
He knows very well that he and brother Ping have a problem with each other, and he collapsed for a short time in the mountains and forests.
Afraid of problems … Give them a warning first.
Brother Ping wry smile way "Yu boss see you say this.
Although we had our differences before, today you saved our lives.
Even if we are no longer things, we still understand this truth.
After you have a boss, we will stay out of the way. If you have a brother’s place, don’t go through fire and water and do your best! "
This statement is very true, and it will be comfortable for me to listen to it.
I will not say, "What about our previous debts?"
Brother Ping waved his hand and said, "Ping!"
I will laugh, but I still shake my head and say, "Just give me your high interest. I will still pay back my debts and money. I know this and I won’t blame."