Isn’t this more interesting than Jianghu swords?
The young man in red doesn’t know what’s going on in his best friend’s heart. Looking at his eyes slightly narrowed and his face covered, he seems to be immersed in the Zen rhyme of Buddhist Jing Ya, so he deliberately sighs.
"Nie Feng, when your father tells me stories, he often talks about things that concern you."
Nie Feng wonders, "Oh?"
The young man in red-Broken Wave imitates the tone of a vicissitudes man. "At first, I listened to the master’s lecture to dissolve the crazy blood of my ancestors, but I don’t know when Yan Ying and Feng Er were more concerned about that scripture than I was."
"If the wind doesn’t want to escape into the door one day, won’t my daughter-in-law and grandson all talk?"
Nie Feng fan brokeback shoulder knocked a "you! If you want to tease, you must borrow my dad’s tone? "
In recent years, although Nie Renwang has become more and more bohemian after he retired, he can take Sugar-Coated Berry to amuse children, but he should not talk to the younger generation about his child’s marriage.
After all, he and Duanlang are less than forty years old, and it is not uncommon for most men in today’s atmosphere to get married late, even if their daughter’s family is interested in going out to travel, it is not uncommon to get married when they are near.
So where is this time to consider when you get married and start a family?
Nie Feng didn’t want to dwell on this topic any more. He simply changed the broken waves and was interested in pointing the folding fan forward and said, "Have you noticed that all the people in the Jianghu with some skills are moving in the same direction when we come out of Mount Tai?"
"Well, is there?"
Broken waves carefully recalled a face and soon showed surprise.
The two of them have passed through many cities since they came out of Mount Tai, and it seems that every city sees people in the Jianghu moving in the same direction.
A rough calculation shows that the number of people is already 30 thousand
In this way, the number of people who are all martial arts practitioners has almost been able to form a general trend.
Actually, after breaking the waves from Mount Tai, I haven’t thought about where to go. The two of them are walking around, looking at the bustling scenery everywhere.
But before you know it, the two of them have been influenced by this crowd, and the routes are gradually overlapping.
"It’s true." Broken waves got excited and a little annoyed at how they found out now, so they eagerly said, "Maybe there’s something big happening ahead for me to ask someone."
Nie Feng stopped him. "Don’t worry about this. I’ll probably get it when it’s a city."
Although they are friends, they are quite different in character.
Breaking the waves clamors for fame in the Jianghu, but after all, Mount Tai grew up quietly, he was blinded by the prosperity in the city, and he had to try anything new before he came to have a good heart to show the situation in the Jianghu.
As soon as he went to buy this outfit, Nie Feng found a teahouse and listened to some recent events.
After Nie Feng briefly said it again, the broken waves have listened with carefree longing and said, "The strong people at the top of the Seven Days often claim to be masters of Jianghu mirrors."
"It’s unexpected that the situation has changed so much recently after 30 years of division."
"ha! We really made the right choice to go out this year. "
Break the waves, whistle, whip, whip, hoof, hoof, hoof and dust, and run quickly down this road.
Nie Feng had long expected that this friend would never loiter again and chase after it was over.
They came all the way, and the sight they saw day and night became more and more exciting.
The roots of seeing Wulin people in the first few cities are a drop in the ocean. The closer Niu Yi Mao is to Tianshan Mountain, the greater the distribution density of Jianghu people.
It’s not just the people in the Jianghu, they also see many vendors selling their goods, drinks and cakes to those heroic and generous Jianghu visitors.
It is not surprising that Yi Nie and Duan still feel that they are going to a martial arts event, but they are somewhat enthusiastic about it.
Later, with the scene getting bigger and bigger, they gradually gave birth to a somewhat unreal feeling. At a glance, they felt that there were crowds everywhere, and maybe the scholars, industry and commerce and the 360-line dress-up could find a neat place from it.
Where is this just "watching" three words can explain it?
It’s like a huge migration.
On this day, there are still more than ten miles away from the Tianshan boundary pillar, and the two men have a rest.
Breaking the waves, I bought two gourds, claiming to be "authentic ice-soaked sour plum soup" and came back with a frown. "It’s so strange that Nie Bobo and my dad never said that a few masters had such a big impact before they really fought!"
He handed a gourd of soup to Nie Feng and said with a strange smile, "You know, I just asked again by the way and found out that no one knew what day those wars were scheduled."
Rao is Nie Feng’s natural calm mind. At this time, he can’t help but give birth to something in distress situation and difficult to understand emotions.
No one has ever promised to entertain these people at a grand event, and no one has invited them. I don’t know exactly when it will alarm the sky and cause hundreds of thousands of people to take action
This is so different from the old anecdotes they heard from their elders.
In the final analysis, since the deployment of arms in China, the influence of the hundred-year martial arts trend is not only that the strong are stronger and more powerful, but also that the grassroots people are thriving.
It used to take ten people to farm, but now it may take one person to do it properly.
It used to take ten days to embroider clothes. In today’s era, it may take a lamp of tea to send a few embroidered mothers who have cultivated dexterous kung fu.
All kinds of work are not like this!
So there are more and more idle people, and more and more people have the ability to put them into action.
When Nie Feng was drinking iced sour plum soup, he looked at those people who shuttled hundreds of pounds of heavy objects with one hand, and his heart was faint.
The 70 years before the drastic changes in the past century were too chaotic, and no one in any industry was stable, but the last 30 years were finally stable, so the changes accumulated in the past flourished in these 30 years