At the same time, reach out and grab the peach wooden sword.
The tall zombie waved his arm and smashed the young tree, but it slowed down because of this block.
It seems that the dull and fragile peach wooden sword directly pierces Zhang Yang’s palm and comes out from the elbow obliquely.
A burst of smoke rises. Wherever it comes into contact with the peach wooden sword, Zhang Yang’s flesh and blood is a piece of anxiety and great pain reaching the soul.
Zhang Yang couldn’t help but let out a roar from his throat. Strong willpower supported his figure and swung his other arm forward without stopping.
Black and shiny nails and claws generally cut off the neck of thin middle-aged people instantly
"Gollum" rolled to one side like a good skull ball; Blood gushed out of the cavity like a blowout.
Behind him, he growled at the tall zombie’s face, and his expression was transient and numb, and then he showed bloodthirsty expression and jumped at the thin middle-aged body
Zhang Yang is her so many peach wooden swords; Dragged the body into the bag, rolled a few blood coffins next to it, and put the broken black banner in the bag.
Then, a divine character takes a picture of the whole person, and generally escapes to the distance.
Chapter 39 Extreme hiding
U-shaped valley hundreds of miles away
In the vast moonlight, several figures fly across the sky with swords, and it’s really a bit high. The feeling is that they are carrying a small coffin more than a foot long on their backs, but it’s really a bit of a spoil the fun.
Look at these people. The direction is straight to Yinquan Cave.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
In the long night, a few people went directly to the cave mouth as if they were guided.
A figure came out of the cave. It was the old man with a black beard, a thin middle-aged man named Master Long.
"Ha, ha, ha, brother Zhou personally led your younger brother to come here. This younger brother can finally be relieved." The old man with a black beard shouted at a man who looked a few years younger than him and was slightly obese. He laughed.
"Ha ha, brother Zhang came quickly!" "Brother Zhou" said with a smile on his face.
In the door of corpse refining, the strength of peers is not ranked according to age and entry, but according to the strength theory. Poor strength means that everything is so naked, naked, and naked.
"where! Where! I just got here early when I received the sect order. "
The old man with black beard said that he would describe the situation to Brother Zhou after coming here.
"Oh, so several people in Yao Wang found that Yin Quan was active but died tragically. If you can catch the murderer, it will be a great contribution to my corpse smelting door." Brother Zhou said with a touch of fat toot.
"The effectiveness of the master is that the inferior disciples are honored to do things and dare not ask for merit."
A few people are polite.
Brother Zhou pointed to the mouth of the cave and said
"Then let’s go and see this Yin spring! I don’t know which is better than my sect! "
The black beard old man’s heart andao-you’re heavy, but the surface is polite and unusually leading the way.
Just go to the mouth of the cave, suddenly the old man with black beard changed his face and reached out and took out a jade slip from his arms.
Seeing that the color of this jade Jane is fading with the naked eye, the "honk boom" turns out to be completely broken in seconds.
"hmm? Is it a nephew of Shilong? " Brother Zhou, several people stopped to see this scene and asked
"It is bad ACTS! People die and cards are broken! It seems that he is out of business. "The old man with black beard looks a little ugly.
After all, although the corpse-refining door doesn’t emphasize friendship, mentoring can still help. It’s hard to cultivate such an apprentice, and he can formally become his own sect in the advanced foundation period. No one will be happy when his arms suddenly die.
"There are several senior brothers in Yinquan here, which can be guaranteed in case of losing the younger brother. I just want to take a trip to see if it is Fang Sheng who has slaughtered my corpse again and again. Brother Zhou’s permission is requested." The old man with black beard handed over.
Brother Zhou nods after a little hesitation
"All right! I don’t know the thief’s strength. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for younger brother Liu Gu to go alone. Come with me! "
An old man next to him showed a reluctant expression like a dead tree, but he dared not disobey the order of "Brother Zhou" and nodded.
If you think about it, it’s close to Yin Quan’s eyes. If you arrive first, but you don’t even have a chance to get some benefits, where can you be willing to be transferred?
Brother Zhou certainly understands this truth.
It is this Liu Gu who still has more than ten years to go to Shou Yuan, but he still has no chance to push his luck in his life in the middle of the construction period, so Brother Zhou doesn’t have to care about his feelings.
"Brother Xie Zhou! Then there is Lao Liu’s younger brother! "
It’s urgent and not very polite. The two men left for the west with their swords
Besides, after Zhang Yang killed the thin middle-aged man, he couldn’t stay for a moment and fled to the west at the fastest speed.