Su Yu’s figure flew quickly, her eyes slightly narrowed and she looked down at these demon slaves.
Demon slaves dare not look up at Su Yu’s sharp eyes and bow their heads, gnashing their teeth and hiding deep resentment.
They absolutely can’t accept that the warrior in the open abyss plane was defeated by a world emperor!
This is a shame!
However, it is a fact that they were defeated by Su Yu. It is a fact that stung their height and self-esteem!
"You come? How many people did you come? Answer me, deep demons! "
Su Yu’s cold sound rises.
"If we tell the truth, Su Da, will you leave us alone?"
A demon slave eyes wandered around and looked up and said with a flattering smile
With his ugly black face in that chapter, this smile seems to seep into people.
Su Yu was slightly silent. His heart brought up Mr. Bai Yan and handed him the demon data for reference.
[Demons betray, kill, lie and be greedy. Extremely evil creatures were born in the dark and dark abyss]
Obviously, it is really difficult to extract information from the devil’s mouth.
In particular, these demon slaves have demon lords, and they will never disclose information to the enemy under the threat of demon lords.
It’s hard for Su Yu to get any information from them.
After Su Yu learned this, Ma Xin asked Tong if there was any way for them to tell the truth! Can the truth Dan and the soul Dan be? "
[Sorry, host, your current territory level is not high enough. You can exchange props that can make demon creatures tell the truth]
Unified sound
Demons are very special creatures. They are a headache for the gods all over the sky. It’s easy to kill them, but it’s even harder to convince them to tell the truth and kill them!
When Su Yu was silent, the demon slave smiled obsequiously and explained that he talked endlessly about the conditions to Su Yu, constantly emphasizing how great benefits they could bring to Su Yu.
"We are an honest and loving race, and we hope for information in exchange for our lives."
No one likes the devil of death, and neither does he.
There are almost natural things to fight for.
Su Yu glanced at this group of demons coldly and made a snap of his fingers indifferently.
Have you eaten?
What does this mean?
The words of the demon slaves suddenly stopped, and twenty demon slaves were dumbfounded.
Tsing lung virtual shadows are roaring, and the number of tsing lung virtual shadows is fast, and the mouth suddenly swallows twenty demon slaves to the body.
"Ah ah ah!"
Demon slaves squeal and scream, and powerful dragon gas devours the demon slaves’ bodies, and black fog spews out with the naked eye. Every demon slave’s body is shrinking with the naked eye.
It turns out that "eat" means let the dragon eat us!
This is the only remaining consciousness before the death of the demon slaves.
A lot of dragon spirit forcibly kills the abyss breath of these demon slaves and then kills them completely.
This is how Su Yu just got the information to kill the devil.
Demons are not easy to kill, especially those in the abyss! They’re exhausted from the abyss. Demons are undead!
Now that Fa has information, kill these enemies.
Su Yu never dragged his feet, and the villain died of many words. This mistake Su Yu will never make.
Qian Yu City has just finished pranayama. Su Long just opened his eyes and saw the scene of Su Yu manipulating the dragons to kill twenty black people.
"Feather has really become stronger!"
There was a hint of relief in Su Long’s voice. He didn’t eat that little elixir, but fed it to Lu Bu, who was seriously injured.
This elixir is really powerful, but before Lyu3 bu4 breaks, his right arm has grown alive! Physical injuries and external wounds have also disappeared.
Lyu3 bu4 returned to normal except that there was no vigorous body swing.
"I owe my life to the emperor first."
Lyu3 bu4 wry smile this battle to the end to bother the emperor to end, it is a hard thing for a better general to accept.
Alas, it’s a shame that being a general is not as strong as being an emperor.
Andrew looked feverishly at the white figure in the sky and muttered, "The master is the master!"
God, the battle has just ended.
And the ground war continues.
Cisel’s hands have lost an environmental master, and even the foreign aid demon slaves are all dead.
Cisel saw Su Yu killing the demon slaves, and the corner of his eye twitched uncontrollably behind the scenes-he didn’t forget that the night emperor seriously told him that "the identity of this group of messengers is very important! Never let them get hurt! "
Now the emissary’s adults are not injured, but their department was swallowed by Su Yu Qinglong.
How am I supposed to tell the night king?
I said, hey! Your emissaries have been eaten by Su Yulong!
Cisel’s mouth is bitter. He really can’t figure out how he suddenly lost all the high-end combat power in the battlefield.
Blame this damned Terran Emperor! Blame this Su Yu!
How can I fight without the help of an expert in the field?
Chapter 373 A recruit anger killed three million!
Su Yu snap his fingers when Cisel became speechless.
"pa ~!"
The virtual shadows of Qinglong dissipate Rao because Su Yu now has the great strength of Lu Bu, but he dare not limit the consumption of vigorous gas to maintain these Qinglong.
Summoning the virtual shadow of Qinglong is too consuming
Just fighting the demon slaves for a few minutes has left Su Yu with a few methods to maintain the virtual shadow of Qinglong.
However, ground fighting continues.
Bing Wolf Riders are very powerful, but there is such a big place at the city gate that Bing Wolf Riders can fight out of the city orcs.
But there are 100,000 wolves riding in Bing and millions of orcs!
Bing Wolf riders alone can’t kill the orcs.
When Su Yu solved the demon slaves, Bingzhou Wolf Rider had already killed 10,000 people. They had been oppressed by a large number of Wolf Riders, Tiger People and Bear People and kept retreating.
Although the enemy’s peak combat power on the battlefield has been solved, their army has not suffered any damage
The orcs roared and strode towards the charge. A large number of ground army legions killed Bingzhou wolves and rode back step by step!
It’s not that Terran soldiers are not strong enough, but that they have too many enemies to face!
Killed an orc and two orcs came out!
Two orcs were killed and four orcs came out!
This one can’t be killed!
Soldiers are people, too. Their killers are getting soft! It’s almost gone!
In addition to the centaur archers covering the Bing Wolf riders, others need to stay on the wall to guard against the Mongolian giants coming to attack the city.