My head flew to a 99-story tower and fell into the sea.
Lin Yuxing hissed and complained discontentedly, "Why don’t I give you painkillers? It hurts me to do this … it’s better to stick it in a little bit and let me die … When I die, Musashi will have no wings, and Youshu will inherit the Long Island family and there will be no more opponents … You can be the richest man in the country after Youshu!"
At last, the indifferent face of Youshu revealed a smile of a nine-year-old child. "I will never fail you like Sakura Court, sir. Of course, it would be best if you could come to Long Island to help me realize my wish, but I think you are tired of it. You were tired of it when you learned that Sakura Court hired the necromancer to deal with you."
"Yes," gasped Lin Yuhang, pressing his heart, frowning with pain. "I almost realized my wish …"
"Fortunately, I found that your acting" hemostatic and analgesic "was really deadly and poisonous, Mr. Lin. I’m sorry." Youshu grinned like a sunny doll next to his father’s head. "So I didn’t put any medicine on my dagger, Mr. Harlem. Am I the first person in this world to know your wishes?"
Lin Yuhang staggered to hold the wall. The dagger missed his heart by an inch, but he still lost a lot of blood. He was so painful and cold that he lost so much blood that he couldn’t make any effort. Youshu wanted to help him, but he wouldn’t let himself lean over the sea breeze. The terrace was crumbling.
Musashi’s heart is about to jump out.
"Mr. Lin, listen to me. I’m not me …"
A thousand words were interrupted.
Needless to say, Lin Yuxing dragged his cloak with his eyes closed and the snow swept over his eyebrows. I’m not stupid, he said. You never understood me for a day.
Musashi also argued that he was scolded by the tree. "You really don’t know how to cherish Mr. Lin, such a good man. Look at what you made him angry with." What is it that this world is always full of fools like you? You cann’t believe it. the necromancer rules supreme. no, you don’t have Mr. Lin from long island! It was Mr. Lin who was rescued from Shatiya Institute when he went to Tara to help you catch traitors! They are all loyal to Mr. Lin as soon as they take effect! "
Yusuke added, "And he handed over the necromancer rule to me a week ago on condition that I promised him that I would never be your enemy."
Musashi felt an invisible hand pinching his neck. Before the truth, he had difficulty breathing. He suddenly remembered that it was a week ago that Lin Yuhang told him that you can rest assured that I will help you take care of Baao Island, but he didn’t believe it or wait.
Youshu said, "Come and wait for me to kill Kangjiebao Island in Long Island, and it will be you. I won’t argue with you. Unfortunately, you idiot insisted on kidnapping me, just as Mr. Lin expected. This is what you will do!"
"So … will come here eventually …" It is said that LinYu’s voice is so weak that he is about to be overwhelmed by the snow, but he is unexpectedly happy that it seems that he has finally ended a long and distant trip, which makes people doubt that he can see the long-awaited land of his hometown in one second.
He said-"I still have a fourth principle. I don’t want to make magic … I desperately want to be a human body and be with you … I can be a human being once, and you pushed me back …"
"Let’s call it a day … Musashi."
"You and I don’t have to see each other again …"
"Ah …"
"People …"
Musashi and Woosuke watched him fall from a ninety-nine-story tower like a broken kite.
A farewell dagger was still stuck in his chest and there was a smile on his mouth.
They reached out in vain to catch him.
Hearing him choke a deep red smile, he quickly fell into the stormy sea.
"Mr. Sakura Court," Youshu cried, wiping his face with hot tears. "Now there is no opponent to stop you. Are you happy, Mr. Lin? Is it worth it?"
Sakura court musashi still stood with a glassy stare.
"Anyway, I won’t change it," said Youshu. "There’s nothing worthy of kindness in this world."
Musashi holds his head and has a splitting headache. He doesn’t believe what happened today. He just needs to sleep. He wants to wake up and go back to that man in the afternoon sunshine a week ago and happily say to him, Musashi, I want to eat seafood dinner tonight! You call that English chef back to cook for me. Well, you mean Baao Island? Oh, don’t worry, I will take care of it for you!
"I don’t believe it …" Musashi sobbed. "I don’t believe it’s because of my poor reading … he wants to punish me like this …"
"A poor mind? ?” On the tree suddenly smile through tears "don’t you have any suspicion in my heart? Sakura court, when you came in and saw Mr. Lin fall, I heard you laughing! "
After hearing this sentence, Sakura Tingmusashi sat down like a bottom in despair.
The nine-year-old smiled like a delicate little demon-"You know, Sakura Court asked Mr. Lin first. Oh, I always suspected that my mother was killed rather than an accident. Because of my mother’s funeral, I heard Yasuke laugh in my heart. Later, I realized that my mother was an innate lineage" perceptor ".This lineage is not destructive. We are fragile, but we are born to feel the thoughts of others. The world is boiling forever."
"My mother was a SABI agent who came to this country ten years ago to investigate the secret of Long Island Kangsuke’s making a fortune by illegal forces, but he fell in love, got married, lived anonymously and betrayed the organization. Later, Long Island Kangsuke found out that my mother was a traitor, and he faked a traffic accident and killed her with a perfect alibi … It was not until I saw Long Island Kangsuke’s ecstasy at my funeral that I decided to take revenge on my mother."
"I found Mr. Lin. He is a very strange person. I can’t see the color in his heart or hear the truth. You don’t have to be too sad about him. You and I will not be able to keep him sooner or later."
"You know, he promised to help me, and I promised to play with him. We were a perfect win-win situation, but the painkiller he gave me was really toxic and a drop was fatal. Haha, people like him … no sorrow and no happiness."
"I was once as crazy and pathetic as I was, but later I found that the person who was not crazy and pathetic was just myself, and I was only" sad "when I could do it for him."
"Maybe I can be a little more worried, because Mr. Lin is finally free from this human body that he can’t have."
"However," Yosuke taunted Musashi in a condescending tone that didn’t fit his age. "Mr. Sakura, you don’t want to report me to the Committee so that I can give you the necromancer control. I can know what you are thinking."
"Don’t worry, it doesn’t really affect my life whether I am registered or not, but if I wear a dog chain, I can be an official. I will see you again one day in the future and I won’t see anyone. Even if I am hated by him, I think I will be happy."
-"You don’t know how much I envy you, silly cherry court."
A silly cherry blossom court ended, and then 20 years passed in an instant.
The color memory, the light, the sage’s hands drift into clouds with the wind.
"So this is not your memory …" He said stupefied. "This is Sakura Musashi memory …"
"Yes," Lin Yuxing said heartlessly, "I tricked him into giving me this memory because I was too lazy to find me and said that I would give it back to him when he was well, so he wouldn’t worry about forgetting me."
Wang Egg smiled heartily-"This is what I said to him in my ward."
"So you’re still mad at him."
"The sage said yes."
"In the end, he forgot you. What he remembers most is not this matter, but you."
"that’s his business."
"What did Youshu say to you?"
"What what?"
"The secret"
"Oh, I’ll tell the sage if the sage guessed it."