"Ha ha, he’s trying to save his life and he doesn’t know his last name." Yongdong ourtenant waved and shouted, "Little Six, you play with him."
The young man in front immediately waved his hand and shouted "1,500" when he heard this.
"Two thousand" Ma Laoer didn’t blink.
"two thousand five hundred"
"three thousand"
The two sides have already bid for 3,000 yuan in less than five seconds, and this figure has already exceeded the scope of active atmosphere. The guests know in their hearts that these two families are desperate, and they are no longer holding a playful attitude.
At the door, Liu Shu frowned and woke up at Ma Laoer. "Is it worth the whole bitch to get almost three thousand dollars?"
"It’s not about money," Ma Laoer shouted, stretching his legs and staring at Yongdong’s mouth with a smile. "Hey, did you play in your pocket? No, I asked her to come over for a drink. "
The guy in front of the inside came back and bent down to Yongdong and asked, "Do you still shout?"
"Stop shouting," said Yongdong with a gloomy face. "Let him pretend if he wants to."
"Is there more than 3,000 in 3,000?" The host shouted and asked
There is no response in the house.
"Let’s invite Ms. Demon Ji to propose a toast to the boss at the door." The host greeted her.
Ma Laoer got up and turned around and asked, "Do you have any money in your pocket?"
Liu Shu said in silence, "You have no money. What are you yelling about?"
"Is there?" Ma Laoer asked impatiently.
"Yes" Liu Shu nodded.
Ma Laoer immediately pointed to Yongdong and shouted at the host, "I won’t drink wine. Let the girl go to their table. That eldest brother is probably a little thirsty after shouting for a long time. Hahaha!"
The voice-dropping room was suddenly quiet, and the experienced host didn’t know how to answer the words at the moment.
Yongdong looks extremely ugly and sits on the sofa without saying a word.
"I hold the underpants when I was a while ago, so why are you still here? !”
A strong man suddenly jumped up from the sofa, picked up the table bottle and threw it to Ma Er’s side with a swish.
The bottle smashed the table and broke, and a conflict happened predictably.
The other seven people rushed to me, scratching, just like Ma Laoer and others, and Yongdong sofa shouted several times to stop it, but it didn’t work.
Although I have drunk the second horse, I am very strong, but the number of people on my side is small. Plus, the casino workers are also going to Yongdong, and they will soon suffer.
Three or four people will Ma Laoer block the corner of the door is a fist.
Liu Shu’s tearing at three troubled stablehands by himself didn’t hurt at all, but it was held up.
A chaotic battle lasted for about seven minutes, and finally the horse’s second child was beaten by a bomb.
The casino manager hurried to pull the other side and then rushed to Ma Laoer and said, "What do you think this is? Everyone knows you. Isn’t it embarrassing for me to do things here? "
Ma Laoer wiped a nosebleed and said with a casual smile, "It’s okay, it’s okay. I won’t sober up until I have a meal with you."
"Do you have a car? Go to the hospital?" The manager asked a.
"No, what are you looking at this injury?" Ma Laoer smiled and wiped the blood on the back of his hand. It seemed that he had drunk too much, but he was very rational and said to the manager, "Sorry for your trouble."
"I’m fine, but the boss will be dissatisfied. Forget it. Go and wash."
"No, no, I’m leaving." Ma Laoer took the lead in leaving the casino.
Liu Shu, the car at the door, said with dissatisfaction, "You said that this picture was spent and you were beaten back to let Ma Shu know that you would definitely scold you."
"Didn’t you get there just now? I drank too much today …! " Ma Laoer rudely tore a piece of paper towel and stuffed it in his nose and said, "Let’s go back to sleep."
"Alas, when can you make something less?" Liu Shu sighed.
Music bar
After the manager asked people to clean up the door, they went to Yongdong Card Station to sit on the sofa and said, "Brother, don’t drink. Trust me, you should go home early."
"What’s the matter?" Yongdong crooked neck asked 1
Chapter seventy A headstrong man
Yongdong had already wanted to leave, but when the manager said this, he suddenly felt a little embarrassed. "Hehe, why did you kick me out?"
"Ma Laoer is an idiot. He never suffers from dirt street," the manager said in a low voice. "He didn’t drink less today. I guess he will come back later."
Yongdong secretly scolded the manager for being talkative, but at the same time he knew that Ma Laoer was a careless character. He didn’t compare himself with such a tiger. He felt that he had been sent here. Let’s go. It was a bit embarrassing as if he was afraid of Ma Laoer. If he doesn’t leave, he’s afraid of trouble.
Think about it for a long time. Yongdong smiled and replied, "It’s okay. I won’t leave if he doesn’t come today."