Have a look at this child … and treat her like a bad person? Although the child really has nothing to do with her, she still feels at ease that she is not a bad person, but what if the child wanders around the street alone at this late hour and really meets a bad person?
"Children, you don’t run! Aunt is not a bad person! "
Life didn’t want to follow closely behind Yuan Xilang and chased him out.
Although Yuan Xilang is a little boy, it is really fast to give birth to a 2-year-old girl. It is not so easy to chase him, and Yuan Xilang has a bad temper. The more he chases him, the faster he runs.
"What to do, what to do? Why does that aunt keep chasing me? "
Yuan Xilang’s little head turned fast and looked around to see a police booth with a wide mouth at the intersection. "Hum! See you still chasing me! "
Yuan Xilang rushed to the police booth and squatted at the door, patting the door with his little hand. "Uncle police, uncle police … help me! There are bad people chasing me!"
The police didn’t hit the door until Yuan Xilang drilled into it, and the student was panting and lying on the door frame. "Oh, this child is running so fast! What are you running for? Do I look like a bad person? "
The police looked at the situation. "What’s the matter? How can you drive children out of the street? "
Life is in distress situation. "You and I are willing. I mean well! I’m afraid the child is lost! Parents are not around … "
"Uncle police, I don’t know her!" Yuan Xilang drilled a small head from behind the police and looked at life with a face of alert.
Was dumbfounded the police show a face of lost face "oh? Kindness? Then please come with my police station? "
So Yuan Xilang was taken to the police station with Sheng.
When you come to a place like this, Yuan Xilang is not afraid. This is the safest place.
The police officers saw that Yuan Xilang was cute and came to tease him. They also took out all kinds of delicious food to coax him, and that life was miserable. The police officers were holding on to the record and their hair was scratched. "Officer! How many times do I have to say it! I’m not going to do anything to this kid … I’m watching him walking alone in the street in case he meets any bad guys! "
"The bad guys don’t you just? Be honest! Record the mouth! "
If you are angry, don’t just lie on the table and play dead …
"Do you remember the child’s home phone number or home address?" The police officers tried to get some information from Yuan Xilang to send him home.
But Yuan Xilang cocked his little head and licked his fingers and cheeks to help him think about his home address and number. He doesn’t remember any of them! If only Xiao Bao’s younger brother were here, he must remember, but there is no Xiao Bao’s younger brother who can’t talk!
"I don’t remember"
Yuan Xilang blinked. He didn’t realize that he didn’t remember such a sentence, which made the adults crazy to find him!
Because of Yuan Xilang’s information, he is a’ Star’ early education student, and there is also Ruan Danning Industrial Company, but these two places have already started work now, so it seems that we will have to wait until dawn every day.
After half a day’s explanation, the student finally got rid of the’ bad guy’. The suspected police officer said that she could go.
Born before he left, he caught a glimpse of Yuan Xilang and gnashed his teeth to hate "bad boy! Is it really good to bully girls like this? I am trying to help you! "
"…" Yuan Xilang see her eyes red like injustice to cry suddenly feel whether I made a mistake? In fact, the aunt didn’t do anything to her, so he took people to the police station and asked a bunch of uncles to ask her a lot of questions.
Little conscience Yuan Xilang raised his hand and handed the biscuit to Sheng. "Aunt, don’t be angry. Are you hungry? Invite you to eat crepes. "
I was born angry, but when I saw Yuan Xilang like this, my heart melted again. I took a bite of the crepe and forgave him. "Forget it, aunt, I’m not angry. You’re here alone. It’s safe here. When the day comes, they will join your family."
"Aunt, are you leaving?" Yuan Xilang took her hand and couldn’t bear to be in the police station with a bunch of smelly uncles. Of course, this aunt is better. "I don’t want to be here alone. Will you stay with me? Aunt, aren’t you very worried about me? "
MengMeng, with eyes as big as ebony, blinked and fell completely, and the tie just nodded "OK!"
As a result, Yuan Xilang was held by the pizza parlor student and slept on the bench in the police station for one night. Yuan Xilang nestled in the young aunt’s arms and felt that she was fragrant and soon fell asleep.
Chapter 277 Is it Dad?
The Ruan Danning family didn’t sleep a wink in a hurry, worrying about their children and not being able to explain to Le Xuewei.
The next morning, I received a call from the’ Star’ Early Education Park.
"What?" Ruan Danning listen to the words in the police officer sound Teng up from the sofa "what did you say? Is the child at school? Ok … thank you, we will be here soon! "
Ruan Danning’s head will blow up this little thing! Nothing to wander around … Scare the adults at home to death and toss and turn the country A and the imperial city! Little thing is to teach a good lesson!
The Ruan family rushed to the’ Star’ Early Education Park, and Yuan Xilang was still lying in the arms of the student who was feeding him breakfast yesterday.
"Yuan Xilang!"
Ruan Danning shouted at Yuan Xilang, and her eyes were all red. "You, you child …" Ruan Danning was so surprised and angry that he was speechless at the moment, but the child didn’t come back one night. It is estimated that he also suffered outside. Ruan Danning kept from scolding him.
Suppress a "you! Yuan Xilang, you are in big trouble. See how you tell your mother! "
"mom? Is mom here? " On hearing his mother, Yuan Xilang immediately jumped to embrace Ruan Danning’s thigh and asked, "Is Danny’s mother here? Is mom coming with dad? "
Ruan Danning zheng this is the first time in three years that she heard the word dad from a child’s mouth.
Because the twins were born without a father, they have been deliberately avoiding this problem, although they know that it is inevitable that Ruan Danning will be flustered sooner or later. Le Xuewei is coming, and Yu’s father has no way to hide it.
Le Xuewei arrived in country A at four or five o’clock in the afternoon. This issue has received news that Yuan Xilang has arrived home safely.
But even so, Le Xuewei rushed into Ruan’s house without any relaxation or stagnation.
"Xue Wei is here?"
Ruan Danning came to the door and looked at Le Xuewei awkward.
Le Xuewei looked worried. "Where’s Dabao?"
"Don’t be impulsive when you play with Xiao Bao inside … talk about it?" Ruan Danning understands girlfriends’ sex, pulls her and wakes her up kindly.
Le Xuewei fudged to rush her in the bedroom. Now I can’t promise anything. Liang Siwen followed Le Xuewei closely and nodded at Ruan Danning. "Hello". He and Ruan Danning have long known each other, but he has always been a classmate of Le Xuewei in country A. Now I know that they have long known each other.
"Come in and sit down!"
Liang Siwen gently jaw ready to follow up the bedroom was Ruan Danning pulled "you don’t go to their mother, I think it’s better not to intervene".
Liang Siwen is right. He is an outsider.
"Mr. Liang, please come and have a cup of tea …"
In the bedroom, Le Xuewei pushed the door and walked in. Dabao Xiaobao was sitting on the carpet playing with the train. Dabao kept muttering, while Xiaobao was quiet. He didn’t even knit his eyebrows about how his brother made trouble.
See intact damage two son LeXueWei knees a soft kneel to the ground.
Burst’ twins turned their heads together.