"Okay, I’ll wait for you in my building."
Two people say that finish Lin Nianlei hang up the phone shook his head and sighed, "ah, since I told Qin Yu … what is this work will be done … fate! Hey! !”
Head Room, No.63, Reception Building
Gu Yan ordered a plate of sandalwood and was sitting quietly watching and continuing to study the second half of the first page of Tao Te Ching.
There was a knock at the door and the bodyguard pushed the door and came in. "The commander in chief, Miss Puya, wants to see you."
Gu Yan didn’t look back. "I see you tell her to wait a minute …"
Before the words were finished, Puya appeared at the door and asked with a smile, "Is Commander Gu busy?"
Gu Yan looked at the people coming and it was not good for him to pretend to be B again. He immediately turned with a smile.
Bright lights Puya tall and smiling appeared in front of his eyes.
Today, Puya’s dress style is completely different from that of the dinner party. She is not so rigid and routine, but wearing a light blue trench coat, a white scarf, a pair of fleshy wool slimming pants and her feet stepping on Victoria Christina Hesketh …
Isn’t this the first love girlfriend dress in college?
She doesn’t wear makeup, and her face is crystal clear; She smiled with sunshine as if she could cure all people’s pain.
Also, those slimming pants perfectly protrude Puya’s figure and directly break the defense of Gu Xianshi’s mind.
Gu Yan was dazed and immediately got up and asked, "Hehe, what’s the matter?"
"Nothing. Mrs. Qin asked us out for a walk. Do you have it?"
"I have too much! I’m so idle! !” Gu Yan threw the bed directly to Tao Te Ching and immediately nodded and replied, "Let’s go …"
Five minutes later, Lin Nianlei gave Qin Yu a message about the situation.
Qin Yu gnashed her teeth directly after listening to scold a way "he is absolutely installed! This king egg has been willing to do the whole thing since he was a student. He must want to pay more attention to my army … I thought that if he really wanted to become a monk, the earth might be destroyed. "
"I’ll take a look at the situation later. If the direction is right, I’ll run away," Lin Nianlei said in a low voice. "I’m too old to see a guy being greasy."
"Hurry back and let’s study the triplet."
"get out!"
It is estimated that there are few people who can make Qin Yu so considerate. Gu Yan must have been affected by family matters, but he is not afraid …
He also has these old brothers who want to be gentle.
Li Bokang took the words and sprayed with the headquarters. "Is there a fart infrastructure here? ! Even the toilets here have to be rebuilt. It’s been three days since it was pulled in the snow. I tell you that the headquarters must take care of the other party’s materials and a lot of materials. First of all, we must solve the problem of eating and defecating! "
It doesn’t seem to feel good to send people to the fence.
Chapter 257 Lao Meng, your heart is too dark
The Supreme Military and Political Department in Yanbei District will not leave until after nine o’clock in the evening, and there is no rest for a day. Meng Xi can barely squeeze out a bowl of rice at this moment.
In the lounge, Meng Xi is studying the report brought back from the Ministry of Military Affairs while eating a simple lunch of three vegetables and one meat.
After the war, Qin Yu claimed to grasp the general strategic direction, and the specific work of docking with the district was handed over to Meng Xi. To put it bluntly, Qin Yu just took Meng Xi as a tool when he was tired of fighting and wanted to have a rest, and pushed everything to him.
Meng Xi has been really tired recently, just like Sun, drinking white water, urinating, urinating and losing his hair one by one.
Just after the meal, the assistant knocked at the door and came in. He gently shouted at Meng Xi and said, "The secret chief went to Egor to meet you in Yanbei."
Meng Xi’s current foreign official position is the military and political secret secretary of Sichuan government, which means … Qin Yu’s private secret.
Meng Xiwen looked up. "When do you talk?"
"Just now"
"… you tell him I didn’t" Meng Xi lightly replied "day you see a schedule for half an hour I meet with him"
"Er … Egor said that if you want to see him today, he will be waiting at the gate of the main building." The assistant replied.
Meng Xi naively put chopsticks to breathe and said, "Let him set a table at Yanbei Hotel and invite me to eat."
"Ha ha good" assistant nodded.
Forty minutes later.
Egor, a foreign guest, took the initiative to invite Meng Xi to the official hotel in the district.
Box two people sit opposite Meng Xi also you’re welcome directly after a bottle of expensive red wine to eat and drink up.
Egor grinning Meng Xi pulled a gossip for a while and then went straight to the point and said, "… is it necessary for the secret chief to enter the implementation stage after signing the terms before the military and political conference is over?"
Meng Xi turned to look at him and asked with a smile, "What terms?"
Egor, who is patient and fluent in Chinese, replied, "Of course, it is necessary to meet the requirements."
"Ah, I remember." Meng Xi suddenly realized, "Yes, there is."
"This time I came to Yanbei to congratulate the allied forces on completely ending the war, driving out the reactionaries and regaining the main government." Egor had more contact with the Chinese, and the whole person became very oily. His speech was not so simple and rude, but he was full of compliments. "Second, I want to advance a clause as soon as possible on behalf of Qianjin."
Meng Xi heard this and replied with difficulty, "Lao Ye, I understand your mood very well, but this matter is not my business now."
"You are the secret chief …!"
"I’m a secret officer, and I’m not focusing on the integration of troops now." Meng Xi interrupted and replied, "I’m not very able to get in a word."
Egor blinked. "Who should I talk to about this?"
"Oh, it’s really a bit difficult," Meng Xi explained with a sad face. "The situation of the first three regions is that the seven districts and nine districts of Sichuan government have their own regional governments, but now this horse has started to integrate the regional governments … I really don’t know who will be responsible for the political affairs in the future."
Egor Meng b heard this forehead sweat urgent said, "old meng when we go forward to support the north wind mouth but at the risk of provoking war bear blame! We also helped a lot when your army and army stopped the free fall, and it was you who offered to give us some land and infrastructure limits …! "